I’m actually wondering if the tea I have received is off or old. I smelled the dry leaves and…nothing. No scent. My nose is extremely sensitive too. I’ve never had a tea that hasn’t smelled like something before. I ground a few of the curls up and there was a little scent, but barely.

I steeped this tea for just under 5 minutes. It tasted a bit odd. Slightly malty, but mostly just something I couldn’t put my finger on and it wasn’t very pleasant. Surprisingly weak for such a long steep.

Overall, I think I may have got a bad batch – at least, I hope so! Very disappointing. Not leaving a rating.

Boiling 4 min, 45 sec

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I generally take my tea straight, although occasionally blacks may end up with a splash of milk if I’m after a certain comfort factor. I’m enjoying expanding my tea palate, and am so far favoring whites and greens the most, although oolongs and blacks aren’t that far behind. Still deciding on rooibos, and have yet to try honeybush.

Likes: Coconut (addict), Peach, Honeydew, Various Melons, Lychee, Nectarine, [Blood and normal] Orange, Tangerine, Berries in general, but specifically Strawberry and Raspberry, Chocolate, Pumpkin, Caramel, Pecan…

Dislikes: Licorice, Coffee, Grapefruit…

I haven’t perfected a rating table as of yet, so here’s some bad tea jokes instead!

What is a baby teapots favorite game?

What does a teapot say to it’s lover?
O, dajarling!

How long does it take to ship tea from China by slow boat?
Oolong Time!

What does a tea bag do when it’s tired?
It seeps.

What do lady teapots like to wear?
String of Earls!

Why did the tea get away?
Because it was loose.


New Zealand

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