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From Verdant Tea

Put simply, this brilliant harvest from the He family in Laoshan village tastes like summer- rich and full, cooling and refreshing.

The aroma of the wet leaf makes us nostalgic for China, for a special back-alley restaurant serving up dim sum on folding card tables. Every morning, the lines went down the street to get a bowl of steaming fresh-made soymilk from locally grown Laoshan soybeans, and a handful of crisp-fried bread for dipping in the milk. The sweet, rich and bready quality of that dim sum experience perfectly mirrors the aroma of this tea.

The taste and texture seems whipped or frothed like an ice-cold matcha smoothie, or even a key lime cream pie. If you ever go to China, or an asian grocery, you can get a green bean ice cream bar. It sounds strange, but it is perfectly sweet and refreshing. The taste of this tea in early steeping is like green bean ice cream melting on your tongue.

Later steepings are full bodied and green like fresh leafy spinach, complimented by an herbaceous cooling quality that evokes home garden peppermint leaf. Slowly, a holy basil enveloping sweet tingling begins to build, creating a comforting thick brew. This is one of the most exciting and satisfying harvests from Laoshan that we have had the privilege of trying.

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30 Tasting Notes

1186 tasting notes

Brewed this properly today, short steep time (10 seconds for first instead of a minute, adding about 5 seconds each infusion) and i love it! Have had 2 cups, the boyfriend had 2, and the leaves are still going strong! First steeps were very light and buttery, and later ones flavorful greens with butter! So savory, reminds me of some type of soup almost! Time for another cup pretty soon, I just can’t get enough. I really want to try the autumn harvest for this one as well! My verdant addiction continues :)

180 °F / 82 °C 0 min, 15 sec

Weird! This is the tea I’m drinking right now…


It’s so delicious! Makes me just want to drink my whole bag of it :)

Invader Zim

I love this tea! The summer harvest is my favorite!


I agree! I might have to have another bunch of it today :D just craving it lol

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30 tasting notes

Cutting open the first 250g bag of this tea, heat-sealed at the farm just after it was picked a few weeks ago, was a burst of pure nostalgia. The aroma of the tea seemed to ‘waft’ me across the ocean towards Laoshan.

My wife and I were living in a pretty average apartment building in the city of Qingdao near Laoshan while I was conducting research on tea. Every morning before we went to teach classes on western literature and philosophy at Qingdao University, we would stop at a back alley restaurant set up outside with folding car tables and little plastic stools. There were lines down the block to get a bowl of their famous steaming homemade soymilk made from fresh picked soybeans grown on the mountains of Laoshan. This was not your average soymilk thickened with xanthan gum and artificially sweetened. No- this was pure frothed sweetness of soybean, full of hearty earthy flavor. You would pick up a basket (or plastic baggie for those on the go) of fried sticks of dough, hand stretched to order. In Qingdao, the wheat is good and fresh- so these fried “doughnuts” were some of the best. You would dip them in the steaming soymilk. The aroma of the milk, the sweet dough, and the ocean air heavy with morning mist is exactly that aroma that the tea evoked for me.

The flavor is strong and decisive, and very resilient to oversteeping. The rich, confident body of the tea reminds me of the temperament of my friends in Laoshan. The He family is kind beyond belief, but like many in Shandong province, proud, and unafraid to speak their mind. That is the tea I am drinking now.

Yet, just when I think I understand this new harvest, and its frothy sweet flavor, it shifts. There is a cooling and tingling quality like chewing fresh peppermint leaf and basil. It is as though the tea knew that it would be sipped in the summer and offered a cooling balm for the heat. Thank you Laoshan. Thank you Mr. and Mrs He. Even as I sit in Minneapolis, you have extended your hospitality, bringing me back to your home through the care you put into your tea.


Okay, even though I am a big Oolong drinker and as for greens I really enjoy Long Jing this one sounds very good.

David Duckler

Definitely worth a try. I actually thought that the body on this one had a thickness similar to Tieguanyin, which is why I recommended the Spring Tieguanyin as a related product on the page. It is a very different and very worthwhile side to green tea far from what Long Jing offers.


I could almost taste and smell the fried dough and fresh soy milk….and having lived where the ocean wind blows, your description makes me desire a cup of this tea in the morning sitting outside with my daughters homemade homeground bread.


Thank you so much David for bringing your customers closer to the source of this (I assume) spectacular tea!

I ♥ NewYorkCiTEA

I loved your story in this note. It makes me long to travel.

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1759 tasting notes

WOW I love this green! and for me to say that… well, that is big.
This is right up there with the Kiosque Dragonwell. Oddly though, Steepster has eaten both of my reviews, for both this and the Dragonwell. Odd!
SO this is definitely creamy, in a green way, not milky at all. Reminds me of creamed spinach. Only on my second steep, so will update with whatever emerges in #3!
Oh and I just made a cup of Golden Fleece for my boss. She said “It’s sooooo goood! I’m a fan!” Yay! This totally made my day :D
Anyhow, my head is spinning this month, I haven’t been sleeping well at all and I’m so busy trying to get my career straightened out that I feel my notes have been lacking. Sorry for venting here. I just needed to put this out there, anywhere…


Vent away! It makes posts interesting, and a bit more human. I like it when the person comes through.


aww thanks Camiah. I am so glad to have this place where I can talk about my life… the good and the bad :)

Autistic Goblin

a good vent makes everything feel better even when it’s not so vent away :D


Oh man, I just looked up Golden Fleece on Verdant’s website. I bet it was amazing. I’m going to have to stalk them to see if they can get more.


Helen: yup!! it really does. I feel a bit better about the job sitch already :)
Camiah- are you up for a swap? :)


I agree with Camiah… Sure I’m here for to learn about, read about tea, but to be honest, I stay for the personal stories! :D



It’s good to hear you like this one. My wife and I just finished the last pot of the early-summer Laoshan green tea from the 2011 harvest, and we both feel it was good to the last drop.


it really was wasn’t it?! yummm. I hope next year’s crop is just as tasty :)

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3294 tasting notes

I stumbled upon steepster almost a year ago. It was Labor Day weekend. Tony & I were talking about going to the London Tea Room (founded by a couple of chics from London that were nostalgic for a proper cup of english tea). I did a search on one of their teas, to see if they still had it on their menu, but the search led me to a review of that tea, written by our lovely Azzrian! I had never heard of steepster, & although I was drinking large quantities of tea every day & have for years, they were from a fairly small number of vendors. I had no idea there were online tea communities, & I was instantly in love love love!
Within a week I had placed my first order from Verdant, & it was more love love love. My tea collection, which seemed pretty large at 30 or so teas, has blossomed forth each month, as I continue to discover new (to me) companies, make friends with like minded tea freaks, participate in trades, joint purchases, TOMC, teaboxes, etc.

I received this sample in my first Verdant order, or maybe one of the first orders. I can’t believe I haven’t drank it yet! I had a couple of porcelain jars with lids that most of my samples end up in, & this one was in there (with 4 samples of Verdant’s flowering green jasmine…if anybody wants one, please let me know! I’ve already drank several).

Anyway, finally I’m drinking it! Even though it’s a year old, it was well preserved in its foil pouch & it is as tasty as ever. As far as Green teas are concerned, I don’t think anybody can compete with the amazing fresh flavor of these Laoshan greens.

We’re talking freshly steamed edamame…fresh creamy soymilk (I used to make my own), buttery green beans, fresh picked from the garden & steamed. The fresh green taste is so good, & in the 4th steeping my mouth took on a mintiness, a tingling sensation. I’ve now had my green tea for the day, & it’s also a sipdown! 340!


I love this post! Terri, that’s also how I discovered Steepster, by looking up a tea…when I realized that an actual tea community existed, entirely devoted to the experience of sharing knowledge and new discoveries, I was ecstatic ! Still am :-) I remember it felt like I had found a secret society almost, as if one needed special skills to become a member. Then I realized the only requirement is to be what we all are here: tea fanatics!
I’m on the spring Laoshan green at the moment, and this tea is everything you are describing, just beautiful…

Terri HarpLady

Yup! Now that I have steepster, & all my awesome friends here, I can’t imagine how I got by without it! LOL, it’s like a 12 step group, a group hug, an ongoing tea drinking convention/frenzy, & several other things, all rolled into one! :D


Harney actually used to have links to the Steepster pages of their teas on their website! That’s how I found Steepster.


That’s pretty cool. I found Steepster by doing searches for DavidsTea reviews while I was standing in their store. :P I’d been burned before and wanted to get something that was great!


I bought some tea in Canada on a cruise and didn’t know how to brew it so I googled information on the tea and found steepster!

Terri HarpLady

And here we all are! Yay!

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676 tasting notes

When I first tasted this tea it was called Laoshan Green.

This savory Green Tea changed my mind about Green Tea’s because I used to think Green Tea was a bit boring. (Some of you shudder)

I had never tasted a tea as savory or smelled wet leaves that had the aroma of roast chicken before this Laoshan Green Tea!

Today I was running around town…going to the bank, the pharmacy, the grocery… before New Years and more snow flurries.

At 3:30 pm, I had gone through my whole day without any TEA!
I stopped in at my tea shop to drop off some Pu-erh samples to a new shop employee, and found that the ‘guys’ were sampling 4 Oolongs and 4 Black Tea’s from Nepal.
They set all 8 bowls and leaves in front of me to sample. (I love the sweet Darjeeling-like flavors from Nepal) A few will end up on the Tea Wall for sale. (I should have taken a picture, it looked like I was on a tea binge at a BAR!)

When I returned home, cold (25 degrees) and hungry I made some Summer Laoshan Green Tea. (I had enough Black Tea to drown Nepal!)

This was such a savory tea…really a meal in a cup.
I get very creative thinking of how I can transform recipes using this tea. I can’t help myself! I’ve melted butter in some tea and drizzled it over squash. I’ve steeped it in cream. I’ve added a few drops of sesame oil and poured it over chicken.
Drinking the tea always comes first for inspiration of course. Then I cook something with it!

I know this is a revisit of a tea, something that I’ve reviewed before…but in the middle of a cold Winter night…a luscious green Summer Tea that’s savory like broth hits the spot!


I’m craving chicken soup now Bonnie!

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174 tasting notes

This is one of the best green teas I have ever had. It easily ranks up there in my top 5 favorite teas of all time. I have had the spring and autumn harvests, two autumn harvests (2011, 2012) now. I have to say that while Autumn made me like Laoshan greens, the spring made me appreciate them, Summer harvest made me love them.

It’s very rich and creamy for a green tea with a hint of salt. The vegetal notes are green beany, soy bean, edamame, not at all bitter and absolutely no astringency. It is naturally sweet and crisp and creamy and I know it sounds contradictory but it’s there…I tasted it and it was good!

I could drink this everyday, but I don’t want to lose my appreciation for it and take it for granted. I can typically get five really good steeps out of it. First steep is typically around 165* for about 30 seconds. After that about 175* for 30 seconds. Then I just up the steeping by a little bit, 45 seconds, then a minute, then a minute and 30 seconds. After that the flavor starts to get dull with a bite of bitterness to it. I need to try this gaiwan style!

175 °F / 79 °C 1 min, 15 sec

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98 tasting notes

I gaiwaned this today and forgot to take notes while steeping. I have to say though that it evolved very nicely and is still giving me flavor even after 3 hours of steeping. In all, it tastes very similar to a nice gunpowder green.

175 °F / 79 °C 0 min, 15 sec

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124 tasting notes

I’ve been saving my Verdant teas for a special occasion. I have been so busy, so unable to turn my mind off, I know I can’t appreciate them.
I decided to kind of take today off, after I fell asleep midday and kind of burned out. So tonight is a night to relax, watch the Daily Show, and drink this tea.
The leaves are adorable they are like something from a woodworker’s bench, little curls of tea, spiraling like wood planeings.
Brewed up for the first infusion, this smells refreshingly interesting. I’m not usually a fan of green teas, but I keep trying. This smells nice – a little bit buttery, a little floral, as if you could eat the creamy sweet scent of gardenias.
I’m picturing a summer porch where wisteria grows (I think there was a children’s book about a porch of wisteria that was guarded by a cat? I’m picturing the cover illustration here), in the summer. The porch rails are painted white but chipping off in places. The wisteria and the latticework cast mottled shadows in the creamy light. A wickerwork basket of green beans sits on a white wicker chair with a flowered cushion. A couple of small yellow flowers sit scattered upon the beans. The afternoon is redolent of half remembered snippets of hiding in gazebos and dreaming under bushes. Seriously. I’m getting a very defined synesthetic image from this.
The flavor was interesting. It was very vegetal, with an artichoke like back of throat feel. I honestly think I just don’t care for green tea that much. I found it nice but not very complex, certainly not living up to the aroma or some of the other Verdant teas I have tasted.
That said, I did make three infusions and enjoyed them, but I did find the flavor profile fairly one dimensional.

190 °F / 87 °C 0 min, 15 sec

I hear ya on the green tea. I have found about 3-4 that I like. Even those I won’t choose over non-green. Just not my thing I guess.

I love your synesthetic description!


I’m kinda with you on the green tea thing. While I don’t mind green tea, given the choice unless it’s a blended tea (and sometimes even then) I’ll very nearly always choose something else.


I guess I’m in the minority here – I love green tea, but it’s probably because it was the tea I was “started” on. My gateway tea if you will. I just don’t seem to love black, oolongs, and whites as much as green.

Your feelings about greens are probably how I feel about blacks. I’m meh about them unless they have flavorings.

Interesting that you didn’t like this tea as much. Seems everyone raves about verdant teas.


I think I rated this lower actually because I have had some great Verdant Teas. I have seriously sky high expectations of their teas now.

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318 tasting notes

This is my first tea from Verdant. Thanks Autumn Hearth for all of these wonderful sounding samples! There’s quite a bit more tea here than I expected, I feel like I should have sent more :) My room is currently drowning in teas, teawares, and packaging between my Mandala and YS orders and multiple swaps that all came within the past two days.

This tea is quite vegetal, which usually isn’t my thing, but wow! This tea is nice and refreshing with flavors of green bean, bok choy, fenugreek, and clover. It has a nice, creamy mouthfeel with a subtle honey sweetness. Great stuff!

This reminds me (quite a bit) of Adagio’s Mei Hua, but fresher and considerably better tasting. They look so similar and have pretty similar taste profiles, I wonder if they use the same processing technique? The Mei Hua is from Fuijian, which I looked up and found to be fairly close to Laoshan, but not especially so.

175 °F / 79 °C 0 min, 15 sec
Autumn Hearth

:) no no, you sent the perfect amount. I felt guilty myself when I felt how heavy the honey oolong and black pearls were and the white monkey is fluffy. I’m drowning in tea here as well! Mostly in varieties to try not ounces. Going to have to personally ban myself from swapping for some time because I’ve deceived myself into thinking I’m lessening my stash when really I’m adding to it of course!

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300 tasting notes

Oh these Laoshan harvests keep getting better and better! This is the milkiest, mintiest most decadent and refreshing incarnation of this tea I’ve tried. Though I think last year’s Autumn Harvest was more buttery, this one seriously rivals milk oolong. Whenever I feel ambivalent about green tea, Laoshan restores my faith. I’m learning to appreciate it more and more and so enjoy reading the tasting and background notes David provides. It makes drinking this all the more rewarding. I have enjoyed three infusions of this today taking breaks to cook and entertain the toddler. Also though I have never had the pleasure of trying green bean ice cream, I can totally see that in this. Yum!

175 °F / 79 °C 0 min, 15 sec

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