Peach & Thyme

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Black Tea
Black Tea, Papaya, Peach, Peach Flavour, Safflower, Sugar Crystals, Thyme
Peach, Thyme, Floral, Herbs, Rose, Compost, Dry Grass, Musty, Mint, Smooth
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200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 45 sec 10 oz / 295 ml

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  • “So… this is weird. Weird but good? Good but weird? Something like that. The thyme is so strong. Dry, the smell of the peaches come through, but after steeping I mostly get thyme. I added 1/4...” Read full tasting note
    OMGsrsly 2216 tasting notes
  • “interesting. many years ago i had a recipe for rosemary peach chicken. the first time i made it i scoffed, certain i wouldn’t like it. i was wrong. for me this is a savoury tea written on a...” Read full tasting note
    JustJames 390 tasting notes
  • “I received samples of this tea from both MissB and OMGsrsly. Steepster swappers are the best. Tons of people our scrounging for Fauchon teas, and I get samples...” Read full tasting note
    Dexter 998 tasting notes
  • “I’ve had this for a bit, and yet I only have half a tin left. Why? Because I’ve shared so much with the folks who have shown interest. Now, it’s time to see how I feel about...” Read full tasting note
    MissB_Tea 1433 tasting notes

From Fauchon

The union of juicy peach and fresh thyme envelopes the palate with bright sparkling notes. A truly original and addictive tea.

Limited edition.

Ingredients: black tea (China), natural flavour (peach), papaya (papaya, sugar), peach (peach, rice flour), thyme, safflower.

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26 Tasting Notes

2216 tasting notes

So… this is weird. Weird but good? Good but weird? Something like that.

The thyme is so strong. Dry, the smell of the peaches come through, but after steeping I mostly get thyme. I added 1/4 tsp sugar to try to bring out some sweetness of the fruit, but I’m not so sure it’s working.

As it cools, the peach comes out a bit. I can see this being an amazing iced tea in the summer. I’ll have to try cold steeping it soon-ish, even though it’s now the cold and rainy season here. :)

(2 tsp in ~15 oz)

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Oh! I’m so glad you tried this. I thought I’d either love it, or really dislike it, even though I do love thyme. Then again, curious combinations are always fun to try. This is on my list for tomorrow.


I couldn’t resist! Thyme is pretty much my favourite herb. :) Now I want to roast peaches with honey and thyme. That would be superb. With vanilla ice cream. Mmm…


Oh, yum! And… now I’m salivating.


I made peach jam with rosemary and black pepper last year. SO GOOD. This coming peach season I should do it with thyme and vanilla. :)


Wish they had this one at my store… :((


Oh, I’ll add some to your package. I haven’t sent it yet because I keep forgetting to bring it to work with me! I’ll put it in my bag now, too.


Heh. Funny, I’d already added some to your package as well Dexter. :)


These jams you speak of, can I buy one from you? They sound divine. I try and stay away from sugars where possible, but this sounds like something to break that rule for.


LOL Thanks guys!!!


MissB, I just have a wee teensy one left, and you are welcome to it. :) It’s a lower sugar jam with whole pieces of fruit and no pectin. You basically make a candy syrup with the juices from macerated fruit and some sugar, then add the fruit back in towards the end. “Jam according to Daniel”’s recipe.


I can in the tiny jars because I just eat it with a spoon. Too much of a hassle to make gluten free bread all the time. :)


Oh, awesome! You’ll have to tell me how I can repay you. Perhaps a hand knit hat or something? I have yet to can or jam anything, however now you’re inspiring me. And I understand the gluten free bread part, as I do it all the time myself.


It’s only 1/2 cup of jam, so no need to go and knit something for me! Try it and see what you think.


I’m glad to read this. I thought about this tea as well, but I thought that it would be probably be better iced and to be honest I don’t make ice tea very often.

I love those tiny half pots for jam. My mom and I used to make port wine jelly in them for Christmas gifts when I was a child. I used to love it.

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390 tasting notes

interesting. many years ago i had a recipe for rosemary peach chicken. the first time i made it i scoffed, certain i wouldn’t like it. i was wrong.

for me this is a savoury tea written on a subtly sweet base; unassumptive, unimposing….. almost hard to detect at times.

imagine the sweetest peach steeped with a simple syrup and fresh thyme….. original, quite unique.

thank you MissB!

190 °F / 87 °C 3 min, 15 sec

rosemary peach chicken sounds delicious!


it didn’t at the time… (thyme? =oP) but it was quite excellent!!! live and learn, lol.


I agree, peach and rosemary chicken sounds good!


At first I thought peaches would be weird, but you know, it kind of makes sense. I think apricot would be even better.


that’s an inspired idea Incendiare. i always found that fuzzy stone fruit held a note held a latent tobacco note. sweet, fleshy, very distant down the line…. but a mild raw tobacco nonetheless to my palate.


we’re huge fans of meat/savory + fruit in this household…my favorite chicken tagine recipe has plumped dried apricots in it. earlier this week i made mitchell davis’ recipe for pork chops with apples and prunes plumped in white wine, so good! yum. my obsession with middle eastern and mediterranean and medieval european cuisine is probably showing.


SOme of my favorite curries are fruit curries. I’ve addd apple, butternut squash, raisins and apricots before. Great combination. When I as visiting with my brother last month, we made something very much like this, only the vinaigrette was with lime juice, and shallots, iirc.

We had chicken with it and it was a good combination of flavours.


yummmm! lime and shallot sounds really good. and i love butternut squash with raisins!


Mmm, now I’m hungry.

ifjuly-I made peach tartines (open faced sandwich, essentially) with thyme goat cheese over the summer…so yummy. I can try to find the recipe if you like.


Glad you enjoyed it, or at least that it evoked some fond memories. :)


i did enjoy it! i want to fool with it some more… ;o)


I think OMGsrsly was saying she’s made a jam like this. Makes me dream every time I think of it.


Peach and rosemary jam. AMAZING.


Heather, I’d love that! Sounds so so good (and my husband LOVES goat cheese).


Ok ifjuly, here you go! I actually found this because OMGsrsly posted it on FB…

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998 tasting notes

I received samples of this tea from both MissB and OMGsrsly. Steepster swappers are the best. Tons of people our scrounging for Fauchon teas, and I get samples from two different people. The generosity here is just amazing.

I don’t think I can say it better than OMGsrsly did:
“So… this is weird. Weird but good? Good but weird? Something like that.”
I am really happy to have gotten a chance to try this. If it had been in my Winners store, I would have bought a tin of it. I think I’m ok with not having a 100g tin of it in my house, on the other hand, it is interesting enough that I will drink and enjoy the samples I have.
I’m getting more peach than thyme. It’s more scented than flavored (as I would expect from a French tea) – the peach is really nice and sweet, subtle but present. The thyme is more of an impression (hint of), but is nice with the peach. But it’s still strange enough that I wouldn’t drink it everyday.

Thank you so much ladies for sending this to me.


You’re welcome! I still need to try it iced. I think it would shine as an iced tea.


I agree, but I can’t do iced tea in the winter, and I’m sure the samples won’t last til spring. :))


i haven’t tried mine yet….. i’m trying to be self disciplined. yeah, we’ll see how long that lasts! lol.


Try it, James! :D


oy! i’m pretty good!! lol. sugar free for over a month! my clothes will testify, lol. =0D


See, great minds think alike! :)

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1433 tasting notes

I’ve had this for a bit, and yet I only have half a tin left. Why? Because I’ve shared so much with the folks who have shown interest. Now, it’s time to see how I feel about it!

First off, I love savory teas, as well as sweet ones. Combine the two? I’m curious and excited. Plus, OMGsrsly’s reviews really got me curious, as well as her mention of peach and thyme jam. Oh… my mouth is watering.

So, I tried this. Made sure I steeped it properly, the works.

Dry, this smells more like thyme than peach. Steeped, it reverses. It was okay straight (more thyme than anything, almost like a stuffing or savory Christmas pudding?), however with some sweetener added, this was stellar for me. Luscious, juicy peach with a hint of thyme mid-way through to the end. Really, truly delightful, and very different.

If you like savory sweets (I’m thinking jams with savory elements like jalapeno jelly, for instance) then you’ll likely love this tea. Less is also more, with both heat and steep time.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

I definitely need sweetener with this one, and it was quite an interesting flavour…something I think Id cook with more than drink, though. I have more of your sample, so we’ll see if I still feel that way with a future cup of this.


Try it iced. :)


I have kinda had that idea, and stashing it for a not so cold time. Maybe a cold steep though.


I haven’t done a cold steep, but flash iced with honey = yes please. Maybe I’ll bring some to work tomorrow. :)

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2185 tasting notes

This is not a tea I would have normally gone after but a friend bought a tin the other day at TJ Maxx because she loves thyme. I told her that I had heard that the thyme was super strong, but she was not to be swayed. She stopped by this morning and said she didn’t think the thyme was too strong and gave me a sample to try. So I am taking a break from my short list of sipdown teas to have this one. It certainly smells strongly of thyme!

I associate thyme with savory things like the chicken pot pie I made recently, so it’s a bit odd here. But I can definitely smell the sweet juiciness of the peaches under the thyme. I agree that this is weird, and for me, who is not totally in love with thyme, I am going to say “not bad” instead of “good”, haha. I agree that as it cools it gets peachier and the thyme cools down a bit, but it’s a bit too “herby” for me. This is definitely an “if you love thyme…” type of tea!

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

I kind of passed on this tea too. I like time but the idea of the blend kind of made me think that it would do better iced than hot and I don’t ice my teas very often.


oh, i wanna try this. must make my way to tj maxx sometime. i love fresh thyme and peach salad in the summer, yum.


I love thyme. :) Still need to try it cold brewed, but I think it’s good hot and iced.


goodness, that sounds strange. But still a very curious mix indeed!

and lol what is it with these french and mixing peach with other flavours in tea? I got a peach and pepper tea which is kinda of sublime.


cteresa, I made peach jam with all sorts of things in it last year. The peach and pepper jam was so good! I think it disappeared the fastest. :)


In the tea it works fabulously (and they added a hint of nutmeg to it as well, it was all wonderful!)

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150 tasting notes

Peach and Thyme… what a strange combination. Fear not though, we cannot doubt the French and their perfume combinations… right??

At first sniff: I smell the peach, delicious peach. I catch notes of the thyme, but not overpowering and the sweetness of the peach enhances the sweet parts of the thyme. Definitely not offensive and it definitely works well together.

At first steep: THYME THYME… did I mention you can really smell the thyme? Wowzers!! The taste is less intense, but with the sniff and the taste, you really can taste the thyme and it takes over a bit. The peach is the second note, which is a bit disappointing. It’s definitely a different tea. Although the French are on point with the smell of the tea, I’m not sure the taste is as good. I definitely would have been happier with a peaches and cream taste, rather than a peach gravy? With Thanksgiving and Christmas in the air, I could see this tea going extremely well with turkey dinner. It would be an excellent sweet component if cream and sugar are added.

I like this tea, I’m not sure I love this tea. I have 100g of it now and one beautiful fuchsia tin. I don’t feel badly paying 12.99 for it though because I definitely taste that the tea is quality. I probably wouldn’t replace it when the “thyme” comes. ha ha

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

Apricot, peach are going very well with rosemary and thyme. You’re right this is not a surprising thing for a French person.
We all here have a Grandma’s recipe of chicken with honey and rosemary and thyme.


That’s interesting. I didn’t know that it was s common combination for the French!!!! I’ll will definitely give it another go though as it wasn’t bad. Just new.

Definitely not something we would pair here in Canada. But when I visited France I loved everything there anf miss it!!!

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740 tasting notes


I got this sample from MissB because I was intrigued after OMGsrsly tried it.

I have to say that the peach to thyme balance was pretty good, and the base was not too overpowering. I think that I might like this just a bit better as a cold steep, so I’m reserving the rest of it for then…then being a warmer day…I don’t do a lot of cold drinks in winter, or much at all (I think my body composition is happier without a lot of icy cold drinks).

This tea does totally make me want to make the peach and goat cheese tartine that I made over the summer…the goat cheese is spiked with fresh thyme, and the peaches on top got a small dusting of fresh leaves and a drizzle of olive oil.

I also learned of this recipe from OMGsrsly so she is two for two with this combo!

Here is my attempt at it from the summer, plus a salad and some arctic char…


:D Awesome! I still need to try the recipe. I have goat cheese in the freezer, but no peaches.

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300 tasting notes

GCTTB5 original version

The scent of the dry leaf led me to believe that the peach and thyme were evenly balanced though after a brief steep, the peach almost disappeared and the thyme moved forward.

I selected this tea today because I woke up feeling under the weather: truly weak with a killer sore throat and murderous migraine. Possibly the frigid blast of air conditioning here and there in public transit and public spaces pitted against the demon humidity and heat and rapid weather changes finally got to me.

In Morocco, thyme tea was used as a stomach soother but also general wellness tea, so I reached for this in hopes of general wellness vibes. While the water was boiling, I thought I might add some honey to this for my throat though I forgot all about that when the tea was ready.

I will add honey in the next cup.

Flavors: Peach, Thyme

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

I’ve got a summer sore throat too! As you say, I suspect the warring temps inside and out. Ah well, and excuse to drink tea.

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326 tasting notes

This is a very old sample (so old I no longer remember who sent it to me), and I can tell it’s the worse for it. There’s a lovely, smooth base, but beyond that I’m getting only whispers of peach. It seems like a delicate, natural peach, rather than the gummy candy sort of peach flavor you find more often in flavored teas. I’m not getting any thyme, which ruins the effect somewhat, but even in its diminished state I’m still finding this makes an enjoyable cup. I can only imagine it’s much better fresh, so I’m rating it partly for potential.

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2241 tasting notes

Thanks for this one, Stephanie! In a lovely pink tin and all. :D I’m always looking for a nice peachy flavored tea. I didn’t see too many peach pieces actually in the blend, but it tastes like peach anyway. I do wish it would taste like peach slightly more, but I’m glad that it doesn’t taste like that fakey peach. I’ve had some pretty gross peach teas though, so that bar might be impossibly low. There is also a savory element with the thyme and it’s making it taste a little like pine to me, but in an interesting way. The black tea itself is tasty enough and pairs with the flavors. I like it with two teaspoons! I bet this would be awesome iced.
Steep #1 // 2 teaspoons for a full mug// 7 minutes after boiling // 3 minute steep
Steep #2 // couple minutes after boiling // 3-4 minute steep


Yay it has found a home!


Yeah I wasn’t drinking it and afraid it was going to go bad Marzipan :(

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