Steeped and Infused

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Oh, this is good. This tastes like really good quality vanilla extract smells. Almost. A bit less vanilla-y, though, and a bit more oak-barrel-y. :) A really nice black base that takes cream well (I picked up some organic cream because it doesn’t have thickeners in it, and it’s SO MUCH NICER in tea! I didn’t think cream could get nicer, but it did.). Doesn’t need sweetening, although I bet it would take sweetener well too.

Tempting to keep this one, or some of it at least…

(PS. The toads are squacking. I REALLY hope this doesn’t mean that they’re gonna start breeding. I do not want babies. Nope. Not at all.)

Flavors: Oak wood, Vanilla

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 30 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML
Cameron B.

Wishlisted! And the toads are clearly telling you that they want tea, too!


It’s interesting that I would normally call this a winter tea, but it was so good even though it’s way too warm outside.

Cameron B.

I love all things vanilla, and I’m always drawn in by the bourbon/Madagascar/Tahitian descriptor. Such a sucker! :P


Well, this is a nice vanilla-oak tea. :)


Are those your own toads…or the outdoor ones in the wild?


haha, I just saw your note below…foster-parenting toads. :)


Yeah. Fostering them because they weren’t getting cleaned and fed. Idk. I have to buy fresh food for them weekly, which. :/


Yeah…I similarly took in a lizard many years ago…the feeding part was not great at all! Eventually I gave it to a local pet shop though.


This is easy: dump crickets in tank. Close tank. Wait. :) I don’t mind crickets, but I can’t stand wormy things.

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Sipdown (217)
I grabbed 50g of this from Steeped & Infused when they gave me a huge rebate for doing a survey and I found that this was actually the best of the ones I tried. It’s sweet, and has a neat texture to it, almost like creme brulee.


I’m gonna try this one next. :P


Love the name Steeped and Infused; this one sounds great! Let me know if you taste it again and if anything changes.

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Backlog: Here’s another one I drank several iced cups of, and enjoyed quite a bit! It didn’t blow my mind, but the price was reasonable and it makes a decent summer tea!

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Backlog: I cold-brewed it but it was too tart/bitter for me to drink unless I added in more sugar than I would prefer to drink. Too bad! Maybe I need to experiment with another sample!

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Sipdown (125/132)!

So I finished this one off while also finishing off my Buttered Rum from DT; I steeped this one like normal, then added a splash of milk – and then I steeped about a tsp. of the Buttered Rum (all I had left) into what was already made.

It was pretty good actually; it reminded me of hot chocolate despite the overwhelming absence of anything actually chocolate flavoured. And I mean, I didn’t pick up chocolate notes at all so I don’t know why I’m making that connection; but I am. So, uh, that. What I did taste was a whole lot of smooth vanilla from the BBV with some mild butterscotch notes “floating” over it. It was very silky and smooth. Delicious.

Still not much Bourbon; but I’m over it.

Oh, other news: I started watching Gossip Girl (a friend recommended it) and I’m really loving it. Right now I’m in the middle of season two! Anyone else on Steepster watch it when it was airing? Am I crazy for absolutely loving Chuck Bass? He’s kinda despicable, but really cute about it? I’m also loving Jenny’s story line and I wish there was more Eric…

Honestly, there aren’t any characters I dislike except for maybe Vanessa? But I don’t dislike her – I’m just impartial. I lied; I DESPISED Georgina.


I really liked Gossip Girl.

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Did a round of six teas for the evening; a few old, a few new. I guess this one falls somewhere in the middle as I’ve had it before, but only once so I guess I don’t really know this one well yet, even though we’ve been introduced before.

My observations with this cup? Definitely more strongly vanilla flavoured than I remember the first cup being. And a very rich, thick vanilla too. Bourbon? I don’t know about that – maybe really faintly. I want more from it; which I guess is how I was feeling last time (I just read my review on this from the first cup I had). I also picked up on light notes of oak and caramel.

I think overall this was smoother and just tastier in general than when I had it the first time around, even though both times the bourbon was lacking. I must have been in a really critical state of mind last time I had it because I rated this a “67” and I think it’s at least deserving of a “70” – it’s a pretty good vanilla black!

Flavors: Caramel, Oak wood, Vanilla

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An extension of the “alcohol” cravings from tonight, though come to think of it I’m not really sure if I’ve ever had straight up Bourbon before. Like, I know I’ve had stuff with Bourbon in it, namely chocolate, but not the actual drink…

Anyway, this comes to me by way of (I’m 90% sure; apologies if I get this wrong) Scribbles who sent me a generous sample of it. I decided to test it tonight. Honestly, I was a little disappointed with it; the black base was nice enough though not spectacular and there was definitely a presence of vanilla but it wasn’t until I got the the last sips of the cup that I started to taste the Bourbon and even then I wanted more. Overall I suppose it wasn’t bad though.

And I have lots of this left, so I can totally experiment and try to play around with ways to bring more flavour out of it!

I’m also just now realizing that when I go to Barcraft with Tyrell on Sunday I’m probably going to be a total newb at the whole ordering drinkings for myself thing. Like, I drink – and I definitely know where my preferences lie in regard to alcohol types but I’ve never actually been to a bar before (remember, I only turned 19 a few months ago) and I definitely don’t know “fancy drink names” or anything like that.

Half my brain is saying “you’re getting nervous over stupid ass shit” and the other half is freaking out going “do you literally just say ‘I want a Pina Colada’ or whatever…”. Help me out Steepster people! We have a week to make me a bar savvy person so I don’t embarrass myself!

Flavors: Vanilla


I’m a bar noob myself, but in my experience it’s perfectly acceptable to just name a drink or cocktail to the bartender – pina colada, mojito, rum and coke, whatever. I personally stick to the fruity stuff or thinks like coolers. However, coolers do have a slightly higher alcohol content, I think – don’t assume that you can have 2 or 3 and it won’t affect you just because they’re “girly”.


If you know the name of the drink you want say it (“I’d like a gin and tonic, please.”) If you want a certain brand of alcohol in your drink (New Amsterdam, Gordon’s, Death’s Door) tell them that, too. If they have it on hand they’ll be happy to use it in your drink. If they don’t they’ll usually offer a good alternative.


Haha yes, you can just ask for whatever drink you want. I’m not sure how long this thing lasts, but if you’re going to be drinking for a while I recommend a water break every now and again. For me, drinking a bunch of sugary drinks make me feel sick but that’s a personal thing. Apparently there could be specialty themed drinks at Barcraft, FYI (although this article is about the UK, it was referenced in the wikipedia article):


If you know what you want, definitely just ask for it by name. That being said, you may not always know what you’re in the mood for. Good bartenders are prepared for this, so I can generally ask for “something fruity” or “something peachy” and they can deliver! If you know the recipe, but not the name, a good bartender can make that happen, too! If you want a mixed drink, but hate tequila (crazy talk, I know), you can also say what you don’t want.

The only time these suggestions don’t apply is in a place that’s swamped 6 people deep from the bar. Then, when it’s your turn, you better know exactly what you want. :p


Some good advice so far! Definitely drink non alcoholic drinks in between, some bars will even give you soda water or juice for free. It’s polite to tip the bar at least some point during the night, it doesn’t have to be anything large, just an extra quarter or so here and there. If you have an open drink, never leave it unintended. Unfortunately, in these days we cannot assume we are safe. If you are drinking a lot don’t mix too much alcohol, or you may find yourself feeling rather rough. If you find yourself going through your drinks quickly, find yourself something that you must sip. I sometimes drink neat whisky for that reason. If food is available, its a good idea to snack a little. Be aware of cost, if thats important. When I was in university we were lucky to have very cheap alcohol available with beer and wine and simple standard liquor drinks between two and three dollars, but fancy drinks can climb past 12$ at some places. At the end of the night drink more water. Be with people you trust, make plans to get home safely at the beginning of the night, be safe and most importantly have fun!

Roswell Strange

Thank you all! The event we’re going to is six hours long, and I do have a safe way home lined up. :)

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Another little sipdown! I really enjoyed this actually! I got vanilla and spice and the lapacho wasn’t overbearing — I could drink it! (unlike the one from HI which was just super barky). :)

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Sipdown! 221
This was a nice iced tea. The lime and the ginger were amazing. My kid drank a good 6 oz of it in 2 minutes so that’s a good sign. If I ordered from these guys again, I’d snag more!

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Thank you Steeped and Infused!
This was a free sample included in my last order. I’m not sure it’s on the website yet.

This is a really tasty and smooth coconut black tea. It’s creamy and almost buttery with the coconut. The almond nuts really enhance the flavour too. It’s good!


Mmmm, coconut…

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Thank you to whoever sent me this sample! It has a light flavor of lemon and cream behind the woody rooibos. It’s nice and sweet I just wish it had a bit more flavor.

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It’s been a week since my last log, wow ! I sort of changed jobs this week (it’s complicated but let’s just say I had a lot going on and a lot of pressure too), plus I have a big cold that started at the end of the week. Arfff. I just wish I had bought some of the cold survival kit teas from David’s Tea when I went a couple of weeks back. :(

This one is OK, but not amazing. I liked the smell of the dry leaf a lot, probably because of the juniper berries, but there’s rooibos in it. I hate rooibos with a passion. It doesn’t taste too much though, that’s a plus, but there’s still that lingering aftertaste of medecine that I despise so much. I’m sure I would like this herbal much more if it wasn’t for the rooibos.

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This is not bad, but I expected way more maple flavour. I only get black tea, and then in the aftertaste a general sweetness that could be maple. I would love to try it with some added maple syrup, but my boyfriend and I finished it last week with some pancakes, so no more maple syrup for me :(

I just added a bit of brown sugar, but it doesn’t change much.

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Backlogging from last night. After a very intense and yet relaxing yoga session, I had a cup of this while taking a bubble bath. Oh god, it was amazing ! I couldn’t log the tea after that because I went straight to sleep. And I don’t know if the tea had any effect or if it was just a coincidence, but I had a very good night’s sleep. And I have had a lot of trouble sleeping lately, so if this tea is the answer then I’ll buy more that’s for sure!

As for the taste, I’m not exactly sure what I could detect. Certainly peppermint, and maybe a vague lemon flavour. But anyway I thought it tasted exactly like what something that will put you to sleep should taste like!

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Oh, wow !

I had tried this one before, but a few nights ago I decided to put more tea for the same amount of water, just to see if it could improve the taste a bit… and it did ! Lots and lots of pear creaminess, amazing !

Right now, I’m having it iced… and I’m going crazy. This is too good to be true !

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Mmmm. I like this quite a lot.

The smell is actually more intense than the taste, but I can still taste a lot of pear, which is way better than anything else pear-flavoured I’ve tried. Great!

Now I’m enjoying this while watching American Horror Story alone in the dark. I’m so NOT going to sleep tonight.

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I had such high hopes for this one. I tried Cherry Blossom by David’s Tea yesterday and fell in love with it, but since it’s so expensive and only available for a limited time I was hoping this one could replace it, but sadly no. :(

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still pretty nice, but the taste reminds me too much of cough drops and cold medecine in general for me to be able to really enjoy it. It won’t be restocking this once I’m done with my sample. Too bad.

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Wow. I absolutely loooove this. It makes me think of Lime Gelato from David’s Tea. I know this one doesn’t not have any yogourt in it or anything of the sort but it does feel creamy to me. I can’t really taste the ginger, which is alright by me because I was looking for the lime, not the ginger. And boy did I get the lime ! :) It’s the perfect treat for a late night at work!

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My second try from my Steeped and Infused order ! I’m still so very excited :) This one is very interesting. I love the little squares of caramel in the blend (I ate one after the steeping… it was so tasty and perfect) and I wish the tea had a stronger flavour, more like the actual caramel squares, but I’m still quite impressed with the taste. Very sweet and caramelly. Mmm.

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I’m very excited because my Steeped and Infused order arrived this morning and now I have 19 more teas to try ! Awesome ! I only ordered a few sample sizes, but they had a deal going on until today : every order placed online would receive sample sizes of each of the top 13 teas of 2013. Isn’t that amazing !? Plus I’ve got an order from Persimmon Tree on the way and another one from David’s Tea (Pumpkin Chai is back online in the web specials section, I couldn’t miss it…) And tomorrow I might get to go to an actual David’s Tea store for the first time. All great tea news !

So, this tea is the first one I try from my order. It’s actually one of the 13 top teas of 2013. I like it quite a lot. I would say it’s mostly a mild chai flavour with a touch of vanilla. Yummy. There is something though that bothers me a little bit, I keep having the feeling I can taste rooibos even though there is none in the blend. It bothers me a bit since I hate rooibos, but it’s not present enough for me to really care. :)

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This is really tasty. Creamy, nutty and sweet. There is a bit of woodiness from the rooibos. I added a bit of rock sugar and it made for a great afternoon treat. Yum!

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psssst…. totally cold brewed this last night and it’s not as bad cold brewed. but the best part? gotta love sipdowns because the people in your tea circle want to try everything lol

60 sipdowns…you will be mine…oh yes…


What can I say? TRYALLTHETEAS.


:) suits me juuuust fine! might even make it to 225 by the weekend at this rate..

Terri HarpLady

One of the best things about tea is all the endless variety! There’s always another one to try!

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Yeah still not feeling this one. It’s fruity, but not raspberry and there’s a bit of an artificial taste that i’m just not feeling. and it’s a white tea. into the swap box it goes!

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