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81 Tasting Notes


what a nice Assam! has beautiful golden tips and infuses quickly since the leaves are quite small. the liquor started out as the most gorgeous golden shade of burnt sienna….then it slowly darkened into this stunning auburn shade of amber. quite red with an orange warmth to it. it was lovely to see this steep!

it reminds me a lot of Grandpa’s Anytime Tea in terms of flavor & color. this was a solid cup and had a rather smooth flavor in my opinion. but nice and full-bodied. also had that cozy graham cracker ‘essence’ floating around somewhere in the back, which most definitely came to the forefront in the second steep. in the first steep, i could have almost sworn i was getting ‘raisinette’ at the end of each sip! then again, my adulerants were brown sugar and soy milk. this tea held up very well to both and turned a lovely shade of caramel.

a very nice Assam. i might just prefer this to their Premium Taiwanese Assam, though i’m not entirely sure. will have to do a side-by-side comparison. but for anyone curious about the taste of Grandpa’s Anytime Tea, try this! ….it has the same lovely flavor and produces a most splendid color.


Oh, I absolutely love this Assam, and yes, the colour is so gorgeous! Is “burnt Sienna” on that colour chart of yours?


Hahah! No it’s not from that crazy color chart with camelback, whole wheat & baguette ;p I remember burnt sienna from my days of yore in childhood, back when I used crayola crayons (64 count)- it was one of the colors that I remember fondly :)

glad u love this tea :D


oh, now i must order….dang, it’s easy for reviews to spend my money….

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what a beautiful, delicate cup. i’ve had this twice already but have never logged it. again…the weight & the color of the liquor are so sylphlike! my experience with many oolongs is that they are very delicate. never harsh. no bitterness, no astringency. conducive to meditation (although i don’t meditate). a tea i’d recommend for those who do!

Golden Moon’s Coconut Pouchong was also meek & mild, and while Butiki’s Maple Pecan Oolong is bursting with fragrance, the brew is surprisingly light, as is this one. either way, i certainly enjoy such a tea, although i wish there were a bit more weight to the body. something tangible.

aroma of the tea liquor: sweet, honey, light maple syrup all mix together to make banana bread!! Sugar Caramel. there is definitely a sweetness, but i don’t quite get caramel. i truly get banana bread. warm, sweet banana bread that is soft and moist. and it’s funny because i was never much a fan of banana bread til recently. i’m starting to develop a taste for it. then when i smelled this tea dry, it was unmistakably sweet banana bread, perhaps soaked in kahlua and drizzled with caramel syrup ;) yum!

the flavor: as the aroma suggests—-lightly sweet, with notes of banana and pecan. unfortunately, the richness of the fragrant dry leaf doesn’t translate fully when infused. but it is beautiful nonetheless.

Flavors: Honey, Nuts


i just received a sample of it. i should try it asap. All your description of banana bread made me hungry:)


I’m right there with boychik…my stomach is now rumbling (and my mouth is watering, because this tea sounds delightful!).


hahaha…what do u plan on having? if you have not yet eaten, smelling this tea will really make you hungry, it smells so luscious. i find the fragrance far more decadent than the liquor, but if that’s par for the course with oolongs, i’ll be happy to know it isn’t me.

i really need to get a gaiwan asap. something tells me a lot less water will let the flavor truly shine.


you should get yourself easy gaiwan, not to delicate and you won’t burn your fingers


thank you so much, boychik :) that set’s adorable! i truly wonder what you’ll think of this oolong. look forward to your review.

thank you, deliriumsfrogs for ur kind compliments- i think you’d perceive a lot from this tea :D

smelled my sample tin again- brown sugar and banana, perhaps caramelized. pecan or walnut comes out in the steep (for me) though Golden Moon mentions chestnut.


I had a salad, with egg and avocado… but I would have really much rather had banana bread. lol
That gaiwan is so interesting, boychik! I’ve never seen that type before. I tend to still burn my fingers sometimes when using my gaiwan (ifjuly sent me one, and it’s pretty much my most loved possession).
That whole set is really beautiful. :)


the seller is very good too. reliable and fast. i think i got it in about 10 days, maybe less. its a life saver, i use it everyday. Mine has diff design, called blue fish.


I did tried the sample. while its lovely you are absolutely right the smell doesnt translate to taste. Rather weak, but clean and nice,nothing wrong. Again, im not a green oolong lover with one exception – Madala Milk oolong. teavivre strawberry oolong is good too. I dont know if you tried Silk Dragon by Tea Merchant. i think its amazing.

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drank Demain by Nina's Paris
81 tasting notes

today i’m really getting a buttery feel from this tea, but i’m not sure if it’s coming from the flavor or the mouthfeel. make no mistake, it’s nothing overly buttery so as to be rich or gourmand, but i feel it makes a presence worth mentioning. following that is the entrance of a very natural-tasting strawberry. not at all synthetic. it may seem slightly candied (slightly) because of the suggestion of strawberries ‘n cream, but it really is more on the natural end of things given my experience with strawberry flavoring. it really strikes the perfect balance with the green tea base, though admittedly i can’t make out a specific flavor profile for this particular one.

you can sense the green tea, though not so much taste it; then again, perhaps a very delicate base was used so as to mingle well with the fruit flavoring. personally, i think the end result is brilliant. if French teas are supposed to be delicate, this tea is positively French :)

a perfect palate cleanser, aperitif, digestif, or in-between-teas tea. it’s quite versatile in my opinion because of its lightness, yet it is something for which one can have enthusiastic cravings and drink many times throughout the day (as i do). maybe it’s just me!

N.b.- happily i’ve noticed, this resteeps well….i get 2 good cups out of 1 heaping tsp of leaf for sure.

Flavors: Berries

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outrageous!!! this smells outrageous!

like Strawberry Quik, only better. the strawberry has a fruity freshness that blends perfectly with the fresh cream. here again, i must reference my beloved Strawberries ‘n Cream Oatmeal by Quaker. obviously, it’s not exact, but it’s reminiscent of this strawberry flavor, which is such a comforting thing. i’m really loving strawberries as of late.

it all started with Ahmad’s Strawberry Sensation (black tea) which is absolutely divine. then Nina’s Paris Demain, a light & buttery green tea with an abundant yet delicate strawberry flavoring. Now this matcha. i am sooo in trouble.

i ordered the large size, royal (premium grade) with distinctive flavoring. so glad i did.
i must make a cup, tout de suite!

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ughh the dry leaf in the bag smells so good right now- rich, maple-y, buttery & sweet. truly luscious. it also doesn’t help that i’m starving right now & it suddenly dawned on me that what i’m craving (besides this tea) is a nice dark piece of 15-grain whole wheat toast with lots of butter! (not sure if i’ll be using Smart Balance or KerryGold—both are delicious yet on totally opposite ends of the health spectrum. don’t really care, because flavor is my main concern, the brain needs fat, and i don’t plan on depriving it.)

ETA: the tea was totally delicious. i had one cup with toast & managed to get a second infusion out of it, which i had with a spinach & romaine salad. i also had some Girl Scout tagalongs (chocolate peanut butter patties). still hungry though, and while i have a bunch of vegetarian options at home from a local organic store, none of them seem viable at the moment. i think i’ll just finish off the tub of Smart Balance! (kidding.)

now i want thin mints and samoas!! samosas too ;)

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this matcha’s really good. yes, there is some grassiness present but it is yummy & creamy thanks to the added sugarcane :D

the powder is a bright verdant green, bright like Red Leaf’s matcha, much brighter than Republic of Tea’s. the only thing is, it produces a much thinner liquor than normal for a matcha (and less froth!), so i used less water and needed only a touch of soy milk in order to enjoy it like i normally do.

with Republic of tea’s matcha, i use a lot more sugar & need plenty of milk to get it to a shade of ‘sage latte’ as the liquor is a thick dark green producing a lot of froth. it’s also a lot more chalky and bitter.

in contrast, this Sweet Matcha by Rishi is very pleasant and smooth, and i would recommend it to any matcha newcomer! i myself love it and find it to be very similar to the Starbucks green tea latte.

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so i’ve had this twice already in the last few days & i remember first trying it way back in November (?) at a Barnes & Noble, where i was fortuitously seated near a shelf full of Harney & Sons sachet tins (actually, i’m not so sure it was ‘fortuitous’ since i sat myself…but there weren’t many other options.) it was then that i made my first purchase of their tea: Green tea with Thai flavors (the post-Bangkok era).

as for the frap, it was pretty sweet (not at all a bad thing in my book) so i am always sure to order it without syrup or whipped cream. it’s simply scrumptious and a total dessert and/or meal made with just a few scoops of the powder & prepared hot as a latte with 3/4 water & 1/4 soy milk. freaking delicious. need to try this iced!

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this is unseasonably yummy. without brown sugar or honey, this is minty and fresh, but with a sweetener, suddenly i notice the cinnamon & the vanilla, and i really do get a candy cane out of this! the aroma is lush and comforting and i must say, the flavor is as well. this has become one of my most sought-after teas before bed & i have come to develop a fondness for mint!

i should probably note this is the same thing as Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Green Tea (my sole box of which is all but finished) but thankfully, i live nearby to a Fairway Market that carries many of Celestial Seasonings’ teas, including their holiday ones!

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perhaps this would be more aptly titled ‘Butter Coconut’….but that’s okay!

sad sample sipdown. i was nursing this one slowly, but i didn’t have reason to panic, since with this free sample, i decided to purchase some Caramel Matcha, as it was on sale, so i got a nice large size…and it tasted so similar to this one, which was yummy!

initially, i had such a difficult time telling the two apart. this has that ‘buttered popcorn from the movies’ sort of flavor, which the caramel also had, only it was slightly more butterscotch-y? this one seemed to have a coconut note (in the aroma of the dry powder) which may or may not have been present in the Caramel. this one smelled a tad less ‘sweeter’ & i think i understand what Red Leaf was going for in their rendition of Cheesecake.

i’m not even a fan of real cheesecake….at least not plain. it has that oddly tart, thick cream cheese flavor, which baffles me in terms of a dessert. i think in the matcha version, that quality was sort of conveyed, but i would never think ‘cheesecake!’ right off the bat. still….with milk & brown sugar, it was a treat, as always, for me. i went through this & the Caramel like a tornado. who knew chlorophyll could taste so good?

Red Leaf could perhaps even get away with calling this one ‘Bahama Breeze’ if they decided to throw in a pineapple flavor. lol.

ETA: with Cheesecake and Caramel tasting so much like butterscotch, i wonder what their actual Butterscotch Matcha tastes like?? a conundrum inside a conundrum. and one i must simply buy my way out of in order to truly know ;)

Flavors: Butter, Grass

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drank Demain by Nina's Paris
81 tasting notes

just got my order of (2) 1.6 oz bags of Demain today! (the opportunity for stupid puns never ceases to present itself..)
what a treat to smell this beautiful green tea blend…

it is as i remember it from the samples, somewhat reminiscent of Strawberries n’ Cream oatmeal (by Quaker, i think?)
that oatmeal is my absolute favorite, and although it may be an ‘unnaturally occurring’ flavor in nature, it is by far one of the best. (IMO).
Nina’s Paris fruit & cream flavoring along with the fruit pieces impart a truly scrumptious flavor onto their tea. even the creaminess is conveyed in the aroma, which is impressive to me.

Now to steep this jewel, which i most heartily look forward to doing, after this morning’s cup of rather jolting (yet satisfactory) u・Matcha Natural by Republic of tea. umami all around in that one, if by umami you mean ‘spinach’.

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love tea in every form- from bagged to loose leaf..commercial to niche. i am intrigued by it all & want to learn as much as i can through my 5 senses (tho with tea i’ll presumably be using 3)..am a very sensorial person. love music, perfume, poetry, graphic design, India, Malaysia, Moorish architecture, oh….and tea!

apparently i’m really out of the loop here since i appear to be among the only ones who have not yet tried Golden Moon, Butiki, 52teas, Mandala, Teavivre or Della Terra. i mean REALLY. i need to start lifting this rock up over my head y’all. from the looks of things, i’ve been reenacting Groundhog’s Day every hour on the hour with my uniformed choices. i seek to be anointed!

also, don’t take my numbers too literally; they can’t possibly speak to the actual quality of the tea, much less to the constancy of my own perceptions! what i may feel to be an 88 one day, could very well be a 91 the next, or even 100, depending on my taste buds, blood sugar levels, neuronal firings or planetary alignment ;)

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