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  • “I think I blocked this one from my memory out of sorrow. I had it yesterday, the last of my little pouch. My timer was in use at the moment, so I tried to eyeball the time. Turns out, I need...” Read full tasting note
    ladykittykat 1351 tasting notes
  • “do any of you like to read memoirs? i especially like to read memoirs about depressed or abused or mentally ill girls. is that wrong to admit? well, it's true. Unbearable Lightness, The Glass...” Read full tasting note
    shmiracles 747 tasting notes
  • “I didn’t realize I never posted a review of this one – I bought it probably a year or so ago when I went on a bender of trying all of Davids’ unflavoured teas. Now, of course I...” Read full tasting note
    Uniquity 701 tasting notes
  • “I’ve been drinking a lot of regular ole’ black tea lately and decided to pick up an ounce of this on my way out of the mall (after I snatched up a Lupicia happy bag). My favorite for...” Read full tasting note
    hammaryn 148 tasting notes


The one
We’ve polled the entire country and this is, in fact, the perfect pekoe. The classic of all classics. The ultimate pick-me-up. The blend to turn to when you crave a good, honest cup of tea. Some say it evokes thoughts of warm comfort and familiar friends, others go off on tangents about doughnuts and red roses. Either way, everyone falls hard for this all-organic tea from top estates in Sri Lanka and Assam.

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54 Tasting Notes

1351 tasting notes

I think I blocked this one from my memory out of sorrow. I had it yesterday, the last of my little pouch. My timer was in use at the moment, so I tried to eyeball the time. Turns out, I need something to make noise at me. I got distracted loading the dishwasher and next thing I knew, it had been steeping for a full 10 minutes. I only got a single sip out of it, but it was too bitter and down the sink it went. We’re trying not to buy tea at the moment, so it will be a while until I can replace this one in my cupboard.

Farewell, Orange Pekoe. I’m sorry I wasted you! Not going to adjust my rating because I still love this tea, the poor taste was my own darn fault.

Boiling 8 min or more

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done this myself… it really is sad! :(


Same here…

aisling of tea

I almost cried, it sucked LOL.


I can’t stand to waste, I usually just drink it anyway

aisling of tea

Ah, but drinking it would have utterly killed my love of their Orange Pekoe.

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747 tasting notes

do any of you like to read memoirs?
i especially like to read memoirs about depressed or abused or mentally ill girls. is that wrong to admit? well, it’s true. Unbearable Lightness, The Glass Castle, Wasted, Anais Nin’s Unexpurgated Journals, and every single version of Sylvia Plath’s journals that have been released. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, but the point is i keep searching for more but i think i’ve read all the really good ones? i’ll keep looking and let you know what i find. i might have to broaden my focus to include men and drug addiction stories.
i do see these books as my equivalent to a trashy romance novel. sensationalized and dramatic and easy to read. but if i’m in a reading funk, one of these books always helps get my reading flow started again. or it works as a balance against the heavy and dense writing of the political non-fiction i’m usually chiseling away at.

this pekoe is boring.


The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls was incredible! I really enjoy memoirs, too, usually about people who inspire me, as long as the writing is not too self indulgent; good editing can make a world of difference, I think. I would love to recommend one of my favorites: My Path Leads to Tibet by Sabriye Tenberken. Seems as though most people have never heard of her, and she is this amazing, strong visually impaired woman who helped children who are visually impaired in Tibet.
Another inspiring memoir I read not too long ago 90 Days by, oh, gosh I can’t remember the author’s name…it is about being in recovery, and it was one of those can’t put down books.
I hope your next cup of tea is as exciting and compelling as your favorite memoirs!


edit: 90 Days by Bill Clegg!


I’m obsessed with the genre too, and have read most of the ones you mentioned, but I still need to get my hands on The Glass Castle. Have you read The Quiet Room by Lori Schiller?


Serenity, i just sent a sample of 90 Days to my kindle and i bought My Path Leads to Tibet immediately because i trust my fellow tea drinkers greatly and the ebook was only $3.59. thank you thank you!!


SoftRev, i have read The Quiet Room yes. i liked it, and find myself referencing it in conversations still.
Definitely get your hands on Glass Castle. you won’t regret it. (if you have an ereader i could probably send it to you)


How was Unbearable Lightness? I’ve been contemplating picking it up.


I think I will re-read Glass Castle, now I’m remembering it…that scene with the mom with the candy bar— I can’t get over it…
So hoping you will enjoy My Path, Shmiracles, please let me know!
Looking up The Quiet Room right now…


Courtney, that was the very first e-book i ever read and i have to admit that when i started to browse it, it was just out of curiosity. i wasn’t planning on actually reading it.
but it is so well written that i immediately read the entire book!! basically if the subject matter doesn’t have any issues for you i highly recommend it. it’s a very well written and truly sincere telling of an experience. (it’s really hard to not sound cliche when describing memoirs sometimes aint it)


I have The Glass Castle at home but haven’t quite got to it yet. I also read that ‘genre’ though I focus more on mental illness and don’t do well with anything involving abuse. Most people think it’s really strange to enjoy reading the experiences of people with mental illness, but c’est la vie. There was one called Involuntary Madness where the woman (journalist?) checked herself into a few different types of institution with the same symptoms to see the different treatments offered that was really interesting. On a very different memoir note, I am reading The Fry Chronicles and it is fantastic, Stephen Fry is a wonderfully fanciful writer.


I don’t usually have a lot of time to read anymore with school. It’s all textbook reading but I think I will pick that one up. I love Portia de Rossi and I have no issues with the subject matter I find it interesting as well actually. Thanks for the recommendation :)


Uniquity, i send myself the sample of ‘Voluntary Madness: Lost and Found in the Mental Healthcare System’ thanks for the recommendation!

i love all these possibilities you guys are giving me :)

bummer the stephen fry book isn’t an e-book yet, but i’ll keep my eyes peeled. also, how can anyone not love stephen fry!!


Unbearable Lightness was pretty fantastic. She did an amazing job at explaining her ‘logic’ and actually making it seem like it made sense. It felt very honest to me.


I do have an ereader and would love it if you could send me a copy if it’s not too much trouble. I’ll pm you my email address. Thanks!

Funny that you mention Voluntary Madness, I’m reading Self Made Man by the same author right now, where she lives as a man for a year in different settings. Interesting stuff. I like ‘investigative journalism’ type books too, Nickeled and Dimed is another good one.


I didn’t realize I like investigative journalism until you pointed it out – though mostly I have been confined to AJ Jacobs. Will be sure to look up the ones you mentioned!


Stephen Fry is wonderful, I agree! I can’t wait to read his newest book. Wow, Voluntary Madness looks very absorbing.


Omg. I know I’m late to this party but yay, books!!! Path Leads to Tibet sounds delicious. Thank you, I shall be checking that out. Fist pump for the glass castle!

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701 tasting notes

I didn’t realize I never posted a review of this one – I bought it probably a year or so ago when I went on a bender of trying all of Davids’ unflavoured teas. Now, of course I know what a typical orange pekoe tastes like from the bag – this takes that to a more refined level. It does remind me a lot of Red Rose or Tetley, but without the gritty bitterness I find typical of those bagged teas. It could stand up to additives, but when steeped carefully you don’t need them. There is a natural sweetness in the tea which is very nice on the sip and helps take this from standard fare to something nicer.

All that said, for a LOOSE tea, this is extremely standard. This is what I would use to convince bagged OP drinkers that there is more in the world – baby steps! It makes a nice base for a chai and is okay on its own but I don’t drink loose leaf for “okay.” : )

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148 tasting notes

I’ve been drinking a lot of regular ole’ black tea lately and decided to pick up an ounce of this on my way out of the mall (after I snatched up a Lupicia happy bag). My favorite for awhile now has been Harney’s Malachi McCormick, to the point where I’m thinking about just owning up to my love for that tea and getting a pound of it.

This is nice and unfussy, like basic black teabag tea but just not ground up and put in the teabag (which is probably exactly what this is). It’s got a nice astringency to it without being overpowering. This is not a kapow malt monster (which I like) but there’s a wee bit of malt to this as well. It’s good, but not something I’d drink on a daily basis for the price.

In other news, my boss offered me extra hours at the library this month until school starts again, and I’ll have TA work starting the 7th grading 25 papers a week until late March. It’s a nice start after the towing bill!

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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442 tasting notes

Finished up this one today while on the bus for an appointment. Definitely lost some notes since I was drinking out of plastic. Even when it comes from a tea company, plastic cups can suck. :(



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145 tasting notes

I cold brewed a cup of this for almost 24 hours and it’s nice and refreshing. Kind of mild. I feel like this would be a good base tea to mix with other teas and cold brew… hmmmm..

Daniel Scott

Wow, you cold-brewed it for 24 hours and it’s not bitter? I’ve always wondered if there was a point at which tea would still get bitter if you cold-brewed it.

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1376 tasting notes

Darnit!! so I got that “hibiscus” taste in this tea! even with milk!! and besides that, it was just boring. Better than the Tims tea I had the other day, and definitely better than Red Rose of course. Atleast there was that!
So I guess my buds aren’t up to par yet… that is what I am guessing. Black tea seems to be the only one that is really affected though. It’s a shame because I really do (normally) love black tea!
Patience m’dear! she says to herself over and over… be thankful they’re atleast partway back!
Besides, I have a specialist app scheduled in January to figure out the issue. Maybe then I will finally get some answers!
Or maybe it was just that this sample was from ages ago, dug out of the cupboard on a whim that really shoulda been brushed aside! bah. Old tea, why did I not drink you sooner?! I still have one serving left!
Well, now I know to avoid the non Asian black teas now! lesson learned :)

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69 tasting notes

Well, today brought heavy rain, heavy snow and sleet.
So naturally I took the opportunity to clear all of the winter gear out of my closets and brew some fresh iced tea.
Screw you, Nature. I’m going to enjoy my spring!
I didn’t use the recommended way of brewing iced tea (brew double-strength and pour over ice) because I had time to let it cool, so I just brewed up a 4C batch of Orange Pekoe, mixed it with two and a half ounces of simple syrup and sliced up a lemon to throw in the jug. It looked a little strong to me, so I also added a cup of cold water, but it turns out that it didn’t need that at all, because it’s the tiniest bit weak now.
Otherwise, it is DELICIOUS. My husband is a Good Host iced tea die-hard, so I don’t think he’d enjoy this as much as I do, but it is absolutely perfect. I can see brewing up a jug of this to drink on the deck with my daughter after a nice morning of gardening. The lemon is critical, I think. It adds interest to what could otherwise just be cool tea. But it mixes really, really well with this orange pekoe.
The tea itself has zero bitterness to it (which I’ve found sometimes icing tea can tend to bring out) and is just refreshing and zippy.
Yum! Perfect for drinking while sitting at the dining room table, looking out on the diagonal bombardment of snow on April 3rd…
(Stupid Nature…)

Iced 5 min, 0 sec

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526 tasting notes

Received a free sample of David’s Orange Pekoe in a recent order.

Dry leaves: zero scent, but they look intriguing. Unassuming, perhaps, like that quiet guy who excels in art class in high school and hides behind his hair.

4-minute steep, boiling water, 1TB for 500mL, no milk or sweetener … classic ‘normal tea’ taste. Some depth and sweetness from the Assam, brightness from the Ceylon … very good. No bitterness. Yet still finishes a bit hollow, like it lacks something … more punch from the Assam, maybe? I find myself bracing for a malty pucker, some astringency on the back of the tongue, but it doesn’t arrive.

I’d confidently serve this at a big dinner or a tea party as ‘normal’ tea offering, but I’m not sure I’d go out of my way to get it for myself, not when David’sTea alone offers so much more. And my old fave, the fair trade English Breakfast from my local teashop, Britannia, leaves this eating yesterday’s dust. Perhaps I’m being a snob.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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141 tasting notes

This was a free sample I received in a recent order.

The tea has a sweet, clean, traditional “tea” fragrance. For a majority of Americans, this is probably what they imagine when you say “tea.”

Prepared, it’s slightly sweet and vegetative with a moderate amount of astringency. This would be a good everyday and all-day-long tea. If I get a chance to make another purchase from DavidsTea, I’d probably throw a bag of this in as a staple item.

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec

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