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drank L'Abricot by Fauchon
1105 tasting notes

This was a very refreshing black tea, the apricot was sweet and not overly artificial. The peach didn’t overwhelm the flavour of it which sometimes happens.

I also cold brewed the leaves which left the flavour pretty subtle but was still enjoyable.

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GCTTB5 box#2

This is delicious, it is a creamy buttery oolong with notes of caramel. It is very smooth and slightly sweet.

The package states that it is aging so I can only imagine how delicious it is when it is fresh! If I ever put in an order here, this would definitely be on the list!

The resteep was enjoyable, with less creamy caramel.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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Cold Brew Sipdown (134)!

Thank you VariaTea for the sample! This has been on and off my wishlist for such a long time…

I think the flavour of this is absolutely divine! Without getting into too much detail, it reminds me of a perfectly baked sugar cooking with the lightest, most airy/fluffy lemon icing on top. It’s perfect, and simple and the flavours are show cased so damn well! At the same time, as I drank it, I had the most striking sense of flavour deja vu and it’s killing me because I know I definitely have not had this tea before and I cannot for the life of myself place what tea I’m being reminded of.

Really want to get my hands on more of this.

Flavors: Butter, Cookie, Cream, Frosting, Lemon, Vanilla


it’s a good one :)


…and onto the wishlist it goes! Sounds fab. :)


Maybe Butiki’s lemon macaron?


Once I noticed you never had this I was like I MUST share this one! So glad you liked it :)

Roswell Strange

@Kaylee I thought that might be it, but no revisited that one afterwards and it’s definitely not what I was thinking of.

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drank L'Anniversaire by Fauchon
117 tasting notes

Creamy, raspberry, mint! Not necessarily a cake vibe from this tea, but the flavour combination was delicious! I would love to have been able to try this cold brewed, but I only had a small sample. Give this one a go; it’s a winner.


Flavors: Creamy, Mint, Raspberry

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drank Peche et Thyme by Fauchon
2194 tasting notes

Hello tea people!

Made this iced today. About 450g ice, 450ml hot water, 2 tbsp tea, 1 tbsp honey.

Too much honey, but whatever. It’s a good combination with the thyme.

And I must say that this is really THYME. I like it, but I wouldn’t get it again…

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drank Peach & Thyme by Fauchon
282 tasting notes

This is a very old sample (so old I no longer remember who sent it to me), and I can tell it’s the worse for it. There’s a lovely, smooth base, but beyond that I’m getting only whispers of peach. It seems like a delicate, natural peach, rather than the gummy candy sort of peach flavor you find more often in flavored teas. I’m not getting any thyme, which ruins the effect somewhat, but even in its diminished state I’m still finding this makes an enjoyable cup. I can only imagine it’s much better fresh, so I’m rating it partly for potential.

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Sipdown (114)!

Sample comes from Kittenna.

- Really lovely, interesting tea…
- Sweet, creamy and buttery caramel notes
- Alongside nut, floral, lightly vegetal, mineral, & peachy base
- Sort of DOES have a “salty” finish; but lightly so
- Very smooth overall!
- Really just genuinely lovely

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While the dry leaf smells peachy, the thyme definitely comes out more to play in the brewed tea.

However, as it got colder in my cup (I let it sit for too long), the thyme flavour became all wonky. It paired up with the peach flavour in a weird way to taste musty and artificial. I’ve never had Fauchon teas, but I’ve heard very good things about them, so I’m just going to assume that I’m some sort of uncultured boor who can’t grok the delicacy of refined French things.


This tea is definitely weird. I do love it iced with a little honey though.


This is a very bizarre tea. Don’t judge Fauchon on this puppy. It’s kinda like those savory rosemary shortbread cookies, or savory fruit chutneys; some people love them and some hate them, but above all they require balance. I agree with iced as the best balance between the two flavors and the base. Really upping the intensity helps this tea out a lot.

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Not bad. Just… not enough mandarin orange to go with the nuttiness. This might be due to age, though.

Thank you, MissB. :)

Edit: Needless to say I didn’t make it to the mall. Might go to a local store though, since the rain seems to have let up a bit maybe. I might go to the mall tomorrow morning…

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Hmmm…. not bad. Fairly hazelnutty, but not like the coffee syrup. More like the cookies my mom used to make out of the hazelnuts we gathered from the back yard.

I do like this, but it’s not an absolute favourite.

I think it came from MissB…. thank you! :)

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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drank L'Anniversaire by Fauchon
22 tasting notes

Smell is a mix of mint and berry, which is actually less strange than it sounds. Predominant flavour is mint, but it’s not an in-your-face mint. It’s quite mild (which I really like, mint is something I prefer in small doses) and shows up as a bit of a cooling sensation more than anything.

This is a creamy tea, and I mean that in the usual sense, but on top of that, the cooling from the mint gives an impression almost like actual cold cream despite being a hot drink. There is a floral hint to it, and some of the berry flavour comes in after the tea has cooled down a bit, but to me this is really a cream/creamy mint tea.

I don’t really get any kind of cakiness or association with birthday cake (who’s ever heard of a mint birthday cake?), but this blend does feel a bit like an upscale Santa’s Secret, and my birthday is close-ish to the holidays, so whatever, I’ll take it.

Much thanks to MissB for a whole tin of this! I’m really happy to have this as a part of my cupboard!

4 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

Woohoo! I’m so glad you have it and appreciate it. I was worried you might not… your taste in tea is much more refined than mine! :)


Refined! You didn’t have anything to worry about, I’m still a baby tea nerd.

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drank L'Anniversaire by Fauchon
1 tasting notes

What a lovely, dainty black tea! I also was lucky to sample L’Anniversaire courtesy of MissB. If I didn’t know which ingredients were in the tea, I wouldn’t have been able to single out the mint, let alone anything else including the rose petals (and I love rose petals). Keep in mind, I sweetened it with stevia which obviously affects the flavor. Delicate, creamy, fruity and well-blended, this would make for an elegant choice for a social get together.

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First off, I’m an arse – I just got this in a swap, and yet I oversteeped it. Of course. Because that’s my way! So, uh, 12 minutes.

Shockingly, it’s really really yummy. It smells a bit like plum pudding or fruit cake. I don’t get much out of the flavor other than an interesting, plummy-type of dryness.. again… I messed this up. Thank goodness there’s another good mug-full of tea to play with.

Thank you shezza, for so surreptitiously sharing some of this with me in LOOK Tea yesterday.

EDIT: What? caramel, pineapple, sweet orange, and maraschino… um… okay I get the orange (fruitcake, that’s what I identified it as) and marasschino (same thing), and possibly pineapple… but caramel? No. Well, maybe. Well… darn it, I so wish I hadn’t oversteeped this.

Flavors: Drying, Plums, Tart

Boiling 8 min or more 2 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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drank Peach & Thyme by Fauchon
2044 tasting notes

Thanks for this one, Stephanie! In a lovely pink tin and all. :D I’m always looking for a nice peachy flavored tea. I didn’t see too many peach pieces actually in the blend, but it tastes like peach anyway. I do wish it would taste like peach slightly more, but I’m glad that it doesn’t taste like that fakey peach. I’ve had some pretty gross peach teas though, so that bar might be impossibly low. There is also a savory element with the thyme and it’s making it taste a little like pine to me, but in an interesting way. The black tea itself is tasty enough and pairs with the flavors. I like it with two teaspoons! I bet this would be awesome iced.
Steep #1 // 2 teaspoons for a full mug// 7 minutes after boiling // 3 minute steep
Steep #2 // couple minutes after boiling // 3-4 minute steep


Yay it has found a home!


Yeah I wasn’t drinking it and afraid it was going to go bad Marzipan :(

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Thanks again for the lovely package of teas, Stephanie! I’m finished with teas to review, so I should be trying more of the teas you sent more often. :D This oolong looks much darker than a jade green, more roasted than the usual green oolong. I also see occasional tangerine piece or almond in this pretty tin. The tangerine flavor is definitely there through the steeps — a tasty sweet tangerine. I was hoping there was more almond. The oolong itself seems buttery, not as roasty as I was expecting, possibly fruity to blend in with the tangerine. The second steep is even better — very thirst quenching. The third steeps loses a bit of the tastiness of the second steep. I don’t think I overleafed at all! I really like this one – just more almond would have been amazing.
Steep #1 // 2 teaspoons for a full mug// 15 minutes after boiling // 2 minute steep
Steep #2 // few minutes after boiling // 3 minute steep
Steep #3 // just boiled // 2-3 min

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posted initially under the wrong listing

Caramel. Ooolong. Heaven.
The pairing of flavours leaves a lovely fresh mineral note and something akin to apples, but more like a spritz of apple than a mouthful. The caramel aftertaste is lovely, I am in serious lust!!!
Thank you MissB for sharing!

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Wrong listing, reposted under the correct one!

Caramel. Ooolong. Heaven.
The pairing of flavours leaves a lovely fresh mineral note and something akin to apples, but more like a spritz of apple than a mouthful. The caramel aftertaste is lovely, I am in serious lust!!!
Thank you MissB for sharing.


Oh! haha I should have thought about the French translation…

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drank La Mangue by Fauchon
1441 tasting notes

Oh Fauchon, why can’t I find you at Winners. I missed you when you were first reported to be there, thanks to my hectic schedule which prevented me from making a trip and snagging some teas. They were gone by the time I got over there. Winners/TJMaxx carried them coming two years now? They need to bring them back!

MissB was super duper kind to pass some of this down to me in the grab bag. The mango notes are incredibly subtle here, but I don’t know if it has always been like that or if it has to do with age. It’s also halfway between mango and peach. Not a clear mango.

In regards to the base, I am picking up on a slight smokiness that I get in some of Nina’s teas. Remember, I have an incredibly sensitive palate when it comes to any smokiness whatsoever. I’m by no means talking about Lapsang-level smoke, but rather the slightest undertone. Even so, I’m personally not a fan of that. The base also tastes on the dry side.

Ultimately, this would have been more my thing had they used a different base. But I can see some people being a fan of this.

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Looks like I acquired this tea courtesy of MissB – thanks!

It smells absolutely divine, like a creamy milk chocolate; the flavour is perhaps not quite as good, but at least it doesn’t taste fake! That’s always a plus in my books. It just seems to be missing some of the deliciousness of the aroma in the flavour. I might try brewing a few different ways to test it out (I wasn’t overly careful with it tonight). Either way, I appreciate the uniqueness of this tea.

Boiling 2 min, 15 sec

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Quite delicious. Had some more of this primarily because the bag was next to the teapot (did I tell Steepster I got a variable temp B&D kettle? If not, I did. It’s great. I love it. My favourite part is how it tells me the water temp as it cools, so I don’t have to guess as to whether I should reheat the water or just use it. It has a stay-warm function but that’s fairly unnecessary for me.)

Anyways, after that long preamble, I enjoyed this tea, not unexpectedly. I need to get around to trying the other one from Sil, but I’m not 100% sure where it is right now. I’ve been carting teas all about, and there are about 10 different places it could be….


It tells you the water temp while it cools? Wow that’s fancy!

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Um…. yes. Very yes. Maybe not quite as tasty as I was hoping, but it’s pretty darn good. Excited to compare it to the other version, which I believe Sil prefers.

Without being sweet, it is very… sweet, and full, and tastes rather like a salted caramel. The oolong base is not overly noticeable, though this would be a significantly different tea without it, I’m sure. I can see myself getting a bit tired of this though, because it is very rich. Definitely will have to treat it as a “treat” tea.

Thank you so much to Sil for passing this along, which was originally from MissB, I believe!

Boiling 2 min, 45 sec

it’s also a little “old” now at least as far as i treat oolongs lol


I don’t feel like it’s lost much. I just had a slightly different expectation. But it’s good.

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drank Peach & Thyme by Fauchon
2159 tasting notes

Not long ago my eldest daughter mentioned the trend toward adding savory flavors in unexpected places. In steps this sample from Cameron B! I have had it for a while but a lot of my samples disappeared in a kitchen clean up and were found on a high shelf months later.

This was the second tea served at our tea time and was a really neat tea experience. We began the tea time with tea cookies made with fresh cardamom that had been rolled in ground sugar, which made it the perfect texture between fine granulated sugar and powdered sugar. The first tea had been Decaf Ceylon Orange Pekoe, a sturdy workhorse of a tea with classic pekoe flavor.

Then I sipped this and – WOW. So much thyme! Brothy tasting to me because of the savory herb, I still liked it. My youngest daughter said she still tasted a lot of peach but I did not. She believes it is because loves peaches and eats them so often that the taste is more apparent to her, which is likely true as I rarely eat peaches.

This isn’t something I would buy by the pound but it was a really neat tea to try and I enjoyed it. Thank you, CameronB!


I have this and every time I drink it, I want to work it into some sweet/savory scone!


Oh, that sounds like a great idea!


I need to use up some basil that’s going a little nuts in the back porch planter…what do you think that’d blend with? Lemon?


I blend tulsi with lavender, so I wonder if basil would go well with it? Try it with some different teas and add lemon, too! Let us know what results you get!

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The dry leaf smells like that orange, tacky, peanut-shaped marshmallow-type, cheapo candy… Circus Peanuts! Yeah! Like a too sweet vitamin C chewable tablet and with a slight nutty wash to it.
The flavor is vaguely sweet, but mostly it tastes like a true hazelnut. Dust-flavored skin and all. The vague sweetness may in fact be coming from the mandarin flavor, but I will never know. It is about as orange flavored as generic Orange Pekoe, which is to say, a brighter flavored black tea.
Regardless, it reminds me of my beloved orange blossom earl grey from Twinings, and for that, I will gladly drink down the rest of my sample. Thanks, MissB!

Flavors: Hazelnut

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 6 OZ / 177 ML

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drank Raspberry Macaron by Fauchon
708 tasting notes

The first sips of this cup were almost unbearable! It was super strong and had a bitter edge to it, even with cream which usually mellows it out. The next few sips were better, but almost overwhelming with the floral flavor. A few sips after that and I could pick out some raspberry in the floral mix. As I go to take another sip, I catch almond notes in the scent. Maybe that is the intense floral I’m picking up? It gets better as it cools, but it’s definitely not an enjoyable cup from beginning to end. I was looking at the steeped leaves and they looked more green than black so I may try steeping at a lower temp if I decide to try this tea again, but I’m getting to the point in my tea appreciation that I don’t have patience for teas that don’t yield a great cup.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

It’s definitely better at lower temps.


I’m glad to hear there is still hope. I have over half a tin left!

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