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51 Tasting Notes

drank Graveyard Mist by 52teas
51 tasting notes

This was my tea for Halloween, shared with my friend. Upon opening my package, the taste and smell of the tea was completely different compared to my previous sample of it. But it was good anyway! This time it smelled and tasted like bubblegum instead of marshmallows. But it was perfect for Halloween which was really good this year.
I was Fever Ray / a Nature Spirit. http://instagr.am/p/Rd7OtLrPBK/
If only more days could be like Halloween.


Neat idea for Halloween! Love the picture.


Thanks :)


I agree! There should be more days like Halloween :D

Ruby Woo Scarlett

Hear hear! Also, nice costume. And I like the sound of this tea :)


Yeah how rude that Halloween is only one night of the year. I love the music, the pumpkins, the decorations, the darkness and magic of it, it should be a week long!

Thanks Ruby! Another thing about this tea is that I can’t believe its sencha green, because I dont normally like sencha. I could drink this every day!

Ruby Woo Scarlett

I’ve never tried sencha but I shall certainly keep this one in mind for when I feel adventurous :)

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I’d like to thank DAVIDsTEA for creating this blend. Yes this is from Teavana but apparently its the same exact tea as Forever nuts. I’ve never had Forever Nuts and I guess I can say now I have!

Brewed this yesterday in my new cast iron green teapot that my boyfriend got me for our 8th anniversary yesterday, I LOVE it. http://instagr.am/p/RN18MMLPLV/ have to take better pic soon.
The tea is pretty and pink and of course we had to add some almond milk for fun. The smell of the tea is so sweet and I just couldn’t place what it reminded me of. He kept saying cinnamon toast crunch, which has to be my all time favorite cereal, but I wasn’t so sure that the tea smelled like it. Perhaps because it was hot…

Anyway we drank it and it tasted like happiness and it will remind me of our awesome day together. :)

EDIT: So after getting home and sniffing the leftover tea from yesterday, and now that its cooled, it does smell like CINNAMON TOAST CRUNCH! I am in love.


That is a pretty tea pot!


:) I love the pour on it! no dripping like my other tea pots.


That pot is gorgeous. Where is it from?


Its from worldmarket.com :)

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Firstly, I ordered samples a while ago and I think this one has been discontinued since then.
I was really excited to try this tea but was wary after smelling it, because the smell was nothing like smores. Reminds me of my disappointment with DT’s Toasted Marshmallow.

The taste of this tea immediately reminded me of sweet potatoes, but not in a good way. I just didn’t like it. :(
What I did enjoy about this tea was the pretty orange color. http://instagram.com/p/Q5xp9YLPB6/

I honestly haven’t had much luck with the rest of my samples other than Whisper of the Woods but I have not given up on Whispering Pines! Hopefully I will try more of their teas in the future.


How long did you steep it for? This one benefits from a REALLY long (like 20 minutes long) steep to bring out the toasty flavor.


I steeped it for 10 minutes like the bag said. I’ll have to try a longer brew next time, thanks!

Whispering Pines Tea Company

So strange! Seems that this tea either tastes like melting marshmallows over graham crackers or something really weird like potatoes or tomato juice…wonder why…

Thanks for jot giving up hope! What else have you tried?


I know! its so weird how we all have different reactions to the same ingredients.
I’ve also tried Glen Arbor Breakfast and Blackburnian and was just hoping they’d be stronger.. I guess I like strong tea.
I’m thinking about the Blackmint and Manistee Moonrise to try at some point. :)

Whispering Pines Tea Company

As per your comment, a lot of 2-3 different bold tea blends are at the top of the project list. :) Expect them to be available by the beginning-middle of November.


Ooh excited to hear that, looking forward to it!

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This was the first tea I tried from my generous samples from Nature’s Tea Leaf, thank you so much!
I love brewing this one in a glass pot, to see the flowers unfurl and swirl around when I pour a cup. It has definitely been the prettiest tea that I have ever brewed but unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy the taste.
A friend I was brewing it with said it tastes like stale funky mint, or soapy potpourri and I’d have to agree. The taste is mild, thankfully, but just isn’t good I’m sorry to say. I would love to have this brewing in my glass pot as a center piece during a tea party while using my other tea pots for brewing other tea. Maybe someone else will like it as I tend to be rather picky with floral, herbal, or puerh types.

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Thank you momo for this sample! It smells good but I learned from Adagio that I just don’t like ceylon types. I like the story behind this tea with the monks and all but I couldn’t finish my cup. My taste buds just don’t agree with it. My boyfriend on the other hand liked it and said it was smooth, citrusy, and light.

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drank Paris by Harney & Sons
51 tasting notes

This was a sample from momo’s awesome tin of teas she brought me when visiting, so nice of her, thank you again Amanda! :)
I’ve been wanting to try this tea for a long while but have been scared of the mentioned bergamot as I just can’t get over the soapyness of earl greys.
The dry leaf of Paris smells very pleasant, yummy, and welcoming. 
Brewed it’s smelling a little bergamonty which worries me… but surprisingly doesn’t taste like it at all! I added a little sugar and yes, I like this! 
The word sophisticated immediately comes to my mind when describing this tea. 
It tastes a little fruity, a tad lemony, and has a perfectly smooth and lovely black base. I’m sure there is more going on taste-wise but I need more cups to discover it fully. It is very very good. It is definitely the best fruity black tea I have ever had. Will certainly get a tin of this at some point. 


I am reading the reviews for this tea and Florence as well since yesterday and you convinced me to add it to my shopping list !


Oh that’s awesome! I hope you like it.


Those two are my favorites of Harney’s “City” blends! Good choice :)

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Thank you momo for this sample.
This smells awesome. The taste is not so awesome. It is mellow which is nice, but its just lacking too much. Shame too because I love the name of this one. What I don’t understand though is where do these tea companies come up with these names? How did an Enchanted Forest come up at all during the creation of this tea? It is pretty, maybe thats why.


Joy’s Teaspoon has this and I THINK maybe uptons … anyway the one from Joys was good so maybe they all source from the same place then tweak them a little?


oh really? that’s not very creative is it :/

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This was from the traveling tea box and I was excited to see it because I’ve been curious about it. I’ve been making my own breakfast-like maple blend, so I had to see if this was better.
Had a cup of it this morning and I definitely enjoy my own “black maple” tea infinitely better than this one. I didn’t get much flavor out of the cup and had to add a good amount of honey for it to taste ok.
I’m very happy to have tried it though and now I appreciate my own blend even more. Thank you momo!

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This was a sample from the traveling tea box that momo started in the US which came to me all the way from Israel.
The scent of this tea is very tasty! Is it the saffron? I have never heard of a tea with saffron before, so it is very interesting.
I found the tea enjoyable, and drank my cup pretty quickly. I used my special jade green Rishi cup for brewing it, a cup I only use for green teas.
I did a google maps search of where the tea box came from in Israel and looked at photos of the place while drinking the tea and saw some pretty shots taken there. I took out my pro camera gear to take the photo of this tea. Thank you ssajami for sharing this unique tea!

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drank Indian Summer by DAVIDsTEA
51 tasting notes

This is the second tea I am trying from the Fall Collection.
The title is more fitting to where I live.
I was blown away upon opening this package. The scent is incredible! Like some kind of candy… it took me a while to place what it reminded me of until I got it..
Fruit Roll Up!! It is a spot on Fruit Roll Up tea! Such a delicious memory for me. Brewed up it smells a little bit like pez.
Upon drinking it I still get the fruitrollup, but much more subdued. I imagine sugar would kick this thing right out there.
I had such a crappy week and the happy scent of this alone really helps. Drinking it doesn’t give me the same effect but I would probably buy more just to sniff it.

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