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VariaTEA said

I have had these up for swap/sale forever and it seems like no one wants them. I am happy to send them anywhere as long as I can get them to travel normal letter mail :)

Earl Grey Creme – Della Terra
Cream Earl Grey – CaesarsTea
Royalty Blend – CaesarsTea
Sweet Harvest Pumpkin – Celestial Seasonings

I would like them all :) totally going to give the Earl Greys to my boyfriend for his birthday.

Although…hmm, you are in Canada, so I will see if anyone closer to you claims them to cut down on postal cost.

VariaTEA said

I can always send the EGs. I am pretty sure they would fit in a normal envelop so shipping shouldn’t be too much. I will follow you so you can PM me your address.

Yay! Thank you :)

Nattie said

Pumpkin pumpkin please! If you still have it. I have a mild pumpkin obsession. I already follow you (: I’m in the UK, but will obviously pay for shipping. Or I could send you some other teas instead, if you’d want?

VariaTEA said

Haha. It is all yours. I am following you so follow me back and PM me your address :)

Satsuma said

I would like to try the Royalty Blend!

Nattie said

Are you definitely following me? I tried to send you my address earlier and it went to someone else. I’ve just tried again, and it’s not listing you as a possible recipient ):

VariaTEA said

I am now following you. Steepster was being glitchy before and I guess it didn’t register my following you.

Nattie said

Got it, thanks! I’ll message you now.

Sil select said

every time someone talks about glitch… this is where my brain goes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWq-uuV7kQs

Nattie said

Sil, I’ve never seen that before! What is it?

VariaTEA said

REBOOT!! My brother met the artist at Fan Expo a few years back :)

Not to nose in on your conversation, but Reboot was/is awesome! I remember rushing home after school every day to watch it on Toonami. I really need to watch it again since I was lucky enough to find a copy of the entire series at my job one day. XD

Nattie said

I may have to search this Reboot! I have a feeling this may lead to addiction, though…

Sil select said

Haha I missed seeing the responses lol. Reboot is awesome….I really hope they reboot, Reboot!

Nattie said

Also, thank you! ^^

Janefan said

Not tea – but giving away one “Andrews & Dunham Damn Fine Tea” logo patch (iron-on/sew on). Looks like this:

PM me if you want it and I will drop it in the mail to you. US only, please!

Dude that’s like really cute! Can I have it? I’ve followed you so we can exchange information :)

Janefan said

Sure thing! Following you now. Just PM me your mailing address :-)

I am a young mom, just getting into this whole tea thing. My husband doesn’t drink any hot beverages so he really does not understand my new fascination with tea. He really would not appreciate me spending a good chunk of our grocery budget on trying new teas. So I was wondering if anyone here would be willing to let me try some of their teas? I am open to trying just about anything once. Although I do have a soy allergy so I can’t handle anything soy, including soy lecithin which is in a lot of the cheaper tea bags at the store and I am also sensitive to other legumes (beans, peanuts, chickpeas, etc) and grains. I don’t know if those are generally in teas, but I thought I should mention it. Also I am nursing so I try to stick to caffeine free or decaf most of the time, but I do have the occasional caffeinated beverage when I have a headache. In general I love all things fruit. And I enjoyed a vanilla rooibos I got. And coconut chai. I also like strong teas like taco passion (that’s the only tea I’ve tasted that is so strong :)).But as I said I am willing to try anything so whatever you have you don’t want I will take and try. And if I don’t like it i will pass it along to someone else. Thank you!

carol who said

Follow me and and I’ll pm you. Right now I have a big supply of samples.

Carol, I followed you. I am new so I don’t know how to pm :). I would love to try some samples. Thank you!

Nattie said

I’ll send you some samples (:
A lot of my tea is caffeinated but I have a lot of herbal teas too which I would be happy to share.
Follow me and send me a message.

Nattie I sent you a message, thanks to carol for telling me how!

Cwyn said

You can make your own chai tea by boiling together ordinary spices like cinnamon and coriander, nutmeg, a squeeze of fresh ginger, a tiny pinch of black pepper. Strain and drink, or add this mixture to a weak tea made from black tea leaves you can get from the local grocery. Tea in loose leaf form can be steeped several times using short steepings, just save ’em and add more water. Spices are warming and add to milk production, if this is an issue.

In spring, save yourself a few sprigs of fresh watercress or parsley and steep these with a squeeze of lemon or lime, and add to a light green tea broth. You can find some really good green teas at Asian grocery stores for under $5, or even a box of gunpowder green tea at regular groceries that will last a really long time, and you can add fresh herbs to a light tea broth.

That chai sounds yummy! Do you have a specific recipe you use or just throw things in? I just tried a chai powder today that was delicious but I didn’t check the ingredients, will have to get on their site and check.
Ooh I never thought to check Asian stores, I will have to look there.

boychik said

If you nursing i would be very cautious about spices or anything. i think its better to stick to a tea. you dont know your baby may become severely allergic. And stay away from mint. it decreases milk supply.

Oh that is interesting, I will have to check on that. Is that any type of mint or just pepermint?

boychik said

Any mint.

Cwyn said

La Leche League moms usually have some good recipes to try. It depends on the mom, I had more milk than my baby wanted and was always dealing with that issue. I think I focused my beverages more on tonic herbs like the parsley and other fresh herbs, grew a lot myself in those days…

Thanks, I will look on LLL.

Hi guys -

I’m clearing out my tea stash yet again and found a bunch of Butiki teas (all approx. 10 months old, stored in original packaging and in good condition) that just weren’t to my taste. Given that there doesn’t seem to be any quality issues, and that the store is closing, I’d like to offer them up to a more appreciative home.

They are (weights approximate):

Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black (10 grams)
Ruby Pie (1 oz.)
The Black Lotus (8-10 grams)
Crimson Horizon (20 grams)
Irish Breakfast (25 grams)

I’d be willing to send to one or two people, but I would REALLY like to not do more than that. If one person wants all of them, even better. I’d be willing to ship to US or Canada.

Thanks for looking!

I would love to take them off your hands!

YES! Awesome! Well, if you don’t mind, just send me a PM with your address and I’ll get it out to you ASAP!

Excellent, thank you! :D

Reki275 said

I missed Butiki? Aww. Hopefully next time!

I have some pu-erh that I got to try out and see if I liked it, but it turns out it’s really not my thing. I have:

Harney & Sons Pu-Erh sample
Golden Moon Tea Pu-Erh sample
Adagio Teas Pu Erh Dante sample
and four flavored samples from Adagio’s Terra sampler: Chorange, Hazelberry, Tahiti, and Spice. All the samples are unopened except for the Hazelberry, which has about a cup’s worth taken out.

Because of the small sizes, I would prefer to send to one person, but I might be willing to send to two if one or both is close (I am in Indiana). Hopefully someone else will enjoy these more than me!

ToiToi select said

I will be happy to take it! Following you now :)

Great! If you’ll send me a PM with your details I can get it out tomorrow.

Message deleted by author.
ToiToi select said

I am interested! Following you!!

Following you now as well, go ahead and PM me. :)

Interested! Let me know…

Bluebird Tea Co. – Bonfire Toffee (18g)
Bluebird Tea Co. – Snowball (33g)
Bluebird Tea Co. – Vicky’s Sponge Cake (23g)
Butiki – Cantaloupe & Cream (10g)
Butiki – Caramel Apple (13g)
Golden Moon – Vanilla Mint (12g)
Republic of Tea – Wild Blueberry (31 bags) [original package]
The Tea Merchant – White Coconut Blondie (unopened, 24g including package)
Tiesta Tea – Flap Jack Oolong (18g) [original package]
Verdant – Silk Road (25g) [original package]
Verdant – Tieguanyin Spiced Orange (10g) [original package]

I can’t seem to send you a message Cameron, though I am following you already?

cookies said

I’ll take your Cantaloupe & Cream if it hasn’t been claimed already.

Hey cookies, it’s been claimed already. Sorry! :(

cookies said

No prob. Not like I actually need any more tea ;)

Melanie said

I would love White Coconut Blondie from Tea Merchant!

Melanie said

Ooops! I see tea sipper already claimed that! That’s OK! but if that changes I’ll put second dips on it ;-)

Nichole said

If no one has claimed it, I’d love the remaining Republic Teas. Thanks!!

ToiToi has claimed the rest of the teas! Thanks everyone.

I am interested in several – following you.

Butiki – Caramel Apple (13g)
Butiki – Tamarind Pop (21g)
Butiki – Three Friends (12g)

Dammann Freres – Nosy Bey (36g)
Fauchon – Caramel (92g)
Fauchon – Orchard’s Apple (86g)
Fauchon – Peach & Thyme (64g)
Fauchon – Sweet Almond & Orange 2013 (58g)

Palais des Thes – Lemon (17g)
Palais des Thes – Rooibos des Amants (21g)
Tiesta Tea – Flap Jack Oolong (18g) [original package]
Verdant – Silk Road (25g) [original package]
Verdant – Tieguanyin Spiced Orange (10g) [original package]

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