372 Tasting Notes

drank Hong Jing Luo by thepuriTea
372 tasting notes

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A pleasant cup of earthy warmth. I enjoyed its very smooth deep oak flavor with a rich dark brown clear liquor and I detected a touch of dark chocolate and honey. Double 3 second rinse and then I combined (4) six second gaiwan infusions into one sixteen ounce travel mug and hit the road. This was part of a very generous sample which accompanied the 357g cake I recently purchased. The cake is for aging a year or two but I look forward to continuing with the sample very soon.

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drank The Black Lotus by Butiki Teas
372 tasting notes

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Smooth, sweet and seductive. This sh0u has turned into a joy to savor and enjoy. However, it did not start out that way and I almost gave up on it after the third steep. Luckily I continued because the fourth steep was magical. At the core is a solid oak flavor with delicious fruit (perhaps dark cherries) around the edges with hints of a dark bitter chocolate. The liquor is a beautiful clear dark brown with an appealing richness. Very fair price for this offering and I’m on my 9th steep and plan to try another two or three tomorrow before tossing the leaves. This was a sample included in my most recent order and I plan to pick up a cake with my next order.

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Former coffee drinker. Switched to tea as part of my goal to work on living a healthier, more balanced life — haven’t looked back since. Surprised to learn what a passion I have developed for all things tea related.

Steepster has been a big help – I’ve been reading daily to learn as much as I can. Thanks to Steepster reviews, I’ve been able to find good tea (and sellers) – a few misses for me but lots of hits!

At the moment, I enjoy most tea types but I cannot handle jasmine or other florals and I’m not particularly fond of bergamot. Started with flavored teas but moved quickly into high quality blacks, greens, oolongs and puerhs — drinking hot flavored teas less and less. Now most of my purchases are puerh cakes for aging. My cold brews for iced tea tend to be a fruity green, white or rooibos but every once in awhile I’ll chill an oolong or puerh.

Note: In an effort to keep track of all the teas I’ve tried, my cupboard includes any tea I’ve ever owned (including things I’ve sipped down or given away and no longer have in my tea cupboard). In addition, many of the teas listed are unopened waiting to age or work their way into the rotation.


Raleigh, NC

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