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drank Boomstick by Butiki Teas
2634 tasting notes

This is a queued tasting note.

Thank you VariaTEA for getting this one to me, and Kittenna for splitting it with me! It smelled so good dry, and I ended up making it yesterday morning for my breakfast tea on my day off. Mmmm! I’m pretty sure it’s Bear With Me who’s obsessed with Grapefruit EG so I’m happy to finally be getting the chance to taste an EG with grapefruit in it (you’ve gotten me super excited!), even if there are other additions too.

I actually find I’m tasting the tangerine more than anything else; it tastes exactly like the tangerine in Butiki’s Tangerine Creamsicle guayusa blend except while I really disliked the flavour in that blend I think it works perfectly here. It ties in better with the base tea, and has a lovely, mellow sweetness to it and just a touch of citrus pucker. The grapefruit notes are more in the body of the sip, and ave the faintest bit of bitterness but in a way that’s pleasant and natural for grapefruit.

The EG itself wasn’t as strong as expected and I found myself craving a little bit more from the tea. It mostly was apparent running alongside the grapefruit notes and in the aftertaste. It paired phenomenally with the grapefruit by the way; I can see why that pairing seems to be a successful one.

The base was nice but didn’t impart a whole lot of flavour; not that I necisarrily wanted it to dramatically affect the taste of the tea but it would’ve been nice if it had not have been as mild and I could have pinpointed some distinct note from it. This is a really nice breakfast tea though; I will absolutely enjoy finishing off my little bag of it!

Today’s word of the day is/was: defunct, which means “having finished the course of life or existence : dead, extinct”. How dreary…


One day I’ll get to Toronto and retrieve my teas… and pay VariaTEA… And send you yours… (ok, that last one is going to be sooner rather than later).

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Sipdown (115)!

Thank you VariaTEA for the sample!

This is one of those teas I’m simultaneously infinitely grateful I got to try and also wish I had never taken a sip of because I’m totally in love now and probably wont get a chance to have this one again.

I’ve had two of Stacy/Butiki’s Pumpkin teas prior to this: Pumpkin Milkshake 2.0 and Pumpkin Creme Brulee and while neither were bad, they weren’t super satisfying either. On the other hand, this is easily the best of all three pumpkin teas and basically everything I could want out of a pumpkin tea. It’s also probably the best tea I’ve had in general in a very, very long time.

To start, it’s got some absolutely incredible and robust pumpkin notes. My personal biggest complaint with pumpkin teas is that you can’t actually taste the pumpkin and the focus is more on the spices and that’s completely not the case here. Along with that strong ‘pumpkin innards’ flavour is some really great rich, cream flavour that to me tastes pretty accurate to Irish Cream. It creates a very thick mouthfeel and full, well rounded base flavour with wonderful supporting notes coming from the Pu’Erh base and other additional ingredients.

The Pu’Erh was earthy in a really sweet, fresh way instead of a grimey, sludgy and murky way. It crept up on having petrichor like notes – which is my favourite smell/flavour in the entire world for people who don’t already know that. And even though it didn’t quite nail it, the slight overlap was enough to basically have me drooling. There was also this really wonderful taste that reminded me of eating fresh picked, unwashed vegetables from the garden. Sweet dirt; as much as that can be a thing.

Since I don’t like the obvious and easy pairing of Pumpkin and Spices I was pretty pleased this didn’t fall into that cliche trap. I did taste some nutmeg but it made me more think, with the Irish Cream notes, of a lightly nutmeg and cinnamon dusted slice of Pumpkin pie ala mode.

So there was a lot going on with this one but it all tied together to create such an amazing cup and steamy, tasty art. I can’t believe I was stupid enough to not order this one when Stacy was closing up shop. D’oh!

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Sipdown (116)!

Thank you VariaTEA for the sample! I definitely toyed with picking this one up, but I have another Coffee/Mocha Rooibos blend I usually keep stocked up so I figured that it probably wasn’t worth ordering since I didn’t anticipate it to be much different. But definitely glad it worked out and I’m getting a taste after all!

It’s been a while since I had actual coffee ice cream; and I always associate it with this cat I used to own named Peanuts. Back when I was, uhh, maybe five I was living in Moosejaw but would drive down to this small town called Eyebrow every other weekend to visit my Dad. Eyebrow’s a retirement community kind of out in the middle of nowhere; it’s population is probably like 200 people MAX; most of which are seniors. There’s an elementary school there that’s K-12 with all the students feeding in from about five other comparably sized communities in the area. All the kids are basically the children of farmers, the younger people who own/operate the few businesses in the area (a restaurant, bank, ice cream shop, and a few grocery stores spread throughout the different towns) and the teachers themselves. My grandparents and one of my Aunt’s live there, and at one point so did I.

But that’s all kind of beside the point; the point is I had a cat named Peanuts. He was the runt of the litter and never grew more than the size of a kitten. My Dad is a big fan of coffee ice cream so we always had a big tub of it, and he’d set out this teeny tiny little bowl with a scoop of coffee ice cream for the cat. Of course it made him go kind of crazy; and in hindsight it probably was terrible for him but at the time I thought it was so funny. And that’s ALWAYS what I think of whenever I see/have coffee ice cream…

Taste wise; I definitely get the coffee and a bit of slight roasty flavour but I think I might be missing the ice cream component. I do taste a little vanilla, but nothing creamy per se. It’s a little disappointing but this still tastes pretty divine. The honeybush pokes through a fair bit though so it’s definitely not for people who dislike rooibos/honeybush and the woody kind of taste. What the vanilla is reminding me of is those vanilla wafers that grandparents always seem to have on hand; when I first started drinking coffee I’d always dip those wafers into it. I also drowned it in milk, but that’s beside the point too. A few sips seemed to have a metallic tang to the aftertaste, but it wasn’t unpleasant – just a touch weird.

Definitely happy I tried this one if for no other reason but to have that bit of nostalgia. I like the Latte Macciato I keep stocked a little bit better just for the hint of chocolate it has, but this was tasty too! And definitely more different than I thought it’d be.

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drank Warm Cinnamon Bread by Butiki Teas
2867 tasting notes

Backlog from last weekend.

I enjoyed this, in spite of being ‘off’ most cinnamon teas lately. I guess it was just that right sort of cinnamon that tasted good, instead of whatever is used in most DavidsTea cinnamon teas. Not sure I caught the “bread” aspect here; I didn’t really taste anything other than a warm cinnamon. It isn’t a tea I’m upset to have unavailable; I may end up passing some of this off to a new home if someone enjoys it more than me, but I am glad I ended up caving and picking it up in one of my ridiculously many Butiki orders.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

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drank Sansia Black by Butiki Teas
219 tasting notes

Mmm, I do like Taiwanese blacks. I steeped this in a pyrex measuring cup so I could pour it into my travel tumbler. :) 3g of tea, 8oz boiling water, first steeping a little over 3min, second steeping 5min, mixed together.

Medium, bread-y maltiness. Honey sweetness. Dried fruits – raisins, prunes? Tasty. :)

Flavors: Baked Bread, Dried Fruit, Honey, Malt

3 min, 0 sec 3 g 8 OZ / 236 ML

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drank 1994 Aged Bai Hao by Butiki Teas
219 tasting notes

Wow, I’m getting really different flavours from this than everyone else. Interesting! I’m steeping it gongfu style, 4g of tea in a 100ml gaiwan. I did a quick rinse, then the first steeping was maybe 20-30sec (?), second was probably about 1min, third I actually timed for 2min. Water temp varied from 85-95C.

The predominant flavours I get from this are earth and apples. But like, not fresh apples, cooked ones. It’s kind of like walking through an apple orchard in the fall, after a rain, where you have the scent of wet earth and the soft apples on the ground. There’s a bit of honey sweetness in this tea, but not a lot. When I stick my nose in the cup after drinking all the tea, I get a sweet carmelized sugar scent, but I’m not getting a lot of that in the actual flavour. And I’m getting no cocoa from this whatsoever. Fascinating! I’ll have to try steeping it a few other ways, I don’t think I’ve found optimal parameters for this tea yet.

4 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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Such an amazing Grapefruit tea! Sad I can not get more. I picked this up from a stash sale and so glad I did. Burnt Sugar Grapefruit Goodness with a rich malt base. This tea tastes exactly like its name. If anybody has any they have lingering around, let me know.

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Janelle sent me a sample of this, it’s a Butiki tea that I sadly never got the chance to try when it was actually still available.

I REALLY enjoyed it. I have enough left for another cup, and it’s been awhile since I had it, so this review is basically to say that I liked this tea, which I can never get again, and you can’t get it either. But, I liked it.

It was very tasty, the flavour combo was yum.

I’ll be back with more descriptive words after Round 2, whenever that is.

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Pecans and peaches . Smooth liquified pecan. Oh yes. This is delicious.
I’m so sad to see you go Nilgiri Frost! tears
You are utter perfection when cooled down. Not so much as a hot drink though. Heat seems to cloak all your goodness.
Thanks for the sample, I believe it was from Kittena? Or Sil?

Lariel of Lórien

I only ever had a sample.


Same here. I wish I’d ordered a whole bunch now

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One of the teas I got from CrowKettle this past weekend, and this is a winner! This is very similar to the Buttersotch Mocha Candies (pretty sure I got that wrong, or only partly right) but here the mocha is replaced but the coffee, and yet the three flavors blend together so well. The butterscotch adds a touch of sweetness to the coffee, while the pumpkin is smooth and mellows the coffee, but marrying it with a sort of warm earthiness. I do feel the coffee is the most present note, but it really isn’t in your face at all. If any of that made sense.

Of the pumpkin teas, this is probably my favourite. Can’t wait to have more!

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The scent of this tea is pure creamy banana. I can’t really smell much of the oolong, but I’ll be honest and say that I’m just here for that banana and butterscotch.

Sipping… oh this makes me sad that I can’t buy more. It’s such a perfect creamy banana tea! The walnut adds a bit of coarse starchiness to the background reminding me of a banana bread. I don’t really taste the butterscotch, but I think I’m finding it in the tea’s smooth and soft character. The banana is beautiful and natural. I love the oolong base and the way it adds just a hint of that green leafy flavor to the cup. Everything blends together so well.. it’s just perfect!


Yum! Do you like this more than Foxy Roxy’s?


Fjellrev – They are both so delicious.. it’d be hard to pick a favorite. I haven’t had Foxy Roxy’s in a while, but this one is fitting my mood lately. Both are yummy!


RIP delicious Butiki banana blends :(

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I have not been on Steepster in awhile!
While I’ve been drinking tea, I just haven’t had the time to log it here. I miss reading what everyone is drinking!
Had to log this, though, because this tea is one fantastical creation… I instantly feel like I’m Tom Waits sitting with Iggy Pop in a booth at a diner, all in black and white… and it’s so comforting in such a strange way. lol
Really, this tea!
I’m not a smoker, because lung issues run in my family, but I have enjoyed cigarettes and coffee in the past…. and it’s a taste that just sticks with you forever afterwards, filed away in the ‘nostalgic tastes and smells’ cabinet of the mind.
I really do wish this was one that could be ordered again, basically because there is nothing like it out there. nothing. (and, the aftertaste is spot on. SPOT ON!)
Thanks for making this one Stacy. It’s quite special. :)


Nice to see you back!

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Sad sipdown. I really liked this one.

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Yeahhhhh, not really a fan of this one. It’s one I got from CrowKettle in our Spring Meetup yesterday, and I requested it on name and it being Butiki. Had I actually looked at the tasting note and saw that it has smoky notes, I’d have passed, but I didn’t. And since I am so not a fan of smoky teas, I am not a fan of this one. I’m not really sure how a smoky base is part of cinnamon bread…but I know it was an attempt to use up teas and flavours near the end. There’s another serving left…I think I will share it with someone who likes smoky teas.

I’m sure this is lovely for someone that does like smoky teas, but it’s just not for me. I couldn’t finish my cup at work. :(


I wasn’t amazed by this one, although smoky doesn’t bother me and I thought it smelled good (it’s real crime was making me crave real cinnamon buns).


I’m thinking Bear With Me might like the rest of this. And yes, I was expecting a more desserty taste.

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Here’s yet another post from my fading memory; I apologize for the lack of details. I’ve had more exciting flavoured teas from Butiki (I didn’t get the cordial bit), but the base makes this one a real treat. Smooth and sweet.

Flavors: Blackberry, Honey

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Hello Steepster! I’m back, albeit very briefly. I’m currently having some issues and dealing with some things, at the same time trying to write my dissertation (and a million other essays) and finish my degree. Unsurprisingly, I haven’t had much time for steepster of late. I was starting to worry that if I didn’t make some time for it soon I would never come back, and that cannot happen! So I’m making a brief stop by just to check in.

I chose this tea because I haven’t written a tasting note on it yet, and had put it up on the Butiki trading post as I think it could go to a more appreciative home than my own – so many people seem to love it, but it’s just good to me. Nobody has taken it off my hands yet, so if anyone is interested you’re welcome to it.

This tea reminds me of the Mrs. Hudson Adagio custom blend from Cara McGee’s Sherlock collection, only with a much better black base (I think one of my favourites) and a more subtle almond flavouring. In my head I associate this tea with grandma type people, and it could be to do with this connection. The almond flavour is the first thing I notice, but it doesn’t last long and is replaced by the base tea, which is a lovely well-rounded black that goes very well with milk (I’m drinking it like a traditional English cuppa today). Frank isn’t one for my teas usually – he doesn’t like anything he considers to be ‘abnormal’ – but I think this is one he might enjoy. The note that lingers the most is the cinnamon, which only comes through in the aftertaste. This is definitely an enjoyable cup of tea, and maybe a good choice for brunch or when I want something that’s not too fussy, but it’s definitely a like more than a love for me.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 7 OZ / 207 ML

Welcome back! Try to take care of yourself amidst the chaos. :)


You have been missed Nattie! Hope you are managing to keep up with everything.


Thank you (: life is definitely hectic right now.


Honestly I can relate at the moment. Being busy just makes the quiet times feel more special :) Hang in there Nattie and good luck with everything!


Thanks KittyLovesTea – that’s definitely a good way to look at it! Good luck with your stuff, too. (:

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Oh, man. I forgot to log this and I finished it weeks ago! Erm, memories.. all alone in the moonlight..ugh.

The marmalade was the most prevalent fixture, and if I over steeped or over-leafed it the bitter citrus-tang became the main (and only) feature. The pistachio was smooth, subtle, but distinct and I enjoyed picking up on it. Toffee wasn’t always a thing, but when it was it was awesome, if a tad light.

I loved the purple base; it’s a particularly dynamic “resteeper” and complimented the marmalade well. It will be missed!

Flavors: Jam, Nuts, Orange


yes… this one was delicious :(


Just as I was starting to love it I ran out! It was one neat tea xD


I’m glad Stacy liked my idea and made this one up. It was really tasty.

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This was a very nice start to my morning. A pleasant strawberry flavor that didn’t taste artificial over a nice oolong base. :)

Flavors: Strawberry

195 °F / 90 °C 2 min, 45 sec 3 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

Glad you enjoyed it! :)

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From the Sheng and Shou TTB.

Brewed with a gaiwan, gongfu method. No rinse. Steeping times: 10, 10, 20, 20, 30, 30, 35, 60, 120.

Dry leaf aroma smells of white sugar. The wet leaf aroma also smells sweetly, and has notes of hay and (somewhere in there, lingering at the end, mostly after the first infusion) mint.

The color of the liquor is pretty in a white porcelain cup – green-ish orange, then more orange-y as the session goes on. This sheng is smooth. It begins with a thickness that eventually thins out. Starts off as clear, then a lot fuzzies from leaf float around in the Pyrex cup, starting with the fourth infusion. There are consistent flavors that pop out all at once: dry hay, green peppers, fruit (especially apricot, noted by Stacy from Butiki), and musk. Sluggish qi. Made me feel tired-tipsy.


I love love love this one :D


I appreciated it, but I didn’t get an “aw yissssss”. I’m getting so much better at tasting sheng though.

Did you stock up? :P


Yep, I bought the last 400g cake :P

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drank Pumpkin Irish Cream by Butiki Teas
2359 tasting notes

Confession time! I didn’t know this was pu’erh when I requested it from rosebudmelissa and had I know that, I probably would have passed but since I asked for it, I have to at least give it a try.

Thankfully, the smell is far more delicious creamy pumpkin as opposed to earthy pu’erh. Luckily that seems to hold true. This is far more pumpkin than pu’erh. The base does give the tea am overall thickness that lends nicely to the notion of a creamy pumpkin tea while not impeding the flavor. The pumpkin itself comes through as rich thanks to the delicate balance of spices. The one component I am not really getting is the Irish cream. It is a sort of creamy tea but had I not known it was meant to be Irish cream, I would have just attributed that to the pumpkin.

Anyways, thank you rosebudmelissa for the chance to try something new!

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