Glitter & Gold

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Black Fruit Blend
Black Tea, Cloves, Lemon Peel, Sugar, Sugar Sprinkles
Butter, Cinnamon, Cloves, Brown Sugar, Cardamon, Malt, Spices, Spicy, Sugarcane, Sweet, Tannin, Citrus, Clove, Dark Wood, Cream, Marshmallow, Molasses, Vanilla, Orange Zest, Earth, Sugar, Lemon Zest, Citrusy, Lemon, Oats, Pastries, Nutty, Tea, Caramel, Creamy, Milk, Smooth, Orange, Smoke, Astringent, Floral, Chocolate
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205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec 3 g 22 oz / 662 ml

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  • “I’ve definitely changed my opinion a bit that this tea and Pumpkin Chai are super similar, but they are still closely related, IMO. Love the sparkles in this one, even though I don’t much get to...” Read full tasting note
  • “I’m going to allow myself a break in the midst of an otherwise fairly chaotic week. This has been an incredibly stressful week, and I feel very close to being at the end of my tether. The exam is...” Read full tasting note
  • “So long sample. Now to work on my tin of this tea. Today’s cup is tastier than the last I had. It is sweet with a hint of orange. Very pleasant indeed.” Read full tasting note
  • “SIPDOWN! had this tasty little treat to finish off with dinner. Still not a fan of david’s tea but this one is alright by me. Nice to finally get through my 12 days of christmas teas…well except...” Read full tasting note


Twinkle, twinkle

This deep dark Chinese tea is like a gorgeous starry night, glimmering with gold and silver sugar crystals that shimmer as they steep. Take a sip and the slow suggestion of cinnamon will warm your body. Your toes will tingle and your mind will turn to fireworks, falling stars, late-night seduction. It’s basically magic. (Is it getting hot in here, or is it just the tea?)

Ingredients: Black tea, lemon peel, sugar sprinkles (sugar, rice flour, partly hydrogenated canola oil, shellac, titanium oxide, iron oxide, potato starch), sugar, cloves, natural and artificial flavouring.

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466 Tasting Notes

1258 tasting notes


Now for this tea to glitter like mad, use a glass tea top without an infuser. Magic!


I like the addition of the video!

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230 tasting notes

So much better as a latte!

Something of an “emancipation” latte – I had this when I realised it was time to move on.

I remember the first time I had this tea I was upset at how strong it was (the guy behind the counter put two scoops into my t-sak) this time as a latte it was perfect. Danielle knows what she is doing.


Which location is Danielle at? Hillside or downtown?


She is usually downtown… . I ♥ her BIG TIME!


Is she the one with dreads or the geeky glasses? I see them the most, though I have seen a few others. There was one girl there that was amazing…she started at Hillside and then went downtown. I don’t know anyone’s names there though.


Danielle is the British lady, Skyla has the dreads and there’s two girls with glasses, either Bre or Emily. And Danielle is the manager of Johnson Street so you should see her only there :)


Gotcha! I think I know who you mean, though I haven’t seen her there the last few times I have been in. I’ll keep an eye out for her next time I am there.


I love the girl with dreads! She was the first person I talked to the first time I went to DAVIDs and she was so helpful!! I was hooked!!


They are all really good! Both locations!

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882 tasting notes

Finished this off tonight! WOOOOOOT Honestly, I’m kind of happy it’s gone. It’s been here far too long and I needed the tin for something else. The flavor is just ok to me now but my boyfriend loves it. Vanilla, cinnamon, and sugar. Lots of sugar it seems. I liked it but it won’t be missed.

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283 tasting notes

A lot of people like this… Except for me. It’s my second and last attempt. I will have to gift some of it. My partner likes it but she doesn’t drink a whole lot of tea. I will keep some back and my partner’s mother would like a little.

It’s just too much spice in here for me. I like chais, I really do, so I don’t understand why I am not enjoying this. There’s a bitterness from the cloves. Maybe I just don’t like cloves. I sugared it and put whipped cream on top too (yah, really). Too clove-y. Blech.

Changed the rating. I don’t know what I was thinking when I rated the first time at 74. No way


I keep seeing different people review this, and they all seem to have the same opinion: it’s sparkly but not good. I don’t know if it’s one I would try, but I’m curious to see what it looks like.


it’s david’s tea so you can always pick up 10g to sample it if you’re anywhere near an actual store heh


it’s not even that sparkly. I imagined really glittery stuff but you only notice this if you look at it carefully.

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576 tasting notes

Day 5 of 12 Teas of Christmas exchange

I can’t get over how YUMMY this tea smells dry! I can tell this will be an instant fave… or I hope so.

While steeping the aroma is that same spicy and vanilla smell. It reminds me of Christmas in a cup. I love the gorgeous gold balls too.

The taste is a real treat for my tastebuds! Spicy vanilla with a hint of sweetness. Within one sip this has become a fave spicy tea.


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1473 tasting notes

And so my weekend as a tea pimp comes to an end. My brother left with three big DavidsTea shopping bags full of tea, and about half of it came from my stash XD. It was a quick trip, but a good time was had by all and I just got the report that they made it over the border with no problems (we seriously thought he may have had more than the 4 kilo limit). We came up on Saturday and they left at 2 today (Monday). In that time, we visited six tea shops, four of them being Davids’.

Today we headed out to Davids, my local Davids. Once again we got stuck with one of the seasonal hires. We were told they were out of spearmint (which we spotted on the shelf a few minutes later), that the holiday Space Invader tin was $19.50 (we checked online, it’s $4.50), and that another DavidsTea location had the blue/dove grey tea for one set we wanted (the girl who ‘helped’ us called the other store and told us they had it. When we got to the other store, the person who talked to her said that they had said the only tea for one sets they had were the white and red new ones). So…suffice to say I was less than impressed. Kinda pissed off actually, since my brother was in from out of the country and the tea for one was for him. She was very pushy and he said she reminded him of the people who work at Teavana, if that’s any indication. If you’re going to work in a tea shop, please, know about teas and tea accessories?

I was dying for a cup of tea, so I ordered this one, mainly just to show my brother and his fiancee the awesomeness that is Glitter and Gold…so pretty! I forgot about it until it was cold and it was very tasty! I very much enjoyed this one. I hope they will too. The cinnamon is nice, but not overwhelming, and the black tea base is a treat. I recommend this one to everyone!

Edited to add: Spoke with DavidsTea and they were horrified. They managed to hunt down one of the tea for one sets, and they’re sending it to my brother. The mark of a good company isn’t that they never mess up, because no one is perfect. It’s how they handle the mess-ups and I have to say, DavidsTea has some of the best customer service I’ve ever seen.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

Abysmal! I HATE bad service. I’m sure if you posted something about this on the DT facebook page, they would find out what happened with this chic and somehow help you out, because they seem to take customer service pretty seriously. Just sayin’!


PS – She definitely thought you were talking about the perfect mug when you asked about the space invader tin. Not that this is an excuse.


Well, the tins were in with the new tea for one sets, but seriously? It’s just logic. I picked up the tin, asked how much it was, and she looked at the shelf and said 19.50. Erm…no? I mean, I had the tin in hand. If she didn’t know, she could have scanned it or asked. 19.50 for a tin simply doesn’t make sense, they never mark their prices up that high.


awful!! you should have challenged her on the spot :P


lol it was so completely not worth it. Blegh.


Just got the tea for one and 60g each of Chocolate Rocket and Black Walnut. All free, amazing company!


I was horrified when I read your original post, because I’ve always had such wonderful experiences at Davids! One (of the many) reasons I’ve strayed from Teavana is that it’s so off-putting to me how aggressive the salespeople are there. I know they have many sales-incentives for them, but it’s no excuse for how pushy (and sometimes rude) they are. I often feel like they assume I’m not an informed shopper and try to take advantage, and it infuriates me. I’m so happy to hear that they made such an unfortunate situation right!


They set it right amazingly fast. There was absolutely no sense of irritation on their part or disbelief, just an immediate apology and awesome packages sent to both me and my brother. I cannot say enough good things about DavidsTea!

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773 tasting notes

so yeah, i’ve kinda been absent lately.
the seasonal affective depression thing has kicked in, and marathon training is a struggle and a time suck (though good when it’s good!), and i’ve been escaping by reading too much fanfic and slash, and i’ve also been trying to cut down on my caffeine (gasp!).
no more than 3 cups a day. and only in the morning. but i used to just drink it whenever i wanted and it was heavenly.

but now i’m trying to come back, and i’m excited about the new david’s teas spring collection. and the eventual turn of the clocks. and maybe even being able to leave the house wearing only 1 hoodie instead of 2.
and i swear i’m gonna send Courtney that box of tea samples this week! at least i feel like it might happen this week…

i’m surprised this tea didn’t stand out the first time i tried it.
it’s touchingly subtle, and yet brave at the same time.
super balanced.
a mellow sugar and clove sipper. and it smells like no other tea i’ve had yet.
the sparkles are a gimmick, and if the tea wasn’t unique they wouldn’t matter,
but because this tea DOES feel like somewhat of a special loner to me, the glitter just makes it that much more romantic.

i’m gonna save my last cup worth to have on Xmas day as i watch Doctor Who (after a cuppa weeping angel of course).


Haha! I’m waiting patiently, no worries :)


I didn’t sleep last night due to fanfic, though there was sadly no slash (at least not yet, it’s an unfinished fic). HP/Avengers.


haha omg starfevre! i know what you mean. it’s so hard to go to bed when there is so much wonderful fic to read! just one more story. just one more hour. just just just. (my sister is my curator so i never have to read bad fic, which i am lucky to have, because bad fic makes me the saddest person ever and reading it hurts my soul.)


Ah yes, badfic. When I’m in a ‘searching for new fanfic’ mode, I end up reading a lot of badfic usually. There was a particularly scarring mpreg with no warnings that I read last week. Just all kinds of not good.


bwahahahah ikr! hilarious. blerg.


Ahh yes. When authors don’t warn for mpreg or major character death. :)


Oh wow. :P I haven’t spent enough time on AO3 so I didn’t know what mpreg is but google showed me. DNW!!! /0\


haha surprise!


I’m more bothered by unannounced major character death. I’ve stopped reading actual book novels right in the middle because someone I liked died. I can never pick up the book again. Bothers me tremendously. Mpreg is just briefly mentally scarring. I did it again last night though, slept only 4 hours due to HP/LOTR


is that your current pairing? a crossover?
i’m all about thilbo, or baggenshield, or whatever weirdo smushed up combo word for Thorin and Bilbo there is now. and yes i stay up waaaay toooo laaate
(also my goodness do i wish there was some decent Green Arrow stuff though!!)


It was a crossover. On (hangs head in shame). In my defense I only read the stories with over 500 reviews…


naw that’s the way to do it :) helps weed out the …weeds.
my sister has taught me much :)


Starfevre, I totally hear you about novels and characters dying. I mean, ghost stories where you expect it are one thing (oi, paranormal romances!), but surprise!death in an otherwise amazing story sucks.

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6770 tasting notes

Daisy Chubb sent me a bit of this and I’m AMAZED!!!! This really DOES shimmer, sparkle, glow! The sparkles swim and dance in the cup. It’s sugary-sweet and the cinnamon is nicely done, too! This is more than a tea…this is an experience. It’s like Goldshlauger but in tea form.


Woohoo-Goldschlager-inspired tea! :)

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2815 tasting notes

This tea came as a sample from Indigobloom – thanks so much!

The dry leaf is indeed very pretty with the shimmers of gold. After I smelled it, this definitely seems like a holiday tea but I’m having it as my after lunch tea anyway. :)

Steeped for 5 minutes via regular teapot method. There is something VERY strong in this tea that reminds me of Harney and Sons hot cinnamon spice. I think it must be the clove element, it’s actually kind of numbing my tongue. There does seem to be a lot of cinnamon too. I guess I’m really not one for cloves in tea for some reason. I don’t know if I can finish this… it’s too spicy for me. I tried adding some soymilk and it was still too strong — but thank you for the sample!

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

eeep! sorry to hear it wasn’t for you.
Do you have a piao? my fave thing about it is that it sparkles as it brews.


I used to have a glass teapot but I broke that one. :(

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514 tasting notes

Drinking my resteep – you know that song feels just like I’m walkin’ on broken glass (Marry me Annie Lennox!) that’s how my feet feel after 2 10 hour days. So! To celebrate coming home, I had a bath (duh) and am drinking a resteeped pot from this morning! Yum!

I feel like this tea is juuuust right. :)

If you visit my blog post it has all the individual art work from the tea swap packages! :D


Wow. This tea swap looks pretty crazy. I can’t imagine all the work everyone put into it so far. :) It’s fun reading along.


It’s pretty exciting! I love having tea chosen for me instead of picking it myself, I wish it could happen like that all the time haha! <3


Yes I agree. This is soooo much fun. I love having something to open everyday. This makes me feel like a kid again.

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