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my, this is delicious. i had a cup of this as my (post) midnight snack along with roasted sunflower seeds, tamari almonds & toast. i don’t normally have a midnight snack per se, but i’m a night owl, and owls must keep the midnight oil burning..

yummy and soothing. warm apple pie. very apple-y and cinnamon-y. love the smell of this stuff and i could inhale the tin for days!!

i used 2 tablespoons (LOL) in a Melitta tea filter and let infuse for 10 minutes along with a bag of Tazo Awake English Breakfast. that seems to be the tea of choice for mixing with flavored teas today! first Wild Chaild, now this. i also have some Ahmad’s English Breakfast (pretty much a CTC) that i also could have used but i usually save that for when i make chai.

anyway, after the long bath of steeping, i added milk & sugar and it was truly delicious. i don’t think i’ve ever tried this plain. since it’s an herbal & a bit on the fruity side, taste-wise, i like to add black tea to give it depth, and milk and sugar naturally draw out and enhance the almond and cinnamon pie-like flavors.

also- it really helped that i added much more than the recommended amount of 1.5 tsp because the flavor really came out. very pleased with this cup. drinking my second infusion now!

i’ve had this since November 2012 so i better get a move on and head toward sipdown territory, as i don’t want it to lose its aroma or flavor. plus, it’ll give me an excuse to go out and buy more ;)

Flavors: Apple, Cinnamon, Fruity, Nuts

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drank Wild Chaild by Good Earth
122 tasting notes

this was yummy! since in my experience, Good Earth has quite the knack for packing a punch with spice, i used only 1 bag of this & added 1 bag of Tazo Awake english breakfast to give it more of a black tea kick.

this Chai came as a surprise. since Tabby gave such a glowing review to Sweet Chai of Mine, which is sort of along these lines (similar spices et al.), i figured the spice in this wouldn’t be offensive or brash, and they weren’t! this was even light on clove…..hallelujah!

what this does have is a nice chai profile (in my opinion) with a solid sweet element and yummy caramel and banana flavoring. i could taste the banana, and it was actually delicious (quite unusual flavor pairing for chai, but fun!) i don’t so much get caramel, but it’s there.

though cinnamon is an ingredient, it doesn’t overpower the blend, and neither does any other spice for that matter. it’s really a nice balance!

with (soy) milk & brown sugar this is perfect. i added much less sugar than i normally would because this is already pre-sweetened with Stevia (which i’m happy to report i couldn’t taste!)

Flavors: Anise, banana, Cinnamon, Spices, Sweet

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drank Caramel by Adagio Teas
122 tasting notes

brown sugar, mocha, coffee!
real emphasis on mocha.
this was amazing!!!!!!

i get the sweet caramel for sure but i can’t stop thinking of a mochaccino!!
coffee/mocha/caramel are really pleasing to my taste buds and i was not expecting all that to come from this tea! what a pleasant surprise.

smells like mocha coffee syrup. and the best part….you can also taste it! the ‘caramel’ flavor translates to the tea very nicely, and of course i had to add brown sugar & soy milk. what a heavenly cookie. mercy!

Flavors: Brown Sugar, Caramel, Coffee, Mocha

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single sachet sample that came with a very lovely Republic of Tea catalogue. they must have read my mind, because of all their iced teas i saw in-store, i most wanted to try this. glad to report back that it’s quite tasty!

dry as well as steeped, you really get a sense of the strawberry, and it is a yummy fresh strawberry, albeit one that has been baked in the oven and sweetened into natural candy.

i also get a sense of the basil but it feels more vaguely herbaceous since it is dried. i find basil flakes are never anything like the leaf fresh off the plant, which is a real treat!

i happen to love basil. it’s an amazing thing. paired with strawberry, i think it’s a brilliant idea. would like to try and make my own freshly-infused iced tea using real fruit and herbs. drown them in ice and let them cold steep for a day!

Flavors: Herbs, Strawberry

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sweet, buttery, mellow, yellow, delicate, dreamy, creamy, orchid pops up now and again….more so in the aroma than in the flavor. at times more discernible than others. depends on the cup.

butter. buttermilk. conducive to salivation. juicy.

Flavors: Butter, Orchids

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Sweet cinnamon oatmeal raisin cookie dunked in milk.
Creamy butterscotch pudding.
Always amazing.

Flavors: Butterscotch, Cinnamon, Creamy, Sweet, Vanilla

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i know it must seem as though i rate every tea i like with a 100, but really, this is so deserving! milky, buttery and creamy. probably more buttery than anything else. very forgiving of temperature, though i don’t go out of my way to scald the leaves ;)

i’ve had this for 2 weeks maybe? nearly halfway through the tin, but that’s because i like to double up on pouches/sachets/bags. that’s just me.

buttery mouthfeel, buttery flavor….i can’t believe it’s not butter!….maybe it’s ghee! very delicious.

i can’t tell if this is natural or flavored and i don’t care. assuming this is all-natural, the milk oolong is a creature to be revered!!

rich but delicate….i smell the orchid for sure! but this isn’t an in-your-face orchid (i’ve experienced that with some much greener Spring harvest oolongs that taste, quite frankly, of lilac!) this milk oolong has a very delicate orchid note, a delicate but discernable non-astringent tartness, and an abundance of cream. sometimes, i even pick up on the pineapple (or vague approximation thereof), which is mentioned in the description on the tin.

btw- i should note this review is for the tea pouches, not the loose leaf. i had seen the loose leaf in stores a few months ago!! but have had so many subpar experiences with Republic of tea that i was hesitant to purchase something from them to which i’d attached extremely high expectations. oh, how i’m hitting myself over the head now. it’s virtually nowhere to be found, so while i was hesitant to get the pouches, fearing they’d be a disappointment, they were anything but! yielding not 1 but 2 delightful cups! (you can even get 3, if you do short steeps..) the liquor is an awesomely bright yellow. (quite pigmented in contrast to what i’ve come to expect of most oolongs i’ve tried, which tend to be very light.)

has this tea been genetically engineered?

i’m so enthusiastic about this tea (and the whole milk oolong genre in general) since that is the reason i signed up for Steepster! i was perusing the site and i couldn’t ignore the milk oolong by Mandala which kept popping up at me, and it just looked so scrumptious! the dark green buttery leaves practically overflowing from a white porcelain gaiwan. my mouth was watering. since i wanted to add it to my wishlist, i had to sign up! (not that i minded in the least!) and it is the very first tea i added to my wishlist. a very fond recollection. happy to finally to meet the leaf face-to-face ;)

now of course, i’m off to purchase some more of this in loose leaf form from RoT’s website (just for comparison and because i’ll inevitably run out), and also many others from other companies. first stop, Mandala!

ETA there is a peach note i get in the after sip, that lingers on the back of the soft palate. it’s happened many times now, so maybe it’s safe to assume i’m not imagining things..

Flavors: Butter, Cream, Orchids


We all search for our perfect 100…. How lucky you’ve found it!! Congrats!

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drank Laoshan Black by Verdant Tea
122 tasting notes

yum yum, this was just delicious. honey is the perfect accompaniment. honey is all i can think of.

as always, this has a slightly bitter ‘roasted chestnut’ note, the kind which references those roasted chestnut carts in new york city in wintertime (certainly not that intense tho).. in fact, that was the first thing that came to mind when i first sniffed the bag while i was fixated on finding the chocolate ;)

chocolate is here, for sure! sometimes it strikes me more, sometimes the ‘i can see how it would be hoppy’ dark breadiness dominates, but all things considered this is quite a good mixture of both. adding honey brings out the honey note, but also sweetens up the chocolate (as i’ve said many times before) and it almost seems to turn into sweet milk chocolate!

the tea liquor is always strikingly beautiful. like a crystal clear burnt sienna with a golden orange glow, lit from within. always conjures up the feel of autumn for me.

Flavors: Burnt, Chocolate, Cocoa, Honey, Toast

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walnut sweet sugar, i think a squirrel fell into my cup (oh wait, those are acorns…)

so delicate, perhaps a bit too mild & i just wish there were something to hold onto- anything—-the buttery texture or sticky rice pudding flavor of Coconut Pouchong, the buttery mouthfeel and green floral tang of Maple Cheesecake Ti Kwan Yin, or even the ‘honey bunches of oats’ in Maple Pecan Oolong.

but this does smell outrageous & and is certainly a pleasant cup. nothing i’d ever refuse! maybe they could pair the ‘Sugar Caramel’ flavoring with a more roasted oolong, like say, a Laoshan or Formosa! even a TGY that has somewhat of a pucker to it. so that the sweet seemingly banana flavor can cling to something well, tangible.

then again i’m no tea connoisseur or mixologist. perhaps the wonderful taste i attribute to the flavoring could be coming from the oolong itself! i just wish i knew what kind they used.

keep in mind this note comes after the 2nd steep of this tea- maybe something more will reveal itself in the 3rd infusion?

Flavors: banana, Burnt Sugar, Oats, Walnut


This one is certainly not what you expect—but once you get over the shock, then you realize how excellent it really is!


haha yes indeed! the same thing happened to me with their Coconut Pouchong! once you become attuned to the delicacy and subtle nuances of oolongs, you really get a lot out of them. the nose on the dry leaf for this, Sugar Caramel Oolong, is one of the yummiest things i’ve smelled by far!

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love tea in every form- from bagged to loose leaf..commercial to niche. i am intrigued by it all & want to learn as much as i can through my 5 senses (tho with tea i’ll presumably be using 3)..am a very sensorial person. love music, perfume, poetry, graphic design, India, Malaysia, Moorish architecture, oh….and tea!

apparently i’m really out of the loop here since i appear to be among the only ones who have not yet tried Golden Moon, Butiki, 52teas, Mandala, Teavivre or Della Terra. i mean REALLY. i need to start lifting this rock up over my head y’all. from the looks of things, i’ve been reenacting Groundhog’s Day every hour on the hour with my uniformed choices. i seek to be anointed!

also, don’t take my numbers too literally; they can’t possibly speak to the actual quality of the tea, much less to the constancy of my own perceptions! what i may feel to be an 88 one day, could very well be a 91 the next, or even 100, depending on my taste buds, blood sugar levels, neuronal firings or planetary alignment ;)

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