Traditional Plum Pudding (Holiday Series: Yule)

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Cinnamon, Orange Zest, Plums, Baked Bread, Raisins, Stonefruits, Cake, Orange, Spices
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From Butiki Teas

This tea follows a more traditional form of plum pudding. Plum pudding is cake-like treat that is soaked with liquor, spiced and contains dried fruits and citrus peels. This plum tea has notes of rum, spice, brown sugar, orange peel, and a slight hint of custard. We went very light on the spice and orange peel but added it for a touch of depth and authenticity. This delicious plum, rum, and a touch of spice tea utilizes our Nilgiri Frost Oolong for a weighty body and a hint of sweetness. While tasty on its own, this tea pops with a tiny amount of brown crystal sugar.

Ingredients: Indian Oolong, Organic Orange Peel, Organic Cornflowers, Safflower, Allspice, Organic Saigon Cinnamon Powder, Organic Natural Flavoring

Recommended Brew Time: 4 minutes
Recommended Amount: 1 1/2 teaspoons of tea for 8oz of water
Recommended Temperature: 170 F

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75 Tasting Notes

8045 tasting notes

i promise you that there ARE teas other than butiki teas in my cupboard though i’m pretty sure the ratio, at least in terms of sheer volume leans towards Butiki, Verdant and Upton at the moment. I apparently just got on to a Butiki kick earlier and haven’t gotten off. I still have a few samples that i’d like to try so i suspect there will be other non Stacy teas coming soon but we’ll see. Mostly i’m trying to take some time today to get working on the teas that I haven’t had a chance to really sit with and savour lately.

So this tea…I have no idea if this is close to plum pudding, but i do rather like the plum and spice that this tea provides. I had a cup of this with a small piece of brownie and the chocolate only served to enhance and bring out the plum notes. Delicious!


I like this one too.

Butiki Teas

I have no idea either. Never tasted plum pudding before but this is what I imagined it might taste like.


I’ve made it. Not something to make a second time if you make it the traditional way like I did and definately not vegan (although you can do a vegan modern version). I made it long ago. Suet! The spices are good.It’s really more of a fruitcake with liquor (can be stout) and a pound of suet (or butter now) and nuts. It’s steamed after wrapping it up and can be slow cooked in a crock pot. Should be served with hard sauce. I think Stacy did a good job. Just because it says Plum Pudding in the name, doesn’t mean the pudding has plums though. It’s just one of those odd things. Probably came from the addition of dried prunes.


Mmm. I went on a steamed pudding kick earlier this year and made a bunch by simmering a filled tin pudding mold in a big stockpot on my stove. My recipes were slightly updated for the times (less beef fat, more butter), but I do have many that I found in online archives from the 1600-1800s.




Hrm. I’m curious to try a (tiny) sample of your Plum Pudding batch to see how it compares to mine, if you have enough left. I don’t feel like mine is as tasty :P


Also – my mom always makes what we call Christmas Pudding, each year at Christmas. I suspect it’s the same thing as Plum Pudding (no plums). I adore it with a basic margarine/icing sugar sauce, but of course it’s meant to have the hard (rum) sauce, which is ok but not as good IMO.

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3134 tasting notes

I cheated and sipped before writing anything.


I’m getting hints of spice, creaminess, sweetness. My only complaint?! It is too subtle! Perhaps I will try using more tea and a shorter infusion next time to get out a bit more flavour, because I’m quite liking what I’m tasting. I was very skeptical of the infusion temperature (gotta look to see which oolong is the base…) but it seems to have worked pretty well here. Like others, I also don’t really know what plum pudding is supposed to taste like, but I can envision that the proper combination of flavours is present in here, just very subtly.

Looking forward to experimenting more with this one!

ETA: Just finished the last of this up cold (well, room temp but my room is like 17C). Deeeeeelicious. Got more flavour. I’m so looking forward to trying another cup!

170 °F / 76 °C 4 min, 0 sec
Butiki Teas

The batch you received of the Traditional Plum Pudding is really new. It may need a few more weeks for the flavors to really set in.


Ok! I’ll leave it be, then. Sadly, my roommate accidentally knocked over the infuser with these leaves in it, so I don’t even get to try a second infusion. C’est la vie.

Butiki Teas

Oh no! My husband constantly throws out my leaves often after only one use.


Sounds yummy! Oh to have money and a credit card, as I really want to get some teas from here.


Heather – oh yes! dooo eeeeet!


Yeah. Make this a priority, seriously! You’re missing out! :D

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863 tasting notes

It is mostly Dammann December up in my tasting notes, but I did actually have something different yesterday for breakfast.

I’m still trying to hold steady to my no more than 75 teas rule, which presents a problem as I have a huge Butiki order coming in, and a need for all the Dammann teas. So, cleanout time has been commenced. This is not a sipdown but I only have a cup or so left and wanted something holiday-y and rich so it fit the bill.

Served with milk, no sugar. 2 tsp. to a 10 oz. cup.

The milk always helps this get more of a pudding-y texture. It is quite fruity with some good bread notes, a hint of spice. The sips aren’t consistent, some more flavorful than others, but it did give me a cozy holiday cup to celebrate that I will be off work for 5! whole! days!

175 °F / 79 °C 4 min, 0 sec

were you able to make this work??!!! i tried a million times!


75 teas… i’ll be there someday..maybe. Goal for this year was to get to 150 and stay there…next year maybe i’ll aim for getting to 100. heh


Sounds great! The first thing that comes to mind when I get days off coming is : think about all the teas you’re gonna have!!!
(Sil, you’re dreaming! Down to 100, really??? Lol!)


haha teafairy…hey i managed to get from 350+ down to 150…


Sil, That’s a MAJOR accomplishment, don’t let me take it away from you :-)


haha not to worry tea fairy! I just think i’m finally figuring out what i like, what i love and what i’d just like to try and move on with in terms of tea. My worry now is that i’ll start collecting puerh and it’ll be 100 teas and 100 puerhs lol


@TheTeaFairy and see, you’re far kinder than i am….. i’m gearing up as we speak to send her stuff and boost that number. i’m not as nice as you.

Sil: puerhs and the de loup? lol.




haha i’m not sure i ever need to buy matcha again at the rate i’m struggling to get through what’s in my cupboard. I DOOOOO really want to place an order with MF and theodor…but i have to wait until next week when i get paid to see what my bonus is. I’ve already decided if it’s over a certain amount, i’m doing it!


so exciting! i am chock full of justifications….. but i think i’m going to have to cool my jets a bit. well, who knows, maybe i’ll get money for christmas, lol!


James you’re wrong, I can be a mean Fairy, watch your back now, lol.


muwahahahahahaha =0)

now that just makes me like you more!

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4286 tasting notes

Sipdown (175/179)!

I thought this would be a nice way to start off my morning and, surprise, it was a sipdown too! That’s pretty awesome; I’ve been trying to work my way through this one – and I’ve sent it to several people as of late in an effort to decrease my supply of it.

I do really enjoy it though, even if I don’t plan on restocking: while it’s good it’s just not so great that I feel the need to have it around yearly because it’s not really an “everyday” kind of tea. Maybe I’ll make an exception and order it again around Christmas, though.

This cup was especially delightful because it was plummy with wavering notes of orange and spice in just the right amounts to give it some depth and life and then the sips finished off on a rum soaked bread type of note. It was a great final memory to have of this blend.

Farewell TPP: another Butiki blend out of the cupboard so I can make way for many more! That order is getting even closer to becoming a reality…


I have this and I don’t like the oolong so I am happy to pass mine on to you :)

Roswell Strange

No that’s fine; I just cleared it out of the cupboard to get rid of some Butiki blends ;P I need space for more… You should pass it on to someone else :)


Lol fine. Thought I would offer since there is always some package or another being sent out to you :P

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1226 tasting notes

I kind of forgot I owned this tea – found it in a quest for an oolong blend to drink at the bottom of my tin full of Butiki Teas.

OMG I’m so cranky after cleaning the kitchen! After that, I needed something oolongly with a piece of polvoron (filipino shortbread cookie). Very tasty! Weighty, cream, plum and a bit of savory notes at the end. Back to being cranky in the kitchen.

175 °F / 79 °C 4 min, 0 sec

Mmm, polvoron! :)

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1599 tasting notes

Thank you so much for the sample Stacy!! This is so unique, and smooth! yummm. I have no idea what plum pudding is supposed to taste like. However, this is certainly not what I imagined.
The first steep was… kinda odd. Wondering if I should have rinsed it?
As it cooled, I got alot of citrus. I actually thought I took the wrong mug, as mum likes her tea really light, with a slice of lemon. You know that drying sensation that sometimes accompanies Darjeeling teas? the one that’s made stronger with a pinch of lemon? Yep, that’s what I taste.
The second steep is much better. Still very citrusy, but there is a slight eggy pudding note as well.
I suspect that I got an extra chunk or ten of orange in my scoop so won’t rate this just yet. Looking forward to a third steep :)


There um…might be some of this one it’s way to my house….


haha nice. There are SO many Stacy teas I want to try. Darn her amazing creations. Sighs.


Amy, I concur, you should want this! :P


It is coming in the mail soon! WooT!


Nice! I’m looking forward to that review :)

Butiki Teas

Hmmm, I wonder if the citrus is the rum flavor.


Hmmm that is possible! I tend to misread flavours alot, esp when it comes to floral/smoke. Maybe it applies to rum/citrus to!

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464 tasting notes

I think I need to use more leaf next time and be a little more careful about steep time. (A variable temperature kettle will defintitely be put on my Christmas list this year) The flavor of both the tea and plum was very light. I was kind of expecting more spice too.

What I did get from the plum was nice a natural- a little bit tart, but nothing a little brown sugar couldn’t fix! Reserving judgement on this tea until I try different steep parameters.


A variable kettle makes it so much easier to brew correct temp tea! I was always incorrectly brewing my tea before I got mine!


i loved the idea of this tea, but i could not make it work. hot, cold, in between…. nope!


Well I’m hoping I’ll find the. Magic steep parameters on this. I’ve had a couple of really good plum teas lately, so I was looking forward to trying Butiki’s take on plum tea.

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2194 tasting notes

I’ve never had plum pudding, but I really wanted to try this tea. Smelling the dry leaves, it’s amazing and delicious baked Christmassy scents. This doesn’t 100% transfer over to the steeped cup, but then I’ve been eating dinner and drinking a soda while also sipping on this tea. My tastebuds don’t know which end is up.

As the tea cools, it’s getting a little… bitter or something. But it’s practically cold and I didn’t use a fine strainer, so there is a little bit of dust in the bottom of my cup.

I do like the delicate desserty flavour. The flavours seem to all support each other, and none specifically stands out, except maybe the rum. Maybe. I’ll have to try this with sugar next time.

I also don’t think this will do so well in a travel mug. Oh well. A tea to enjoy after work or on the weekends – I can get behind that.

(Also looks like I used WAY too hot of water. Oops. I steeped it like I do black teas.)

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 0 sec

allright, i’ll be trying this one next. i love christmas pudding. have you any inclination to add brandy to it? our christmas pudding was always served with brandy butter!


I don’t love brandy, but I’d consider steeping it strong and adding rum and cream. :)


i don’t love brandy either, i always politely scraped off the brandy butter and put it to one side. your idea sounds much better, lol.


Maybe rummy whipping cream… Hmm. Too bad I’m driving tonight!


oooh, watch that one, might curdle? and that would wreck your tea!


Huh. I never thought of that. Now I have to try it. Maybe tomorrow after work though. :)


you’re like me, lol. that or i’m like you!


FYI, 1-2 tbsp rum in 100ml whipping cream plus a spoonful of sugar doesn’t quite whip properly. But it is delicious. I’m having it with root beer because I’m too lazy to make tea.

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3253 tasting notes

Harpy HolidaZe, everyone!

I placed an order with Stacy @ Butiki on thurs, & it actually came today! Thanks, Stacy! You are awesome!

My main reason for ordering was to get a few more of those cute little Earthen Gaiwans she carries. They are absolutely adorable & 2 of them will be for gifts. Of course, I had to get a little tea also, so one of the teas I got was this Plum Pudding. I don’t really get into a lot of flavored teas, & I have no idea what plum pudding tastes like. I added a little stevia to mine, and it is fruity, a rich stone-fruit taste. There’s also some orange, & a little cinnamon in there. It’s sweet & slightly tart, & delicious!

Actually it reminds me of the stewed prunes I used to make, which included prunes (of course), water to cover, a sliced up orange, & a cinnamon stick. You can also include a lemon instead of an orange. Let it simmer until the prunes plump up & the remaining juices are thick & sweet. You can also cook it in a crock pot over night. You can also include other dried fruits. I made a variation once that was dried apricots instead, with thin slices of ginger…
We used to eat these in the middle of a bowl of oatmeal, or on buttery toast, or in a bowl full of yogurt, or by themselves. Thanks for the memories!


Tis makes me excited to try it!


I have always been a little suspicious of prunes…you make them sound downright friendly and sociable!

Terri HarpLady

Yeah, I don’t like fresh plums that much, or prunes when they are dried. But stewed prunes are a comfort food!

Butiki Teas

Mmm, stewed prunes sounds yummy! I definitely need to try that dried apricot and ginger creation. Maybe with a little dark rum. I have a confession, I have no idea what traditional plum pudding tastes like either but this was what I imagined it would taste like.

Terri HarpLady

I served it to Tony today, & he gave it the thumbs up!

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6770 tasting notes

Stacy RULES!

Dry this smells like a glorious Plum/Cream Pudding flavor!
It infuses to a warming orange/brown color.

After infusing this smells like Plum, Sugary/Creamy Pudding, a bit of cinnamon/sugar, and a hint of citrus. It’s an aroma all of it’s own! Ahhh!

Oh my!
It’s not shy!

It’s right around medium strength and is a cross between a weaker black and a medium strength and slightly roasted oolong. It has a lovely base!

It has an amazing custardy type taste and texture. Yes! First it’s the pudding likeness then followed by the plum, then the orange, a bit of spice, and a little floral hint, too. The after taste is a combo of the Pudding, Plum, and Cinnamon – it’s really fantastic!

The sugary notes play around with you a little – and pop in and out – throughout the sipping experience!


Just. Wow!

The more I sip this the more I like it! The flavors bounce around a little but all stay within the product description, too!

Really Wonderful! LOVE this!


curse you woman! want


I thought maybe you would comment :)


i need her other teas to go up so i can do one large order lol Just re-visited the site to add up all the teas i want. ten teas later… eesh!


This sounds beyond yummy. I need to not buy tea, how about I start in…2014? ;)

Ali Bee's Bake Shop

spot on!! :) I love this tea

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