332 Tasting Notes

drank Turtle Cheesecake by 52teas
332 tasting notes

HHTTB #4/18

I believe thanks goes to QueeOfTarts for adding this into the box. This was a nice morning cup yesterday. This cup has the standard black base with hints of caramel. I didn’t get too much more out of this one. It was enjoyable, but not my favorite 52 Teas cup.

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HHTTB #3/18

it has been a pretty busy week. When the weather is nice during the summer the thought of staying inside kills me. We have been doing lots of biking and playing, and for me that means minimal tea drinking. Plus I think it was 90+ degrees this weekend with a humidity that felt like you were swimming.

I had this cup for my afternoon tea on Friday. It was very similar to how I remember ceylon, with a bit more flavor. It was light and had a nice fruity finish. I really enjoyed this one and was someone sad that I only took 1 cups worth.


Kudos for biking at 90 degrees!

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HHTTB #2/18

The des Poets we meet again!! I owe many thanks to both MzPriss and CelebriTEA for making this rendezvous possible. CelebriTEA sent this tea out to all of us for the 2013 12 Days of Christmas exchange and I fell madly in love. This was such a warm comforting cup. For me the flavors mingled so well. It is a tea that I can’t really pick out one flavor, but the melding together of all the flavors is what makes it perfect. For this particular cup I did note a bit of a licorice taste which worked well with the overall taste of the cup. After 6 months this tea is still a hit with me! I had to seriously restrain myself from snatching up the entire bag of this tea. I did take a nice helping but tried to leave enough for others to try.

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drank St Petersburg by Kusmi Tea
332 tasting notes

HHTTB #1/18

Thank you TeaSipper for organizing this box and adding in a small sample of this tea. I have been eyeing the Kusmi Russian sampler for a while now so when I saw this in the box I had to give it a go. It was a nice cup, but nothing that rocked my socks off and screamed buy me. It had hints of berry and citrus with a sweet note in the back of the sip. I would be willing to give this one another try on a different day. I would see it being my mood, but this my quash my interest in buying the sampler pack for now.

Cameron B.

I actually recently bought that sampler and I would love to send you some samples if you’d like. :)

Tea Sipper

Well, this sample wasn’t exactly in the best packaging, so maybe you’d like it better fresher?

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This sample comes from MzPriss after seeing my Milk Oolong off. Thank you!

This tea is wonderful BUT, I can’t think of it has a milk oolong. This tea is lacking the creamy/buttery notes that to me make a milk oolong a milk oolong. I will think of this as a golden lily oolong and nothing more. This was a light tea with very nice fruity floral notes. This team almost seemed like it had added fruity flavoring it was so juicy. It was a very crisp clean taste with no bitterness. I didn’t get to do as many infusions as I would have liked to with my first cup. I hope to revisit this tea this weekend and have more to say about the flavor. When I get a chance to order the Gong Fu Black this will definitely be in my order. Thank you for sharing this one with me MzPriss!

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drank Chocolate Rocket by DAVIDsTEA
332 tasting notes

This is another tea from the DAVID’s box from TeaPet. Thank you!

I was introduced to Mate in Chili. It was a way to keep warm on the cold days of cycling, and it was also a way to meet folks in a land where we weren’t very good at speaking the language. It was always the yerbal type and never flavored. Since returning home and being introduced to loose leaf tea I have only really seen the flavored stuff and something about it turns me off. This has been sitting in my tea box since Janurary and I have yet to try it until tonight. I was thinking I would just give this away, but I decided to give it a go first. I am pleasantly surprised. It is roasty, it is chocolaty, and then there is a slight hint of fruit. The normal burned, asheyness of flavored mate is not getting to me. I think I will enjoy what remains as a breakfast tea.

EDIT: Boo, as I was finishing the cup the ashyness finally hit me, unfortunately as soon as it hits it turns me off from the tea.


Awesome story!

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drank Toasted Walnut by DAVIDsTEA
332 tasting notes

I received this in the DAVID’s tea box from TeaPet. Thank you!

I can see why folks like this one. It is a nice mellow green with a nutty, buttery finish. It is pretty nice for me until I get to the very last part of the sip and then there is a slight taste that I can’t really identify that seems to sneak up on me and ruin’s the experience. I am not sure what it is, metallic? I want to like this one. It is somewhat similar to a tea I had from Tealish that I enjoyed, but I think I will be passing this one on.

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I received this tea from QueenOfTart’s stash sale. Thank you!

I tried this back in January before I had done much straight black tea tasting. I liked it, but it didn’t scream drink me now. I have been on a Chinese black tea kick for the last week for my evening cup. This is my cup tonight, well and last night. It is wonderful. This is a bit more roasty than the blacks I have been drinking. The first few infusions were ccoa, sweet, creamy with a hint of roast. As I infuse this more the roast is coming out a bit more and the sweet cocoa becomes part of the first part of the sip instead of the end. This tea just keeps giving as well. There is a really nice earthy-ness to this one as well. All around I really like this one.


I have some this on its way to me and I’m looking forward to it.


I will be interested to see what you think It is a tea with a neat creation.


I really, really liked it also, but it’s not as good as Laoshan Black IMHO.

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drank Assam by Joseph Wesley Black Tea
332 tasting notes

I ordered a bunch of samples from Joseph Wesley. I ordered all but the Darjeeling. When the samples arrived they were in cute little tins, but the tins were only labeled with a tag, and half the tags has fallen off in shipping. Hopefully I was able to “guess” at what each sample was correctly.

Yesterday at work I was in a straight black tea mood so I gave this a try. I tried a cup of this after drinking Nahorhabi Assam from H&S. This tea is nice. It is bold, yet smooth. It is malty and packs a punch. This was good and I think with my next cup I will try a splash of milk. In comparison to the Nahorhabi, the Nahorhabi offers a bit of a fruity finish which I really enjoy. This was a nice simple straight up assam. I will definately enjoy the rest of the sample.


I just ordered Teabox’s Assam sampler….15 assams to try! What was I thinking?!? :)

Joseph Wesley Black Tea

Happy to read that you enjoyed the tea. Cheers, Joe


I had the same problem with the tags falling off, hopefully I was able to guess correctly too!

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drank Qing Pin by Yezi Tea
332 tasting notes

This sample is another from KiwiDelight. Thank you!

This is putting me in tea heaven tonight! This is taste slightly sweet, with a honey-sh flavor. This has the wonderful breadish taste and is just pure delicious. As before, I think I like this a bit more than Jin Jun Mei. I think Jin Jun Mei has a much stronger cocoa flavor and this is a bit more bready flavored. They are both wonderful though!


Oh, tea heaven is my favourite place! Sounds very yummy :-)


I agree! Tea heaven is a wonderful place to be.

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I started drinking tea while on a 4 month long cycling trip through South America. It seemed to always be a great way to warm up when I was cold and it was always available everywhere. Mate was the big tea of choice down there and it was also a great way to get to know people. When I returned home, my sister introduced me to Teavana and this launched me into the realm of loose leaf tea. I am still new to this wonderful world, but so far I am loving it.

I am open to swapping. If you see something in my cupboard just message me and we can try to work something out!

90-100 – love, love, love must have around always or as much as possible
80 – 90 – Like, could restock
70 – 80 – If some happened into my cupboard I would drink it but will probably never seek it out.
60 – 70 – Meh, will finish the sample but don’t need to drink this again.
Below 60 – Nope not for me.


Kansas City, MO

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