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I finally opened up my stash of this yesterday. It will not be here for very long that is for sure. This is such a wonderful and different black tea. I am not sure how to describe the flavors. It is sweet, hints of fruit, but their are also hints of bread.

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drank Queen Catherine by Harney & Sons
355 tasting notes

The Queen and I have been having morning dates this week. It has been a gloomy week and she has been the perfect cup to get my morning going. I have been enjoying the roasty taste and mellow cup she provides.

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I recieved a sample of this from EvaGrimm awhile back. Thank you!

This is a nice sweet honeybush that hints of root beer. I usually like to make honeybush with a teaspoon of sugar and a splash of milk, but I didn’t have access to either. This was still an enjoyable cup. Thank you

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Another tea that made it to my stash at work. This tea is magical. It is cream and rich and full of flavor, cocoa, but not a deep cocoa. More brown sugar flavor to this one. How often does this tea come out? Next time I will know better not order such a small package.


It’s available for order…I got an email about it today. I couldn’t resist, Totally ordered more. Such a good tea!

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I have been having to limit my caffeine intake lately, and it is getting cold here, so last night I went through my stash and pulled out all the caffeine free options. This one jumped out this morning for a morning cup. Warm, naturally sweet, hints of creamy couconut. Yum. I am glad I still had some of this around.

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After finishing up the Pine Peak Keenum yesterday I decided to bring a new stash of teas to work. This was my top pick this morning. It is one of the first fall like days here in kc and man is this tea going so well with the weather. I look forward to enjoying this one in the mornings. Deep dark cocoa. Warms my soul.

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This fall is CRAZY! I have been drinking tea, but for many reasons I have not been able to log on here much. I am so sad. This is the last of this tea. I am in love. This is always such a calming cup. I have found I like an EXTRA BIG teaspoon of this one. It has become one of my favorite at work teas. I will definitely be reordering this at some point when my life and cupboard are back under control.


LOVE this tea


It’s so good

Cameron B.

I love this one too. It may be my favorite from WP…


Cupboard under control? What does that mean? ;-)


Haha, I am glad there are fellow pine peak lovers out there. Cupboard under control. Yeah I have know idea what that means. I would really like to be under 125 at some point and only buy tea as I drink it, but that is probably really unrealistic.

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I received this sample from Green Terrace Teas, Thank you!

This is a wonderful oolong. So smooth and full of flavor. I enjoyed this gongfu style last night and I brewed a cup of it western style this morning. Both were wonderful. It is really hard for me to describe the flavor on this one, but it was very tastely.

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Thank you, Green Terrace Teas, for a sample!

This is a really nice green oolong! Floral, fruity and sweet. I enjoyed a lot of infusions out of this tea. This is one I could definitely keep on hand. Thank you for allowing me to try this wonderful tea.

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Thank you, Green Terrace Teas, for a sample!

This is a very light floral green oolong that is slightly sweet. This tea is a nice evening tea, but not one that I see myself drinking often. This was a little on the light side for me.

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I started drinking tea while on a 4 month long cycling trip through South America. It seemed to always be a great way to warm up when I was cold and it was always available everywhere. Mate was the big tea of choice down there and it was also a great way to get to know people. When I returned home, my sister introduced me to Teavana and this launched me into the realm of loose leaf tea. I am still new to this wonderful world, but so far I am loving it.

I am open to swapping. If you see something in my cupboard just message me and we can try to work something out!

90-100 – love, love, love must have around always or as much as possible
80 – 90 – Like, could restock
70 – 80 – If some happened into my cupboard I would drink it but will probably never seek it out.
60 – 70 – Meh, will finish the sample but don’t need to drink this again.
Below 60 – Nope not for me.


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