156 Tasting Notes

drank Salted Caramel by DAVIDsTEA
156 tasting notes

I got this in a swap recently and was so excited to try it. I admit it, I love Teavana’s CocoCaramel Sea Salt herbal tea, so I had to. The first cup I had I brewed it too long,forgetting it wasn’t also an herbal but it didn’t get too bitter for me. Through both brewings I could taste the caramel, not so much the sea salt. The second time I brewed it I got a little more of the sea salt taste, but I still taste it much more in Teavana’s blend.

As much as I wanted to like this better than Teavana’s, it just didn’t do it enough for me. So thankfully, Teavana has their heavenly sale right now and I got a pound of CocoCaramel Sea Salt for like $15. Funny how they can still make a profit with tea less than $1 an ounce though…hmmmm…

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I haven’t logged lately because I’m not trying new things lately because all my money has gone to Christmas presents!! But I am sipping a delicious cup of this at my desk awaiting the 2 Christmas parties of the day to begin…also going crazy with excitement about my Nook Color that my lovely boyfriend gave my for Christmas and waiting impatiently to go pick out a cover!!

Rich smooth chocolate, spicy warm chili, an incredibly indulgent and uniquely flavored tea.

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I got my first Red Leaf Tea package on Friday, yayy!!! So I first tried this Saturday morning as a hot cup. I smelled the English Toffee sweetness immediately upon opening the bag, but when I brewed it I really couldn’t taste it at all. Luckily, I really enjoy the taste of matcha!

So I had about 3 cups throughout my lazy Christmas movie watching present wrapping day, then on Sunday I threw a tsp into a smoothie of strawberries, almond milk, and maple greek yogurt to drink after a circuit workout. My new favorite breakfast. Not only do I love the natural sweetness and earthy taste of the matcha, but after drinking the smoothie I feel like I’ve just had a really good sleep. I feel refreshed and awake, I feel strong and healthy. I will absolutely continue to order matcha to create a delicious healthy breakfast, and maybe I’ll try a robust flavor too.

Sunday I also brewed this cold in a water bottle to take with me for the day while my boyfriend and I went to buy our stockings. I don’t like it as much cold as I do in the smoothie but what an amazing natural energy boost that doesn’t give me jitters or a crash.

I’m way more impressed than I expected to be.

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I got this as a sample in my Compass order and am just trying it today for the first time. I get no flavor, sweetness, or marshmallow in this at all. Just a basic black tea…however it is a really good basic black tea!! Like TeaEqualsBliss said it brews to a medium dark color; it has a strong taste but not an overly bitter one. I wouldn’t drink this if I were in the mood for a flavored tea but if I needed a caffeine boost and didn’t want any extra flavor (which is rare for me), I’d reach for it.

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Drinking this to wake up right now. I don’t love it but it’s growing in me, I also really value mate in the morning so I’m going to need to stock up on some soon since I’m almost completely out. Suggestions are more than welcome!!


i only have 2 mates and i haven’t even tried them yet. (chocolate rocket & honey bee from Davidstea) i know i sound like a crazy person typing this on a tea fan website, but i’m actually trying to cut down on caffeine, so the mate always makes me nervous. i just make cups of it for my boyfriend instead. :)


Fusion’s Pistachio Lime Mate is the best!!

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I’ve had 3 cups of tea today and only 1 was caffeinated…whoaaa I need a dose!! So I brewed up this sparkly little treat and even though my headache hasn’t subsided, my intense negativity has lessened :p Like everyone else, I’m addicted to this tea. I’m lately loving teas with an AROMA…a whole feeling not just a taste. This is fun and sweet but not sickeningly sweet, and for some reason I’m getting a touch of a coconut smell to it.

If there were a petition to keep this year round, I’d sign it and have my friends who don’t even drink tea sign it too. But I did comment on their facebook page in hopes that the elves will work off season to keep this coming in laaaarge doses.

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Backlog. Had this last night after an epic wiggle session (aka dancing like a maniac around my apartment to music while watching What Not to Wear). Totally underimpressed. I have loved this in the past but I just didn’t get that fresh grassy floral flavor that I remembered. I guess I have recently been drinking Vermont Liberty Tea Company’s Jasmine Gold Dragon and that sways my opinion in comparison because it is so much fresher and smoother.

Either way, just wanted to log that I drank it and say that though Teavana opened my eyes to the world of loose leaf tea, Steepster has guided me towards the teas and companies that I truly love.

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backlog from yesterday after work. I tried to pay close attention to the smell and taste of this tea so I could write it up today. When I smell it, I don’t get that same pancake maple smell that everyone else seems to get. It smells like raw pizza dough to me, no vanilla or tasty sweetness that comes with pancakes.

I also don’t taste the maple syrup. Brewed, the tea smells bland to me. I don’t hate this tea, I like it…but not as pancakes. As a simple black tea. It looks like I probably just got some from a less flavorful batch, because these reviews are amazing. I’m not going to put a number rating for this one, but I don’t get the syrupy pancake taste that I so wanted.

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drank S'mores by Della Terra Teas
156 tasting notes

I have all of my Della Terra teas in their original bags expect for this one. This one is in an Adagio tin…which makes me forget I have it!! I didn’t have time to make a cup of tea before leaving the house this morning so here I am at my desk, being reminded of the EPIC GLORY AND DELICIOUSITY that is S’mores tea! It smells like a gooey chocolaty marshmallowy mess, and the flavor. OOOH the flavor.

First sip fills my mouth with a smooth aroma, a perfect balance of creamy marshmallow and decadent rich dark chocolate. Then as I finish the sip I get the sweet spiciness of the graham cracker. I am officially adding this to my list of “must reorder!” for Della Terra.

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drank Cranberry Pear by DAVIDsTEA
156 tasting notes

I got a sample in a swap of this from The DJBooth so I’m testing it out and writing it up! Brewed, it smells very much like a sweet cranberry but you can almost feel the aroma of the bitterness in the berry too. I think that extra sweetness comes from the pear and apple pieces. My first sip…delightful! I was expecting more of a bitter black tea taste for some reason and my palate is filled with an almost creamy crisp fruitiness. I taste more of the pear and feel the aroma of the cranberry. There is no unwanted bitterness to this tea!

I am not a huge fruit tea drinker, but this may have made me more open minded, it tastes so festive and crisp. This is also my very first sip of any Davids Tea. I think once it cools down, as with most teas, the flavors will be even more apparent. But even freshly hot, I’m really appreciating the feel and flavors in this tea!

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Born and raised in Connecticut, went to college in Vermont, and moved back to work after a year of service.

I love sweet, decadent, desserty teas the most but I also appreciate a strong refreshing cup of green or white tea. I recently started a matcha smoothie morning, sometimes mate or black tea, then black tea and rooibos throughout the day, and whatever my little heart desires most when I get home from work!

I’m obsessed with Della Terra, DAVIDs, and 52teas because they have the best dessert teas but also have a selection of some more straight things too. Recently tried Simpson and Vail and LOVE them too!!

I don’t have a rating system, I just kind of guess. I think I should make a rating system…

85-100 I want this in my cupboard always
75-85 I like it but I’m not rushing out to buy more immediately
60-75 Probably not going to want more than the sample
40-60 I don’t like this tea, I wouldn’t recommend it, and I won’t drink it again
0-40 This wasn’t even worth the sip.

Ok let’s try that for a bit now.



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