Decaffeinated Chai Agni (TX33)

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Black Chai Blend
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200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 30 sec 12 oz / 354 ml

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From Upton Tea Imports

A decaffeinated version of our classic chai blend. This offering has a well-balanced and flavorful cup. Bits of chili pepper are added for a little extra “fire” in the finish, and from which the name is derived.

Ingredients: black tea, ginger, cinnamon, chili powder, cardamom hull, cardamom seed, vanilla, artificial flavor

Steeping Suggestions: –
Leaf Quantity: 2¼ g/cup
Water Temp: 212° (boiling)
Steep Time: 4-5 min.

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20 Tasting Notes

260 tasting notes

There’s a place in DC near the U Street Corridor called ACKC that is filled to the brim with chocolate. Their chocolate is pretty good, but the real reason I find myself trekking out there during the cold season is for their hot chocolate. It’s a good walk from the nearest metro station, which is a good thing because though I’ve never asked for the nutritional information [mostly out of fear] I’m positive it’s not the healthiest thing in the world. One of my favorite things to do when it’s chilly out is to get a cup of this stuff and wander up and down 14th street, because they have all kinds of fun, boutique-y shops over there.

They have a lot of different kinds of hot chocolate, but a quick front runner for me is what they call the Lucy, named after Lucille Ball because of her fiery personality. They add a little chipotle and cinnamon, and it gives it a nice kick that becomes especially enjoyable when the cold starts to bite at you.

Decaffeinated Chai Agni reminds me of the Lucy. It doesn’t taste so much like chocolate, which makes sense [though I do taste chocolate notes], but it is freaking good. It’s got that heat from the chili pepper and it marries well with the spices they use in the chai.

I made this like I make all of my chai – 2 cups water, 2 tbsp sugar, 2 tbsp chai, 2 cups milk. I let it sit for as long as I could until the smell filled the house and I couldn’t take the waiting any more. I also stuck half of it in the fridge, so I’ll likely log my thoughts on it chilled once I drink it. It’s different from my favorite – Samovar’s Masala Chai – but not in a bad way.

So, here are my final thoughts. First and foremost: the chili. It can’t be ignored and it’s both a blessing and a curse. I’d say that more often than not, I’m going to want it without, but there are definitely times that I am going to crave that kick. The chai base is solid and good enough to stand on its own in my opinion, but that spicy heat is what makes it special.

Secondly, the fact that it’s decaffeinated is rather brilliant. Chai is more of a mid-afternoon to evening fare for me, and caffeine will keep me up longer than I want it to if I don’t time things carefully. [Funny that Carolyn just posted that stuff in the forums that mentioned that Asians metabolize caffeine more slowly.]

This is not only more easily accessible than hot chocolate in DC, it’s very likely better for me and cheaper both by the cup and because I avoid spending money at stores. I’m not saying that it’s a complete replacement, as there is definitely something to be said for the experience of window shopping with a friend and hot chocolate in hand, but am I going to buy some so I have it at hand when I want it immediately? Absolutely.


Grated dark or unsweetened chocolate melted into the milk… mmm… YUMMMY!


Mmmmm this sounds nom! I’d probably like the chili in there… I LOVE sweet/savory things mixed together. Like chocolate-covered bacon. Or chocolate-covered potato chips. Seriously.


I’m still in search for a full caf version.


@teaplz I have had chocolate-covered bacon before. It may be the single best food invention ever. Also the one of the quickest ways to clog your arteries, but STILL. Chocolate. Covered. Bacon.


Most people wrinkle their nose at pork products mixed with chocolate, but I’m all for it. Mmmm.

P.S. I’d eat this and I know this is disgusting but whatever.


Chocolate-covered bacon? I am not in love with the idea but I am intrigued. The salty and sweet would be good. Hmm.


I’m glad you like it. I surmise that they added the chili to give a little kick without the long stay-awake power of caffeine.

As to chocolate covered bacon, I’m willing to try it, as long as someone does it with vegan bacon and dairy-free chocolate. (Yes, I know that is missing the point.) :)


@teaplz I can’t even…wow.

@Auggy It sounds gross, but it was so incredibly good.

@Carolyn I’ve really become quite enamored with it. The chilis are inspired. And hey, if they could make a vegan version of CCB that tasted at least close to the actual thing, I’d eat it.

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224 tasting notes

I’m continuing with my tea drinking instead of food to prepare myself for an evening of riotous pleasure. Chai Agni is perfect since it is decaf, which means that I won’t be up all night if I have it late. I wish I could find more decaf teas (not rooibos or honeybush) that tasted as good. It is, of course, delicious and warming with its lovely peppers, spices, and chocolate notes.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

I did email them and request a caffinated version. Until then, as soon as I have cupboard room, I think I may get a sample size of this just to see of I like the tea/spice/chili ratio. But then again by the time I actually have cupboard room, they’ll probably have the caffinated version lol.


I’ve been craving this lately. Going to need to make some soon!


“Chai Agni is perfect since it is decaf, which means that I won’t be up all night if I have it late”… so not planning on making it to midnite? The only way I will is if I have to get up about then to go to the bathroom lol.


We’re running in the morning and then doing a yoga Sun Salutations mala (which is 108 sun salutations) to greet the new year. So we need our sleep tonight. Tomorrow I greet the day with the amazing Cofftea Chocolate Matcha mixture, then run, then exhaust myself with yoga. We just had more Indian food than is decent to have. Now we let it digest while enjoying ourselves and waiting for just the right moment for liquor saturated chocolates and Silk Nog. Mmmm! New Years Eve yumminess.

Good for you in requesting them to make a caffeinated version. Did they respond? I’d be happy to drop a bit of Chai Agni in the mail to you if you want to try it.


Yes, she said she’d pass my request along to the person that makes that decision. And I’d LOVE some:) My email is in my profile, just let me know what you’d like in return.


@Carolyn That sounds like a wonderful way to welcome the new year. Best wishes to you and your beloved!

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865 tasting notes

Needed something sweet after dinner, so I made chai drinking chocolate! 1tsp chai steeped in 1/3c milk (the hottest you can get it w/ scorching and making a mess), then added 3TB drinking chocolate mix. Sooo good…

5 min, 0 sec

2nd infusion, 7min. Made “clean the pot chai” which is the term I’ve coined for making the 2nd infusion of chai after a chai latte w/o cleaning the pot or the cup. While you don’t add any extra milk, any residue left in the pot and cup flavor the 2nd cup- I had chocolate in mine due to making drinking chocolate. Although this wasn’t true clean the pot chai because I added 2oz cold brewed coffee to the 6oz water. I’ll make a tru clean the pot chai later.


3rd infusion, 9 min. 8oz water. True clean the pot chai. Nothing added to the water.

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1433 tasting notes

Underleafed and seriously oversteeped, this just isn’t drinkable. Boo. Totally my bad. Sipdown though, and will order more soon-ish.

200 °F / 93 °C 8 min or more 1 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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251 tasting notes

I brewed this as I normally do a black tea. Put in freshly boiled water from the microwave and guess how long it’s brewed. Taste and let brew longer if not strong enough.

Enough about the technicalities. After adding a dash of soy cream and a little sweetener I proceded to taste. The first taste wasn’t real spicy, but by the second or third sip, it had quite a kick to it!! I enjoyed it a lot and I will definitely use up the rest of my sample. I’m thinking that I should try preparing it like a traditional chai, but that sounds like an aweful lot of work for tonight, so that might have to wait for another day.


I feel the tea gets lost in this one. If you’re looking for spice and like chocolate (and don’t mind the caffeine) 52teas Mayan Chocolate Chai is definitely the way to go- in my opinion.


Does that one have mate in it? I’ve only tried mate once or twice (and both times in the am) but I felt like it made me really jumpy. Like I had drunk an entire pot of coffee on my own.

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92 tasting notes

Thank you, Upton for the generous sample sizes – I’ve gotten a lot of use out of this one! I’m about to place an order from Upton, and I’m checking my samples again to see if I want full sizes. I really think this is a nice chai, especially for a decaffinated (non rooibos) version. It’s spicy and warm. But… I don’t think it’s my ultimate spicy chai. I want more cinnamon in my chai, and besides I have Bengal spice filling my decaf chai needs right now. I reserve the right to start missing this in a few months!

Boiling 6 min, 30 sec

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998 tasting notes

This was a tea that the wonderful MissB added to my BF shared order package.

I’m always hunting for my perfect chai. This isn’t it, but this is really good. I really like the spice blend in this one. The spices are really well balanced for me. This is really good. What it’s not is caffeinated – I LIKE caffeine – I drink it from the time I get up in the morning, until I go to bed at night. This also has a really thin mouth feel, for me chai should be thick and rich.
Really good chai, but not perfect…..

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