483 Tasting Notes

drank Peach Melba by Lupicia
483 tasting notes

I received this sample in the mail this month. For some reason I wasn’t expecting it to be rooibos. It was a good cup. I added a little sugar and it was very peachy. I am not sure if it would be a tea I would purchase, but this was a decent cup.

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This was a fairly old sample I had sitting around. I have a cold this week so take my review with a grain of salt. It was a light, slightly fruity tea. The taste was pleasant, but nothing memorable for me. It was a nice cup to settle down to, last night.

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drank Organic Assam by Harney & Sons
483 tasting notes

For the St. Patty’s day free shipping deal I picked up a few sample packs I had been eyeing for awhile. I figured it was a good way to get these without conning myself into ordering more tea. This is one of the free samples that Harney and Sons threw in for me to try. This is a no fuss, good cup of Assam. Nothing fancy about it. It hits some of the usual notes, malty and a tad fruity. This cup seems to add just the right about of astringency to make you remember you are drinking a strong cup. Well done! I would be interested in trying this in loose form at some point.


Hey! I got this as my free sample in the order I placed that day! XD For once I got a good sample!

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I have been so busy at work lately that I brew a cup of tea and by the time it is cooled enough for me to drink I completely forget about it as I am so deep into what I am working on again to even contemplate picking up the cup and turning away from what I am doing. This has been great for my work, but bad for my tea drinking. Today I have a foggy brain. It is Monday, I have come down with a cold, and what I SHOULD be working on today is maddening. So, here I sit with a cup of tea I plan to take a few minutes to fully enjoy.

Assam and I do not mingle often enough. The good assam’s I have had, have been wonderful yet I don’t find myself drawn to them like their friends from China. This cup is perfect for the morning. Lots of malt. A slight fruityness and it just taste like I am drinking good piece of baked goods. I really should spend more time with Assams’s. This cup makes me long for more and more and more. Thank you for the wonderful swap donkeytiera.

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I took my little one to see Grandma this weekend and Gong Fu Tea’s is less than 2 miles from her place so we stopped by. I picked up 2 oz of the milk oolong and then ordered a cup to go of this tea. This was awesome! I waited until we were well on our way home before I took the first sip knowing that if I liked it I would have ordered some and I didn’t want to go over my tea budget this month. There is a strong lemon flavor combined with oolong, and floral. I really like this one and will be getting 2oz of it the next time I am around. My sister and mom also tried it. They are not tea folks and they loved it as well. A win win.

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This is another sample pack from Angel at Teavivre. Thank you!

I wanted to write about this tea again, because my first impression was very good, but then I had this tea again over the past 2 nights and it was AMAZING! This tea is light floral, buttery and no bitterness. I have to have this tea for the spring. No questions asked. This is so lovely. I can’t wait to place an order!

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drank Vanilla Cacao by Tisano
483 tasting notes

This is a sample from donkeytiera. Thank you!

Oh this is yummy! What a treat. Cacao, vanilla, and with a bit of sugar this is the perfect dessert tea before bed. I have one more mug’s worth and will play around with adding some milk to make it a bit more creamy…..


I love this stuff…..almost as much as Peet’s Red Cloud Cacao…

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drank Lychee by Harney & Sons
483 tasting notes

I received a sample of this from Zack. Thank you!

So Lychee. I guess I had no idea what Lychee tasted like. We have never really met before. I am going to have to say this is not a favorite of mine. I think the lychee would blend much better with say an oolong or a green. With the black base it was a floral black tea which for me wasn’t great. Not bad, but not something I would go crazy about. Glad I got to try this one, and glad I finally got to try Lychee.

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Well a sample of this has been sitting in my cupboard for a bit. I finally made the last mug of it tonight. The flavors in this one are really hard for me to pick out. It is a lightly sweet, lightly floral, and lightly fruity tea. Not anything to go crazy about, but it is so relaxing and just he perfect cup for tonight.

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I am traveling this week/weekend and packed some of my H&S sachets for the road. I am having this today and it has been great. A nice strong cup that is just the right amount of bitter, yet smooth. Stands up to not so perfect brewing conditions and still puts a smile on my face. I really need to contact H&S to see if this is the same tea as Big Red Sun.

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I started drinking tea while on a 4 month long cycling trip through South America. It seemed to always be a great way to warm up when I was cold and it was always available everywhere. Mate was the big tea of choice down there and it was also a great way to get to know people. When I returned home, my sister introduced me to Teavana and this launched me into the realm of loose leaf tea. I am still new to this wonderful world, but so far I am loving it.

I am open to swapping. If you see something in my cupboard just message me and we can try to work something out!

90-100 – love, love, love must have around always or as much as possible
80 – 90 – Like, could restock
70 – 80 – If some happened into my cupboard I would drink it but will probably never seek it out.
60 – 70 – Meh, will finish the sample but don’t need to drink this again.
Below 60 – Nope not for me.


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