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From Kusmi Tea

This original blend of maté, green tea, cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom has a strong, warming taste and is the perfect blend for tea addicts needing a pick-me-up. Boost is the dream companion for busy lives. Fans of natural wellness products will be thrilled to know that this blend will naturally aid in regaining peak fitness and energy levels – while spoiling you at the same time! Known throughout South America for its effectiveness in tackling mental and physical fatigue, maté is also used in traditional medicine in India. Green tea, rich in flavonoids, helps the body to absorb vitamin C, while caffeine is a powerful central nervous system stimulant.

Delicious as iced tea on hot summer days!

We suggest to enjoy this tea during the afternoon.

Main flavor: Spices

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15 Tasting Notes

2253 tasting notes

This was the first Kusmi tea I ever tried and so far it has been my favorite. I walked in and it was the tea sample of the day and after taking my first sip, I knew I needed to own a box. This tea is spicy and roast-y from the mate. It manages to balance the spices beautifully so that everything works together equally as opposed to once spice taking center stage. Moreover, apple helps to keep the spice in check and make this a smooth, pleasant cup. It is nothing extraordinary really but it does make for a good cup of tea. Unfortunately this has mellowed a bit with age and improper storage but tbh, it is holding up pretty well after 2-3 years.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Ooo, mate? I will have this next.


haha I hope you like it :)

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1837 tasting notes

Sipdown! Thanks, VariaTea!

Mmm, caffeine. Mmm, spices. Mmm, honey. Haha. I added the honey to help my throat. I quite enjoy this! I wonder if the local store carries this one.

Honestly it’s nice that it’s bagged in cotton. I don’t have to fuss with anything, and it can go right into the compost.


This was the first tea I tried at Kusmi and really I think it is the only one I would get more of. It is nice to have every so often.

Also, I hope you feel better soon. It is that time of the year I guess because I am talking to a friend from high school and she too is sick :(


Yeah. That time of year, indeed! :/ I have a couple of the black teas, but I don’t LOVE them. I’d rather have Damman Freres or Fauchon versions. :) Or Nina’s, since I’m getting into some swaps of their teas!


Nina’s is definitely a far better option when it comes to French teas. I am seriously in love with Nina’s Japon and Je t’aime (which I think everyone on steepster knows by now since I have said it a billion times). I also have a few blacks and they are pleasant enough but really not that memorable.


I have one that’s not labelled. Heh. It’ll be interesting trying to figure that out.


It is like a tiny tea adventure. You have to taste your way to the answer :P


I have been curious about Kusmi and was just looking at their website but I couldn’t tell if they are serious. lol


Serious about what?

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1212 tasting notes

No one’s really written a note on this one either? Jeez.

I got this as a sample with my order and I figured I could use it this morning because I have a headache probably due to suddenly seeing the sun before 8am because my boyfriend has no idea how to not wake up at the crack of dawn. And people were getting rowdy down in the hotel bar last night. Seriously. Thursday night, hotel bar. Miami is that way, people.

This is nothing impressive. It really just tastes like gingery green tea which isn’t exactly what I was looking for…I guess I can kind of taste the mate in here. So now I know, don’t be lazy and just break out the travel kit for some guayusa.

This is unremarkable and there are too many tasty mate blends out there to look to this one for a boost. Unless you really like spiced green tea that’s falling short of chai.

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2517 tasting notes



This is very much ginger, and weirdly cinnamon-spicy. And not at all what I was anticipating because this smelled like fruit and cinnamon to me when it was dry, but now there’s no fruit at all and it’s just too much ginger which is pretty unpleasant.

So, thank you VariaTEA for the sample but I’m happy there’s only one sachet left because that’ll be a quick sip down and I don’t think I’d want any more of this on hand.


Oh no. I am sorry you are not liking this. Usually I try to avoid sending you ginger teas but this one slipped by me. It is fine if you pass on the last sachet or make it disappear :P

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1227 tasting notes

I told my husband to pick a tea from my Kusmi collection box and he chose Boost, he said it should help us both keep healthy and get rid of our colds. It’s my birthday in a few days and the last thing I want is to be ill on my birthday, especially since I’m having a girls night out as well (you know..drinking, eating, dancing etc).

Steeping this in excess tonight, if any is left over I can always put it into my flask and have it iced tomorrow. Anyway after the steep the tea smells strongly cinnamon like with a hint of fiery ginger. It’s nice, much heavier in cinnamon than I thought it would be, but I love cinnamon so fine by me.

Flavour is also strongly cinnamon with a touch of ginger in the after taste and what I thought was clove (as it’s somewhat refreshing) but turns out to be cardamom. I’m happy that the cardamom is not heavy or thick, if anything it just helps to lighten the darkness of the cinnamon and ginger. As a blend it’s rather thick but at a nice level for me, it has a lot of flavour and edges on being heavy but remains mid way.

Now that my tastebuds have become used to the blend it’s starting to sweeten and lighten a little. I still think the after taste is more clove like than cardamom though.

Overall it’s a nice blend, not amazing but pleasant and certainly a nice tea to have as a welcome after a cold. I may consider purchasing more of this tea when it runs out but I see cinnamon based teas as being winter teas so it would be a long time before I would consider buying any more.

Flavors: Cinnamon

185 °F / 85 °C 4 min, 0 sec 4 tsp 34 OZ / 1000 ML

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818 tasting notes

I am soooooo tired, and can’t seem to find the time for a nap.

This tea is called boost, I could really use one. Not sure I feel any better, but I really like how this tastes. It’s gently spiced, just hint of mate, and not really any green.
I would drink this again, it’s a bit medicinal, but not really in a bad way. I like it. Thanks VariaTEA for sending me this sample.


too busy to log teas and nap! how awful ;)

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2684 tasting notes

Tea of the morning here, when I first opened the tin I thought it smelled like a chai so I was hoping for something like a green chai. This tastes a little strange, I think it must be the mate throwing me off a little. Is is supposed to taste like minty dirt?

This is okay, hopefully it will do what it’s supposed to do and help me wake up. So far I haven’t been overly impressed with any of the Kusmi wellness teas but I still have a few left to try.

185 °F / 85 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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335 tasting notes

I tried this at a café – teabag (nice mousseline one, must be said) on a mug, and nearly boiling water from the coffee machine.

Kusmi is becoming rather easy to find at some trendy cafés and bakeries. So far I had not much luck with their blends, and that is an euphemism: their Detox blend, from the same café as this one, I loathed. But this was a lovely surprise. It´s nothing extraordinary, green tea and presumably mate, cinnamon noticeable and then cardamom and ginger. But the brewing method (bag in a mug, water from coffee machine) seemed to work really well with this and it was a perfectly nice cup of tea. Maybe I am overrating it because it turned out better than I expected, but a nice surprise indeed.

And ah, now I found a Kusmi tea I like, I do not like its tin. That is ironic. Not that this was a must have, or something I needed for personal collection, it´s just my insane mad lusting over Kusmi tea tins (though not the teas).

195 °F / 90 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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62 tasting notes

I was bracing myself for completely hating this since, even though it smelled good dry and brewing, the last Kusmi mate I had tasted thoroughly awful. Well, I was surprised (there seems to be a lot of that surprise happening with the Kusmi I’ve sampled…) It’s essentially the green chai I never would’ve wanted to sample—except it doesn’t taste wrong like I’d always thought a green chai would.

Unsweetened (on the first steeping at least), it tastes like a bit of a harsh cinnamon bomb in that it has the sharp taste of something to which too much cinnamon and nothing sweet has been added. Sweetened, it’s interesting. Sweetened and with soy milk, it’s a different and pleasant take on chai. You wouldn’t necessarily guess it was made with green and mate teas unless someone old you, because it produces a nice, light chai latte that doesn’t taste grassy or weedy in any way. It’s less fragrant and spicy than a regular chai, kind of like the polite, delicate younger sister of normal chai or something, but I think the flavour is still essentially chai. A key difference between this and the other Kusmi chais I’ve had (Sweet Love and Tchai) is that cardamom is not one of the most dominant notes here (its place is taken by cinnamon).

It’s good, but if you want chai, there’s better stuff around. It might be a good tea for you if you like to rotate different chais or something like that.

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1317 tasting notes

Queued post, written June 18th 2014

Here’s another one from Auggy. This is one I’d never ever have bought for myself. Maté? Meh. Ginger? Bleh. Cinnamon in tea? Bleh. Green tea? Hmmm, sometimes meh. Cardamom pods? Could go either way. I’m just not a chai-y person, although I do tend to find it fairly pleasant on the rare occasion when I have one. Furthermore, maté and green tea is just not a combination I can in any way imagine. It’s… well, to be honest with you, it’s a bit bizarre.

However, it was sent to me by someone whose taste I trust implicitly and I have to try it at least once. Besides, it’s called ‘boost’ and a boost is what I could use just now as I’m preparing the foods we need to take with us for the Family Outing on Saturday. (A new-ish tradition in my family. For my grandparents’ Christmas present they get an outing with as much of the family as can be drummed together.) I’m in charge of a mixed green salad, a potato salad, biscuits and something that Husband (being vegetarian) can have for dinner. Husband is cooking his own dinner, I’ve got an almost full biscuit tin already (and it’s a large tin), so those things are easily dealt with. It’s limited what I can do on the mixed green salad before Friday, but I can can do most of the potato salad, so that I only have to mix it all together. I’m trying to have it all done before Husband gets home, because he’ll be spending a few hours working when he gets here, and I’d rather avoid doing noisy tasks in the kitchen while he’s working. The only problem I’ve run into is that I (fortunately) made a mental count of how many people we’ll be and realised to my horror that I’d have to double up on the salads. I don’t know why I thought the recipe would be enough as it was when it clearly says 4-6 people on it! O.o Off to the shops with me to get more stuff, then.

Hence the need for a boost.

Potatoes are cooking now, and there’s nothing else left to do until they’re done, so here I am. Boosting myself. By ranting, apparently.

Now, this blend smells earthy like maté, sharp like ginger and spicy like cinnamon. I’m getting a little bit of floral as well (cardamom) but nothing that I can translate to green tea. I fear it has been drowned completely by these other things. I still don’t understand what it’s there for in the first place. I can’t work out what it’s supposed to do for the blend.

At first sip, the initial flavour is lemon-y. This would be the ginger. It has a sort of lemon-y flavour, only sharper and throat-itchingly hot. The latter quality is the reason I don’t much like the stuff. (A popular winter ‘tea’ where I work is to take a cup of boiling water and put a slice of fresh ginger in it. Nommmmmmm!!! says most of my colleagues. Eurgh! says I.) The ginger starts burning my mouth just before I swallow, but there is sweetness from the cinnamon as well. Cinnamon is weird. It can be quite sweet and surprisingly spicy at the same time. It’s managing to do so here. Being spicy but also keeping the ginger down a bit. It has been my experience that ginger flavours only develop stronger as the cup cools, so I hope the cinnamon will continue to serve this purpose as that happens.

The cardamom is only vaguely there, with a tough of floral perfume in the very very background, and the base is earthy from the maté.

The green tea? Still can’t find it. Perhaps it’s softenening things up and smoothing things out. Otherwise these are all some pretty harsh flavours. I can’t be certain though.

It’s drinkable this, but it’s not exactly awesome. I might finish it. I might give it away. I might toss it. We’ll see.


Not sure if you’re interested, but since all my Kusmis seem pretty ground up, I’ve been using them in cookies, biscuits and muffins. I just soak em for a few secs and add the leaves to the recipe. I found some great recipes for baked goods including tea online. You might find another use, and avoid tossing this one :)

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