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Well I find myself in the Denver airport once again, my nemesis if I ever had one. I like people, just not this many people all at once and mostly disgruntled as flying sucks lately. Was there always a Capital One lounge here? I would have gotten their premium travel card sooner if I had known. Better than United lounge, but I am still in an airport all day. So I’m trying the tea. It’s in a plastic pyramid bag, ick. I over steeped the first brew and it was bitter, so not very forgiving for a distracted traveler. The second brew isn’t as bitter but still so astringent. I am tempted to try the ginger lemon Tea Pigs, but might rummage through my bag to find better tea.

Flavors: Astringent


Airports. Ugh! Hope you made your destination safely.

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drank Ginger Chai by Old Barrel Tea Co
452 tasting notes

This is a nicely balanced chai with ginger notes. It’s a bit chilly in WY this morning as it has been raining for the past day, so I added a scoop of ginger this morning. It added to the spice and I appreciated the extra kick. Overall, kind of pricey for a chai, and Okd Barrel Tea doesn’t have a sample size to try, so I’m glad I took a chance on this blend, but I don’t need to keep it in my cupboard.

Flavors: Cardamom, Clove, Ginger

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drank Surfing Samurai by Savoy Tea Co
452 tasting notes

I don’t think I noticed the coconut note here the previous times I brewed this small sample pack. This cup tastes like toasted coconut with grassy green tea as an end note. Not a bad cup, but I don’t know if I need to drink it again. I like genmaicha, but I don’t tend to reach for green tea that much. I wonder if Savoy has a toasted coconut black?

Flavors: Coconut, Grassy, Nutty, Toasted


I can’t think of any at the moment. The coconut in Handsome Brute is tasty, but it has more of a pina colada feel to it.


I love the name

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Subscription box tea! I have tried their Mocha Mate before and it’s good, but I prefer Savoys. Haven’t tried their coconut crème puerh yet, but I think I need to. I do like OBT coconut flavoring, but these two teas combined together are not better than the individual teas. They don’t complement each other and the mocha came out a bit murky and in the background. I might change my opinion, as this was my first brew attempt. I will say it was very drinkable, chocolate and creamy and my cup disappeared quickly this morning :)

Flavors: Chocolate, Creamy

Cameron B.

I love that you get their subscription too! It’s always fun and interesting to see what others think of the same teas I’m drinking. :D


Ya, I’m enjoying the boxes. And thanks for adding the teas to the database :)

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Bright and citrusy, this is very drinkable and half of my first steep is gone before I have blinked. This would probably go well with a touch of sweetner to dull the sharply sour lemon, and could certainly be iced. The lavender, licorice, and sage are very muted, but make for an interesting take on lemony, lemon, lemonade. I will mix this with some black or oolong for a morning brew, and enjoy the sipping down of the tin. Might need more.

Flavors: Acidic, Citrus, Lavender, Lemon, Sage

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This brew has a slight fruity note to it. Along with the malt and the metallic and the astringent. A nice cup for an overcast, cool day.

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I placed an online order with Ajiri a few years ago, and then saw this black tea with ginger version at H-E-B so I started with a box, and went back for another, and another. I also saw the loose leaf black tea version at Happy Lucky’s and bought some of it. I much prefer the added ginger, and I can let this brew without it getting bitter, so it makes an excellent travel tea. I could stand more ginger, but it is very well balanced as it is.

Flavors: Ginger

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This tea tastes like honeysuckle smells. With a bit of apple sweetness to finish. A nice, well balanced floral oolong. One of the perks of their tea subscription is 15% off and I managed to find some tea I “needed” to try. I bet this is good iced!

Flavors: Apple, Floral, Honeysuckle

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drank Jade Oolong by Fortnum & Mason
452 tasting notes

Ashmanra sent this my way a while ago, and I saved it for an afternoon pick me up cuppa. It’s sweet and floral, but not cloying. There is a savory note here too, a well balanced oolong that doesn’t taste too green. What a nice cup, thanks!


You are very welcome!

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I think I bought this once, didn’t really like it, forgot that I had tried it already and bought it again. Well here is my tea note to say don’t buy this again. Its ‘not that bad’ but after the creamy vanilla caramel taste, it turns chalky and artificial. I think I have the same issue with their vanilla tea. So lets hope I remember to not buy this again, at least it was reasonably priced as are all maya teas!

Flavors: Caramel, Creamy, Jasmine, Vanilla


Ah I hate when that happens!

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I started drinking more tea about 10 years ago when I found that even my half -caf coffee was making me jittery and then sleepy after the caffeine wore off. While I started out with mostly Teavana, but soon expanded my tea cupboard to include lapsang souchon, pu-erh, Assam, and other strong black teas. I do enjoy oolongs, green, and other teas, as well as a nice tisane for an evening cuppa.
I’m not fond of jasmine or bergamont teas, though I’ll try anything once.
I am an avid traveler, hiker, soccer player/watcher.
I love trying new tea in new places, if you see something in my cupboard you want to try, hit me up for a swap!


Powell, WY

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