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I went down to Boston for a couple concerts last weekend (One Direction because I’m one of those unapologetic pop music fans) and found this at a Whole Foods in Milford. I snagged the variety box and I’m absolutely in love with these teas. This one has been my favourite so far. At some point I’m going to do a real review of them, but for now I’ll just say that they’ve been very yummy.

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I have had one of Those days. I spent an extra four hours at work even though I was dead tired from shooting a concert the night before (and my shift started at 6 am which meant being up 4:45. Yuck.) and nursing a headcold. And now I’m home with a lot of photos to edit. So yes, I need a treat.

This is a light, buttery blend. I’m not going to lie, it might be a little too light for me. I’ll have to steep this a little longer next time. I am getting the scotch taste that I’m sure could be brought out more with a longer steep. It provides a nice contrast to the buttery flavour. And I’m also picking up some of the sweet caramel notes once every few sips.


Ugh. I hope you can get some rest soon.


thank you! I figure I have about an hour or so of editing/publishing then I’m crawling into bed.


Sounds like a plan!

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drank Cool Cucumber by DAVIDsTEA
102 tasting notes

I had my first cup of this yesterday evening, but I was on a good amount of cold medicine and didn’t feel coherent enough to log it.

Yesterday I thought this was mind-blowing, but that’s probably had to do with the meds. I do like this though. I love veggie-based blends and this was a refreshing cup of tea. I’m on my second steep of it and it resteeps really well. A lot of people have commented on its minty scent and taste, but apparently there isn’t actually any in the tea itself which I find really neat actually. Mint can be a bit of a turn off for me but in this sense, I quite like it. It doesn’t overpower the other flavours and just kind of chills out in the background.

Another thing I’m not the biggest fan of but was pleasantly surprised by was the melon. The sweet juiciness paired well with the vegetal flavour of the cucumber and I think it rounded out the tea quite well. I can’t decide if this is a tea I’d restock, but I’m definitely going to enjoy the rest of the pouch.


I had a similar experience. Was pleasantly surprised by it and loved it the first time thinking I should get more for sure, and a couple more cups when I got to the end of my 10g, I was already like huh, maaaaybe I’ll get more.

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drank Blue Lagoon by DAVIDsTEA
102 tasting notes

So I brewed it hot, had a few sips and then became a cleaning machine for about 40 mins. I just sat down to browse Twitter and Tumblr, then remembered my cup. This is amazing cold. So naturally sweet and just the perfect amount of tart (which, for me, is hardly any because I’m a big baby). Someone mentioned in their review that this would make a good cocktail and they are very right.

I haven’t been one for fruity teas lately, but this has definitely changed my mind.


Yes! I can’t wait to try it!


Me neither!

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drank Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake by 52teas
102 tasting notes

Okay Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake, up until now we’ve had a rocky relationship. I am determined to like you and you just wanna be a spicy, clove-y tea for me. And clearly I’m the problem since all of the other reviews mention all of the pumpkin/caramel/cheesecake flavours they get. So it appears that my taste buds need to get it together.

This time I’m trying it with some lactose-free dairy thing that my Mum’s been telling me to try and a buttload of vanilla agave. This time the tea’s much sweeter and creamier and I’m getting a small hint of pumpkin spice. But I still feel like I could get it to be better. Sigh.

I feel like everyone’s reviews of this are so eloquent and nice and I just pop in like a mad scientist who’s trying to get the “perfect brew”. So in other words, I feel like Belle’s father in Beauty and the Beast.

Everyone: oh I loved the caramel/pumpkin/cheesecake flavours!
Me: http://cdn.buzznet.com/assets/users16/pattygopez/default/21-best-tv-movie-dads—large-msg-130808168094.jpg BUT HOW?

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drank Laoshan Black by Verdant Tea
102 tasting notes

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drank Citron Oolong by DAVIDsTEA
102 tasting notes

I couldn’t figure out what was it that drove me to get a pouch of this when I was at a DavidsTea store. I think I chalked it up to it being my preference for oolongs. But after looking at it’s ingredients I figured out that it was because of the jasmine in it. I have been crazy for jasmine lately and I’m always looking to add more teas that feature it to my collection.

Anyway, I like this one. The lemon adds a refreshing kick to it and the jasmine is quite soothing. This would make a fabulous “sick day” tea.

And now to continue my hunt for a sweet potato tea. I’m super cranky that Adagio discontinued theirs especially since Cara’s Bilbo blend looked SO delicious. But I think Lupicia has one so I may order that. If anyone knows of any others, feel free to suggest them.

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I’m not the biggest fan of rose in tea, but I’m absolutely in love with this. My newest tea cupboard staple.

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I’m a queer lady in my late twenties who loves cats, comic books, travel, and photography. I fell in love with tea in late 2011. My “tea corner” is now threatening to overthrow the kitchen! I’m the worst at writing so I’m sorry about the babbling messes my reviews will most likely be.

DAVIDsTEA was my first introduction to loose leaf tea and I’ve remained pretty loyal to them (especially since they’re a Canadian company so their shipping price isn’t ridiculous and delivery is speedy!) I’ve recently ventured into teas by 52teas, Della Terra Teas and the Metropolitan Tea Company.

The first teas I really enjoyed were dessert ones (and I still overloaded them with sugar, blech!). I still like them but now I’m trying to get into less-sugary teas. I loooooove me a good genmaicha and have a weakness for most oolongs.


New Brunswick, Canada

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