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From The Persimmon Tree Tea Company

A fruitful blend of lychee and organic black loose-leaf tea, Lychee Peach Tea steeps a sweet infusion with notes of apricot, osmanthus and ripe pear.

1-2 Tsp
200 degree
1-3 mins

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8 Tasting Notes

807 tasting notes

A nice naturally flavored tea – meaning that I find no artificial flavors on my palate.
Strong but non astringent nor bitter black tea base which seems to hold up well to ice cubes if you want to ice your tea. I like this as often when I cold steep I still do not feel okay putting ice in my tea even with double leaf used.
Perhaps a Ceylon base although I am not sure of that.
I stepped a bit longer at 3:30 and it still is not bitter or astringent!
Made for an even stronger flavor without losing the flavor or the lychee or peach.
It is not an overly strong fruit flavor however so if you are looking for a strong fruit this may not be for you but if you like your teas lightly flavored with more of a good base flavor this IS for you!

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

I’m going to have to figure out what lychee is all about. Sounds great!


All I know or think I know lol is it is an Asian fruit. Or I should say a fruit grown in Asia. LOL
It has a less sweet flavor in my opinion.


I tried a lychee from the Asian market and thought it was horrible. I tried Harney’s Lychee tea and it was great. It tasted like a softly flavored rose tea.


Yeah I hear a lot of people do not care for the fruit. I had a fruit drink once from a health food store that was terrible!


I likhee the Lychee.


Lychee tastes like honey to me. At least when it’s a tea flavoring. Never tried the fruit itself.


Lychee is good, but if it’s bad/off it’s rather gross. The texture also might be offputting to some, IIRC, but it does taste a little honey-like, rose-watery like, sweet. I quite like them on occasion, but haven’t had one in quite a while.

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470 tasting notes

Ahh, lychee. When I was little my parents used to get me little canned lychees from one of the many Asian grocery stores in NYC and I’d suck them down like candy. I’ve grown very fond of the taste, to the point where I’ll buy anything lychee flavored—of all the things I’ve tried, I think lychee ramune is my favorite though. Fizzy lychee, mmm. Of course this means I’ve tried quite a few lychee teas, though most of them tend to be straight lychee or add a floral element (like rose or jasmine) even though lychee is quite floral on its own. So I was intrigued by this blend—lychee peach?

I have a totally bizarre relationship with peach anything. I hate artificial peach flavoring, but when it comes to either real peach goodies or naturally peach flavored things I am totally convinced I’ll hate them… even though, every time, I really enjoy them! I don’t know why, my brain is just stuck on “you hate peach!” Which is blatantly not true, since there are about 10 peach teas in my cupboard. And oh man, I dream of blueberry peach pie. What a combo! Hint hint, someone needs to make a blueberry peach pie tea. With pie flavor included.

At first sip this blend is reminiscent of a lychee congou—strong(ish) black base, fresh and bright lychee flavor that fades into floral notes that fill your mouth. It’s not as heavily floral as other lychee teas I’ve tried, which is probably great for most people since I know quite a few who are not fans of floral blends. Then, at the very end, the peach comes in—subtly fruity, not full on “hey there I’m a peach tea!” There are definite apricot notes, and it’s more… summery-tasting than straight-up peach. It’s got a real juicy quality! Definitely one of my favorite lychee blends that I’ve tried, thanks to The Persimmon Tree for the opportunity to taste this gem!


I have to try everything lychee I see too. That’s the way I got hooked on a local beer growler store, there was a tart lychee beer so I of course had to go get it. I wish more places had it as a frozen yogurt flavor too…wah too many places with too many dessert flavors now.


Lychee beer?! I don’t even drink beer and I want some of that right now.


Yes! omg if you can find it it is AMAZING. It’s actually a sour ale so it reminded me a lot of kombucha (but less vinegary) than beer. It’s called Tart Lychee and it’s made by New Belgium Brewing Company. I think they only sell 22 oz bottles of it outside of kegs, but they’re really jazzy looking: http://www.newbelgium.com/beer/detail.aspx?id=0a608750-abe4-40ef-a6cc-374970691bce

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769 tasting notes

Thanks to Chuckieroy for this sample!

Nicely fruity. The flavors come out more as the tea cools. I wouldn’t be able to tell you if it tastes like lychee since I’ve never had any. :) It does have some peachy notes, though, and an overall fruitiness. When it is cold, I pick up some faint florals in the background.

I steeped my first half mug for 3 minutes, then let the rest of the mug sit and steep for probably another 5 minutes. The flavors definitely intensify with the longer steep. It didn’t become bitter, though, which was good.

200 °F / 93 °C 6 min, 15 sec

I can’t quite figure lychee out, either, but I think I like it.

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576 tasting notes

I didn’t really care for this – but I’m not a fan of lychee so I’m not surprised. I don’t want to rate this for that reason. I tried it, and it was blech but I don’t fault the tea!

I have a little left for the next swap I do. Or if someone loves Lychee and wants it, it’s yours. :)

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880 tasting notes

Words can’t explain how bad I needed to try this tea. Lychee black tea is probably always going to be one of my favorite teas. I have a HUGE tin full of it :]
Anyways… I absolutely love the smell of this tea. So soft and fruity. The taste is the same too. To me the lychee was the more dominant flavor with hints of peachy-pearness and a subtle black tea in the background. I really liked this tea. A nice switch up to my classic lychee black tea :]
The flavor could have been a little bit stronger but maybe I will just play with it a bit more :]

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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1230 tasting notes

8th tea from Persimmon Tree… 2 more to go! Phew, so much tea but all so delicious!

I had a boxes of lychee tea (I can’t remember if it was in black or oolong tea) I used to love, but it was horribly bitter and poor quality. I still loved that tea back then, when all I knew was teas in bags. Plus it was like a $1 or $2 a box at the asian super markets.

DRY: Strong fruityness.. I think I can make out peach. Very sweet smelling, reminds me of a Jolly Rancher in sweet and fruity smell.

STEEPED: Smells like that lychee tea I drank in the bag but better. Lychee and a black tea scent. Steeps up to a nice dark brown tea.
2t at 200F.

TASTE: Not bitter or tart clean black tea with slight sweetness from lychee. I can pick up a slight floral after taste.

WHO’D LIKE THIS TEA: Fellow peeps that buy that cheap lychee tea at asian super markets. Black tea drinkers or someone looking for more exotic fruit.

COMMENTS: This seriously tastes like that lychee tea I used to buy, but 10 times better with the better quality black tea and Persimmon Trees excellent blending of tea. Clean tasting, not musty or cardboardy (yeah.. it was cheap tea).

I think Lychee Peach is on the same wave length of “Tropical Pineapple” (also by Persimmon Tree) of the main focus is the tea with a fruit in the background.

One big thing bothering me though. I don’t notice any peach taste. The only peachyness was in the scent. Also the ingredients listed online are Organic Black Loose-Leaf Tea, Lychee Essence, Safflowers, Natural Flavors, Lychee Peach Tea, Lychee Black Tea – just a brief peach mention. I could go for some peach bits.. mmmm now I’m thinking of Fusion Teas PEACH CRUNCHIES! YUM!

The floral taste of this tea is interesting, it reminds me of drinking a rose black tea, but with no rose in it.

Very good and a replacement tea for me when I want asian lychee tea, but not blowing my pants off. I think I wanted something new to the table, but overall good tea.

200 °F / 93 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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25 tasting notes

This is tea like tea is supposed to be- when you say to yourself Lychee Peach tea, this tastes so right on the money it is surprising! It has a rich mouth feel without the acidic negative tea possibility, it is a satisfying golden brown clear liquid(and I accidentally let it steep 5 minutes,) and smells wonderfully warmly tealike with hints of flavors- the peach is delicate here, not club you over the head fake, and the lychee comes shining in with further glimmers of flavor, but again, does not club you over the head in an artificial way! No sweetener needed for fresh flavor, and no bitter aftertaste whatsoever. A new top ten favorite especially for Spring!

200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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599 tasting notes

This is the first of the giant bag of samples from my order from The Persimmon Tree so here goes nothing! I ordered a bunch of stuff that was rather out there for my tastes so I’m not sure I’ll like any of them, but I was feeling adventurous I guess.

So as a caveat, I am not really familiar with lychee. Didn’t really have an asian supermarket nearby growing up in either country I spent time in and my parents’ taste and cooking was pure Americana/Canadian.

In the smell of the brewed tea I’m getting a faint fruity spiciness, I guess is not the word I’m looking for, but it’s the closest one I can find. Not getting much peach. The taste of the (too)hot tea is fruity and floral and pretty exotic to my taste buds. It’s not bad though, not in the slightest, just new. This isn’t a tea that I’ll buy again, but I’m glad to have tried it.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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