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From Dammann Freres

“Nosy Bey” flavoured black tea

Black tea flavoured with vanilla and bush peach. Embellished with pieces of pineapple and sprinkled with flower petals. A successful fusion from sunbathed orchards and vanilla tropical scents.

Brewing time: 4 to 5 minutes

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19 Tasting Notes

8177 tasting notes

mmmmm delicious! Thank you again ysaurella for the lovely teas you sent me. I really have enjoyed nearly all of them so far! This one is no exception :) Peach and vanilla and delicious! I’m glad i have at least one more cup of this to enjoy before it disappears and i need to try and decide which teas to beg my mother to pick up next month haha

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3259 tasting notes

Sample Sipdown #2 Another wonderful tea from Ysaurella!
This has been a delightful peach tea, with just enough vanilla to compliment. Definitely on my list for when I finally order from DF.


Sounds lovely!



I just spent some time on your website and I wanted to let you know how much I like your music! I love the way that you blend different styles and have come up with something truly your own for the harp! You also have a fantastic voice. Thank you for the early morning enjoyment :)

Terri HarpLady

Thanks Jacqueline!
I feel really grateful every day that I actually get to do this for a living! AND I can afford to buy some tea once in awhile too! ;)

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408 tasting notes

I’m coming back to tea life after a big cold.

I wanted to taste Nosy Bey for a while now.
The perfume of the dry leaves is absolutely divine : vanilla and peaches.
The aroma is clearly a vine peach head note (not peaches but really vine peaches- In France our vine peaches are almost red (pulp) and the skin of the fruit is more or less grey ).
We can taste a very present and opulent vanilla behind.The black tea base is absolutely sweet and has no hint of astringency.

This is a delightful aroma, vine peach is a wonderfully perfumed fruit and this tea reveals perfectly its qualities.The presence of the vanilla just sublimates it and makes it very generous and luxurious.

A great afternoon tea, almost a fruity dessert tea.

195 °F / 90 °C 4 min, 45 sec

mmmm that sounds divine!


Glad you’re feeling better!


thank you Bonnie :)
Sil : yes it is really :)


We will need to have that swap sometime in Janvier so that I can taste some of these delicious teas! It should be a little quieter in the new year :)


no probs Sil, January is fine for me as well


That sounds wonderful!


I don’t much care for vanilla, but this sounds really good.

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390 tasting notes

of the lovely samples that the indomitable ysaurella sent me, thus far this one has been my least favourite. i didn’t get the expected flavour…. but apparently my son did!

he’s become quite the loose leaf afficionado and will often swagger in and walk off with my mug of tea (!!!) or pull dramatic faces declaring that it tastes off. my wife sips her coffee and laughs.

with this particular cup he piped up:‘is the tea from france here yet? is that it?’ and he slurped some up, going on and on about how perfect it was. lol.

not quite my cup of tea… but absolutely our 14 year old’s!

i have enough for another cup, but honestly, i think it will vanish before i can try my hand at it again… blake was that big a fan!

195 °F / 90 °C 4 min, 0 sec

hummmm sounds weird you didn’t get the aromas for this one really, it is very perfumed, a refined peach and vanilla, a very sweet and mellow tea.
If some remains you can try it at 95°C or even boiling anyway I’m happy your son loved it !


hmmmm, no i didn’t get vanilla or peach….. strange. i do have a bit left— hotter you say?


Glad you have tea drinking company at home!


indeed! my daughter is the one that came home with teavana and david’s teas menus, and my son and i were the ones that latched on! it’s remarkable to me the differences between our tastes too… i don’t know if it’s an age thing? an individual thing? he cannot abide verdant’s laoshan black, i cannot abide pekoe tasting teas, each which the other loves! lol. in any case, if you can find something with family to bond over then that’s a grand thing =0)


yep try it hotter it may help beacuse that’s really weird you don’t get the vanilla and peach except if the sample has been corrupted by others or arrived opened.

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303 tasting notes

This tea would have fared better if it hadn’t been the last stop on my Dammann Frères journey. It’s a bit unfair, I know – I will try my best to keep an open mind. It’s just that both the dry tea and the steeped tea are saturated with this – as I have now come to know it – unmistakable DF perfume.

I can’t really explain it, but it’s this opulent, contrived richness that just seems inescapable. It’s the tea equivalent of orientalizing, exoticizing 19th-century art, pretending to be something it’s not, glorifying something that shouldn’t be glorified.

I guess the evident response would be, ’It’s just tea,’ but I don’t think we should make it too easy on ourselves.

Either way, this is a beautifully scented fruity black. In the cup there’s a light peach-apricot presence, some floral notes, and a smooth vanilla to round it off. Again – and this is turning into a bit of a broken record, I know – DF’s vanilla isn’t really my favourite. It’s a little too much, a little cloying, and has the slightest aftertaste of alcohol.

For someone who’s into elegant fruity blacks, though, this would be a perfect choice.

[From my epic Instant-Thé order to Rome, October 2013.]

195 °F / 90 °C 4 min, 0 sec

:( I have my answer for black teas.
I loved this one, very refined and elegant but I liked the DF Vanilla and it is a very present vanilla in Nosy Bey


I would have rated it higher if I’d tried it last week, I think. There was another black, or maybe two, that got a higher rating earlier. Now they all just sort of taste the same to me. Why do they have so many similar teas? It’s the most frustrating thing for me, I think.


they more than often use the same base (china and ceyton mix). Lazyness is a nasty sin…
but sometimes the flavours make them so different, it’s rare but it happens.
Never really tried their greens because I think now I am not a green lover (except for Oolongs)


I think it’s definitely more obvious in their greens – so many similar ones there. You don’t like MF’s greens either?


let’s say I can drink them more than I like them.
Except Sakura 2000 I really love

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358 tasting notes

I think it was Ysaurella´s review of this a few weeks ago which has made me crave a peach and vanilla black tea. I was at the time ordering Thé-o-Dor teas and her review of Nosy Bey made me choose their Mélange de Galice. So an inevitable comparison from the start!

In the meanwhile Ysaurella oh so kindly got into another tea swap with me and sent me this as well (and oh so many other so fascinating goodies. Thank you so much!). I now got two dreamily-named black teas with vanilla and peach, not just one! And I do love to compare and contrast flavoured teas, how different companies can make such different takes on the same idea.

A warning: there might be a bias by previous acquaintance, that I would always prefer the first one I tried. Theodor ended up the winner but maybe I was biased because I had it first? Dunno.

The teas: Mélange de Galice is a mix of chinese and Sri Lanka black teas with peach and vanilla flavours and some sunflower/marigold petals sprinkled around (for prettiness, I guess). Nosy Bey is a chinese black tea, with vanilla and peach flavors with rose petals and I think tiny sugar cubes? (or is it dried peach?) Both teas smell divine when dry. I think Nosy Bey smells a bit more floral and bit more like orchard peaches, while Mélange de Galice smells a bit more like regular peach and orchard peach mixed together, and has a stronger vanilla scent with no floral notes. Honors even here, both wonderful scents, different but equally lovely.

Nosy Bey brews very much like a chinese BLACK tea. Mélange de Galice has (predictably) a bit more body and is (unexpectedly!) smoother as well, even when brewed at the same 85C that I brew Nosy Bey. I do not understand why a ceylon-chinese blend brews so so smooth while having some body, but there you have it, even at several temperatures it is always smooth and even naturally sweet.

And then, the liquor: and it is here that Mélange de Galice pulls ahead to win me, it just tastes more, a richer, more intense, more layered taste. But Nosy Bey is still pretty lovely on its own. And drinking peach and vanilla tea in December, oh it is so mood lifting!

185 °F / 85 °C 4 min, 45 sec

hehe MgD, makes me think of beer :P


Ah, sorry I do not know any MGD beer! I was just trying to save some type. Miller is an american brand of beer right?


yup, it stands for Miller Genuine Draft. I prefer the lime version myself. Or local craft beers


I think there are no sugar cubes in the tea (this is something the French Tea brands are not really doing) I identified the cubes as dry fruits…but which ones…mystery…
I taste really the wine peaches (pêches de vigne en français dans le texte) in Nosy Bey. Now I am craving to taste Mélange de Galice !


Indigobloom, oh thank you for the explanation!

Ysaurella I think it was fruit as well, at least it did not melt. The roses I could detect a hint from them.

And Mélange de Galice, oh I will save some for you! I am currently afraid of going to the post office before Christmas, but I would love to send you a little bit of Thé du Loup and Mélange de Galice (LOL; with a condition that i would love to read your opinions on it, of course ;)


Oh thank you !Sure you will read my opinion :)
Hope to see yours soon about sakura 2000 – this is not a very commented tea here on Steepster but I am very curious to get your opinion on this one especially.

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4846 tasting notes

Thank you Doulton – you are the best!

The aroma of the dry leaf is magnificent! It smells like peaches and cream! There isn’t much fragrance from the rose petals, maybe just a hint of floral essence. Once brewed, some of the earthy qualities of the black tea emerge in the scent.

The flavor is also quite magnificent! Smooth and rich. The peach and cream flavor is there, however, the black tea is much more pronounced. This is black tea with peach and vanilla flavor, not the other way around. It has a very bright flavor. Astringent with a slight tannic quality – but not an overt bitter note. Just a little something that sort of rests upon the palate to let you know that it’s black tea that you’re drinking.

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

The second infusion of these leaves was also quite delicious.

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111 tasting notes

I was sent this tea by Doulton (Thanks so much). I was in search of a black tea in my cupboard and decided to go dig through my stash and here I found this little gem of a tea. I didn’t know anything about it besides the name and who blended it but while steeping I noticed an interesting smell filling up my kitchen. I then sipped and boy was I surprised it is this wonderful cup of black tea with hints of peach. I really do not get much more than that taste wise but the thing that really impresses me is this is a strong black tea that has NO astringency a very smooth cuppa. Thanks Doulton! :)

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

Second steep (5 mins) liquor is only a tad lighter but the flavor is almost non existant.

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27 tasting notes

I actually can’t stand smelling it dry, there’s just too much going on. It’s really nice brewed though – peach for sure but there’s an edge to it. Not sure I’d repurchase as it’s a bit too fruity for me but it’s a good tea.

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2243 tasting notes

Typed this one up a few days ago…
Thanks for the sale, TheLastDodo! It’s kind of a surprise because they from a while ago (so I’m also glad I haven’t moved and you still had my address!) I officially can not buy any more teas for a long while. But I’ve been saying that for a while. I’m usually not one for French teas but this one sounded like something special…. and it is delicious. The peach is very much there and tastes like authentic ripe peach… with the peach skin and everything. One of the best peach flavorings I’ve found. Then there is a wisp of vanilla or cream flavoring that is lovely with the peach… peaches and cream! The rose doesn’t impart much flavor but I don’t mind. There was a tiny pineapple cube in the teaspoon too. I especially like that the black teas base was medium strength when I suspected it would be very light. The second steep was pretty strong with flavor too. I’ll be savoring the remainder of this pouch.
Steep #1 // 1 teaspoon for a full mug// few minutes after boiling // 3 minute steep
Steep #2 // just boiled // 3-4 minute steep

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