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  • “Sometimes I do tasting notes more or less to update you guys on my life. I do have a blog, but the little everyday things don't make it there haha. This tea is wonderful. It was actually one of...” Read full tasting note
    Courtney 678 tasting notes
  • “Anything cream, I'm game! The leaves are odd, since they range from really long and twisty to tiny little pieces. I don't smell any cream in the leaves, but I do smell a really robust tea coming...” Read full tasting note
    Tea Sipper 1330 tasting notes
  • “This is a great morning tea! Very brisk, and steeps up very dark, very fast! There are caramel notes, which I enjoy, being a fan of sweet teas. It was just the kick In the pants I needed today!” Read full tasting note
    Tealizzy 508 tasting notes
  • “This is an excellent morning mug tea now that I've figured it out! 4g leaves in my 16 oz mug, steeped for just about 3 min, with 1/2 tsp honey and a splash of 'cream'. This still provides a strong...” Read full tasting note
    OMGsrsly 1425 tasting notes

From Tealux

All the traditions of Irish tea and then some! Creamy caramel highlights dot a wickedly full-bodied tea.

Here’s to Ireland, the country that can lay claim to the honor of having the most tea drinkers per capita in the entire world! The average Irishman, when not hoisting a Guinness, imbibes an average of 6 cups a day. Even with the country’s relatively small population of 3.9 million, that’s almost 24 million cups a day!

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15 Tasting Notes

678 tasting notes

Sometimes I do tasting notes more or less to update you guys on my life. I do have a blog, but the little everyday things don’t make it there haha.

This tea is wonderful. It was actually one of the few teas I enjoyed from my Tealux order. It will definitely be a reorder. A nice black tea to wake you up, with a soft creaminess, so it isn’t too harsh.

I’m working on compiling the data I’ve found now, and the annotated bibliography is due for this research project Wednesday. I was stressed about it yesterday, but today I felt I had things back under control. I just checked my calendar and the e-version of my poster is due in less than 2 weeks. Which means this project needs to be done in less than 2 weeks. Along with the 3 midterms I have this week. AGH.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 15 OZ / 443 ML

You can do it! :)


Thanks :)


Are you working on your masters OMGsrsly?


Nope! Je refuse! My grades weren’t high enough for Arch funding, but they’re high enough for Science funding. Since I can’t follow my dreams, I’m having fun working in science. :)


Being paid is kinda rad.


Haha I agree about getting paid! I think I asked before – it’s a protein lab you work in, right? I’m working on inching my GPA up in this last year so I can continue with bio. :)


Yep yep! It’s funny, I started taking Arch courses for the easy A’s, and ended up loving it. I especially love surveying and sorting things. :)


Haha that’s awesome! I’ve never taken one sadly. There are so many course options and not enough time or money. I started taking psych for easy A’s and ended up with a minor in it. :P


I was warned about the psych courses at my school. A friend TA’d some at one point and said they’re like the calculus or organic chem of the arts. 50% fail rate. Ugh.. :/


Shudder, organic chem of the arts sounds horrid.


I’m sure you’ll do absolutely fine, Courtney! But it’s most definitely scary looking at your calendar and honestly wondering how you could possibly get through everything.

Were those psych courses usually placed on a bell curve, OMG? I took one psych course and I found it quite straightforward, but my last university loved those bell curves, especially for the 100- and 200-level. So unless you memorized every single thing in the textbook, no A’s for you. Kind of pointless, really.


I don’t remember. I mean, maybe? I know my math and chem courses were curved up. It’s one of the reasons I liked arch so much – your grade was your grade.


Good luck! I’ve also found myself using tasting notes as a mini journal entry of sorts, haha.


Thanks Fjellrev! I’ve only had handful of profs that actually marked on a curve, but that can definitely affect your grade.


Haha Jennkay, thank goodness it isn’t just me. I enjoy reading about everyone’s day along with their tea. :)


I sort of miss school…heh


Yeah, foreign languages are like that too: no bell curves. And linguistics too, except maybe the intro courses. That’s how it should be!

I did however once have a prof who put every single question on the midterm on its own bell curve, so I ended up with marks like 12.62/15 and 7.93/8 on questions. And that was in Norse mythology. So obnoxious.

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1330 tasting notes

Anything cream, I’m game! The leaves are odd, since they range from really long and twisty to tiny little pieces. I don’t smell any cream in the leaves, but I do smell a really robust tea coming my way! I steeped for four minutes, which I probably shouldn’t have… because WHOA, this one kicks. It’s very full bodied! Very strong! Kind of bakey. On the verge of bitter, but I like it like that sometimes. I like how the caffeine meter on the packages of Tealux teas never make it to the top, this one shows barely half way so I don’t want to know what the most caffeine would do! The package also says this tea is from India and is USDA Organic. The steep color is reddish brown. I really don’t get much of a cream flavor (and it really could have used more with a tea this strong) but there is a flavor here that seems like it is banana to me. So basically this tastes like a rye bread with banana in it. Weird, but good! This might be too strong for those who don’t like tough teas, but this is exactly the type of tea I need more of! I think I’ll have a second cup with some of that Bailey’s Cheesecake cream!

4 min, 0 sec

Sounds SOOOO good!

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508 tasting notes

This is a great morning tea! Very brisk, and steeps up very dark, very fast! There are caramel notes, which I enjoy, being a fan of sweet teas. It was just the kick In the pants I needed today!

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1425 tasting notes

This is an excellent morning mug tea now that I’ve figured it out! 4g leaves in my 16 oz mug, steeped for just about 3 min, with 1/2 tsp honey and a splash of ‘cream’. This still provides a strong cup of tea, but the short brew really allows the cream flavour to show through, and minimizes the tendency towards bitterness. Yum!

(I really need to a) bleach out my timolino because I was an idiot and now it smells like coffee, and b) get a glass or ceramic travel mug with a lid that seals pretty well (and isn’t too expensive). I dropped my fav. Sbux travel mug one too many times, and the lid keeps popping off!)

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34 tasting notes

Very pleasant rounded slightly creamy tea. Smooth in the mouth had it for breakfast did 1 teaspoon tealeaf into 200 ml hot water steeped 4 minutes. Nice taste. For the last sips I added a little sugar which made it taste even more nice.Resteeped the leaf for a small 65 ml teacup this was also nice and still full flavor.

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345 tasting notes

This is a sample from TeaSipper. Thank you!

Holy kick in the pants! This is a strong tea. The color of the cup alone made me quiver in my shoes a bit. This is brisk and a tad astringent, but for a morning cup that can be a good thing. There is a hint of vanilla and an sweet undertone to the tea. There are hints of caramel and bread. This is a nice breakfast blend. I am digging it this morning.

Side note: This reminds me of Adagio’s Eleven. There are tad hints of coconut.

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54 tasting notes

Strong and robust like a good breakfast tea should be. Zero astringency. The cream flavour is nice and smooth; I get a pleasant coconutty note from it. Judging by how fast I drank down a pot of this, it’s definitely a winning blend in my books.

Boiling 4 min, 15 sec 2 tsp 15 OZ / 450 ML

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268 tasting notes

I like this tea a lot even though I rarely go for “morning” teas or teas that would imply a kick. Because kick to me is bitter/astringent/strong — same way I would describe a coffee with a kick. I would have never picked this for myself. In fact, I looked at it before placing my Tealux order and decided against it.

Tonight, I need this. I wake up at 3.46 am each day so I can be at work for 4.15 am. By 7 pm I’m starting to fade usually but it’s Friday night and I’m fighting it. Fighting it with this. (Ok, we went to a nearby Italian bakery so I also fought it with an Americano + Baileys). And canoli. Leave the gun, take the canoli. :)

Thanks to TheTeaFairy for this treat. So so good. Slightly bitter, slightly. 1 tsp for 8 oz, 90C. I added sugar and dairy free Irish cream creamer. Sorry, redundant, I know, but it’s what it is called!

This tea is good. Buy it on your next Tealux order. :) I will.


Double yay! Yay for treating yourself today and yay for the tea :-)


I liked this tea too, and cannoli is awesome! So jealous!!

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1268 tasting notes

From the queue

Prior to my recent swap with Courtney I was asked for requests as one does. I was attracted to Butiki’s Irish Cream Cheesecake, and while reminding myself what Courtney had thought of that one, I noticed a mention of her finding it quite similar to this one. Therefore, I said I would like to try a sample of either this or that, but one of them would be fine if she didn’t have enough to share. Luckily for me, she had enough to share of both of them, so now I get to see for myself if I find them very similar too.

I started with this one because it’s morning, it’s the first tea of the day and it’s a breakfast blend. That’s fairly straight-forward, isn’t it?

It smells quite strong and also a bit creamy. Mostly though I’m finding it to have a very strong strawberry-y note. Peculiar. Was the pot perhaps not rinsed out properly from the Queen of Berries last night? I thought I was pretty thourough with that. Or is it the cream that does it, maybe? I think I can also detect something quite malty underneath the cream and the mysterious strawberry, which adds to the impression of it being quite strong. Husband didn’t think it smelled like strawberry at all, so perhaps that’s just me.

It is indeed a good strong blend, this one. It’s also quite smooth and fairly malty with a good buildup of aftertaste. A sort of oaky note there, I think, and quick flash of something a little more harsh. Like it’s a generally well-behaved blend, but showing teeth now and then to remind you that it’ll only be nice to you so long as you are nice to it.

I’ve had a cream flavoured black once which tasted pretty much just like a generic black with some cream poured into it, which, when you are not accustomed to adding anything to your tea at all EVER, wasn’t particularly pleasant. I was a little curious about how the cream note would behave in this one, but not sufficiently scared away by previous experiences to not give it a go.

I think the cream flavouring adds to the smoothness of this blend, but it’s really quite subtle. It’s there more in texture than in flavour and then I get a little swish of cream on the aftertaste. This is infinitely preferable to my previous experience. It is, in fact, very very nice.

I’m glad I asked Courtney if she could spare a sample of this for me. And once again, I find myself sort of wishing I hadn’t shared it with Husband as that means less of it for me.


This one quickly became a favourite, which I wasn’t expecting. I’m happy you also enjoyed it. :) I’m always happy to send more along if you’d like!

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328 tasting notes

Me, who had never ever been a breakfast blend lover, am now finding myself really interested in breakfast and morning teas. Which is a fun development, so many tea varieties to discover. I think the fault is Mariage Freres´s American Breakfast though sadly that is a tea I can not rebuy locally, or not without massive internet charges. American Breakfast, I love you and you became my staple.

Ah, but this tea instead, it was from a swap with Courtney. She was interested in swapping a lot of breakfast type things, a very tempting proposition in my current mood. I had mentioned to her this recent infatuation of mine for breakfast blends and she kindly added plenty of other teas for me to try. Including 2 irish breakfasts, really seasonal as well! Thanks, Courtney.

Now I had this at breakfast and I am not at my best before breakfast, I just did my usual, not even being sure what tea this was. I used lots of leaf, sweetened it a bit and a lot of milk. I taste it and OMG it´s Bailey´s tea. The cream flavouring, particularly when I had sweetened it and added milk made my mind authoritatively categorize it as Bailey´s tea. And that is not a bad thing at all. Though it was a bit surprising as a breakfast tea, I am sure I could get used to it instantly.

Teabase, I can not say much because of the milk, sugar, and also strong flavouring, but it was strong enough to stand up to the rest. In all a lovely tea.

Flavors: Caramel, Cream

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 15 sec

I fell in love with this one immediately. I love the creamy aspect.


i can tell you the baileys association was a surprise :) but it is lovely indeed


I’ll keep my eyes open for American Breakfast!


Anna, American breakfast is Mariage Freres totally sucking up to the north american market (which actually is the one place they are not big) by making the most awesome, malty and chocolatey breakfast tea ever. It´s like French Breakfast (which is awesome) but extra everything.

I can buy French Breakfast here and might do it, though also seeing if I can get somebody to bring me tea from France or something one of these days.


Yeah, I meant I’d look around for it for you here in Rome, and I’ll let you know when I order from MF. =)


I have just discovered you can now build a wishlist at MF site. I am busy filling it.

(but not now, not now. In autumn, my precious. And OMG Rouge Pleine Lune, I even love the name!)


There is a Rouge Pleine Lune?!


They seem to make it now

at least on tins, loose leaf is not showing, but maybe it is just not yet?

This really was on my wish-they-made-it list.


Wow, just… wow.

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