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I have never thought of flavored matcha before I got this as a taste test sample from Red Leaf tea. I have had their loose leaf before and have been interested in their matcha since.

I love the combination of rich, sweet caramel flavor blending with the greeness and vegetal flavor of the matcha. I made two bowls of this the good olé fashioned way, with two chasen scoops blended with my bamboo whisk in my Chawan. MMM!

I have read the rave reviews of this tea iced, so I think I will make it that way next time!

Flavors: Bitter, Caramel, Vegetal

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From miss Stephanie!

The art I commissioned from her and tea samples made it to me not even twenty minutes before I left to go to the bus depot; so I didn’t have time to take pictures for you guys or add any of the tea samples into what I packed for my trip. I don’t know if she took any pictures before mailing stuff off, but if she did I have no problem with her sharing them so you guys can see!

The whole packaged smelled like this matcha; despite all the bags she had it in. So fruity; and so much berry! Even though I was really rushed to leave, I quickly opened up the sample baggie and measured out about 1 tsp. to shake up and add to the bottle of vanilla Milk2Go I was bringing with me. I’m a little sad my first impression of this one wont be straight; but it smelled too good to not try as soon as possible.

If I’m being honest, I’ve never had a rich berry pie before. I mean, yes I’ve had all sorts of pies with berries – my favourite of which is Saskatoon Berry (Robert; I will be tickled pink if you make me a Saskatoon Berry matcha), but never rich berry. My understanding is that it’s basically sort of an amalgamation of every sort of berry pie? Someone correct me if I’m wrong about that though. If that’s what it is, it sounds delightful and yummy!

Initial thought upon drinking this one: Man I hope we don’t hit a bump in the road! It’d suck to spill matcha milk all over myself on the bus when I still have like two hours left in my trip. But then after I had finished with that thought and successfully not spilled anything my next thought was something along the lines of “man, what I rich berry flavour! Oh – I get it. I get the name.” Yeah, I can’t say the berry in this is anything really descript but if it’s just sort of meant to be “all berries” then I can understand and accept why that is. In the vanilla milk, it’s exceptionally creamy and smooth too – like a mixed berry milkshake, sort of.

Still working on drinking this and I’m noticing something else too; there’s a buttery cinnamon note to this matcha as well. At first I didn’t really get why, but then it clicked that it must be meant to taste like a cinnamon dusted pastry crust! And once I realized that I totally tasted it; it just comes together to create this very complete and well rounded flavour of pie! It’s not just “an assortment of berries dumped together” – it’s berry pie. And I’ve had other pie matchas (Pumpkin) from RLT before – I can say confidently that the crust element in that blend is not as well executed as it is in this one. And now that I’m really getting into the pie aspect of the matcha and not just the berry, the vanilla in the milk is reminding me of a dallop of vanilla ice cream on top. Perfection!

This is cool! I’m happy Stephanie sent a fair amount of it, because I know I’m going to have fun experimenting with it! One of the better “fruit” matchas I’ve had, for sure!

Flavors: Berries, Butter, Cinnamon, Pastries


Glad you enjoyed the matcha and I’m extra glad the art arrived safely :D


stephanie.. WE WANT PICTURES


awesome! love it!!

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drank Jasmine Supreme by Red Leaf Tea
4801 tasting notes


For anyone who is familiar with my ‘favorite’ type of teas, you are aware that I love jasmine. I absolutely adore it. So long as it’s done right … unfortunately, this one wasn’t done right. Just no.

It’s way too floral and tastes perfume-y. It tastes like it was flavored with jasmine oil, not scented with jasmine blossoms.

The green tea – beneath the strong floral notes – is a soft, buttery, silky tea and I think it would be great if it hadn’t been done so wrong with the jasmine.

Here’s my full-length review:

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Must have messed this up something fierce the first time I made this. The spices are definitely prevalent amoung the flavors. I’m not sensing much pumpkin. It’s there but it’s not as strong as I thought it was going to be.

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drank Guava Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
341 tasting notes

Smells like Bubblicios bubble gum. Tastes like…. something not guava. Something artificial. Kinda reminds me of something but I’m not quite sure of what that is. Maybe this tastes like a guava that I haven’t tasted but it sure doesn’t taste like Hawaiian guava.

1/2 tsp matcha and 6 oz milk

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Morning matcha milk! This sample came from cookies, thank you dear! I’ve been using my lovely new Blender Bottle for these, and it works beautifully (plus I love that it has measurement marks along the side and a really wide mouth so I can sift right into it). This matcha milk was 1/2 teaspoon of matcha and 4 ounces of unsweetened soy milk.

The verdict: very tasty! I can actually taste the pumpkin part instead of just spices (although the nuttiness of the soy milk itself probably helps with that). The spicing is quite mild, so honestly this reminds me more of a roasted piece of squash or a baked sweet potato with a bit of brown sugar and spice over the top. Delish! :)

Flavors: Clove, Creamy, Nutmeg, Pumpkin, Sweet Potatoes

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Tried it again using a full tablespoon. Ugh, it was even worst. It was so bitter, and not in a good matcha kind of way. I don’t understand how most of the review are so positive. Never again.


i feel the same way too. try their almond matcha

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This smells amazing, but the taste leaves little to be desired.

I used 1 teaspoon to 2 oz of water, then added steamed milk to make a latte. This had no flavor whatsoever.

This was a free sample I got from the company and the packet I received actually said to use 1/2 a teaspoon. When I looked on their website later, it calls for 1 Tablespoon.

Maybe I’ll try again using a full tablespoon to see if that makes a difference.

1 tsp 2 OZ / 59 ML

the only tea of theirs i have tried that i liked was almond matcha

i cannot remember if i tried this one


found some of my reviews for this tea

(from newest to oldest)

it tastes a tad bit better with sugar :) sugar sticks that red leaf tea sells works too (no need to measure sugar) —→

An ok tea :) i expected better. tastes kind of bland and a bit like oranges :P

Flavors: Caramel, Orange Zest

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Thank you again Sil for sharing some Red Leaf with me a while back.

I saved my last serving of this for a day like today, because out of all the flavours I was able to try, this was the one that felt like a cup of hugs and smiles. A liquid teddy bear of sorts.

I tossed some fresh goat’s milk (that I got from a friend yesterday) in the microwave to warm up, put a light froth to it with my electic frothing wand, added the matcha and a pinch of brown sugar, and frothed til it was green and foamy. It’s sweet and very much irish creamy, the goat’s milk has just enough tang to cut the thickness that teeny bit so it doesn’t simply coat my tongue, but not so tangy that it overpowers the sweet creaminess either.

So thank you again Sil for the cup of comfort on a really uncomfortable day.


Oh that sounds amazing. I love goats milk.

Bear With Me

I do too. I’m lucky to have a friend with a hobby farm, so I get eggs, chicken, milk, and cheese from her in exchange for helping with her horse.


Oooh, that sounds nice. I love goat cheese, though I’m not sure I have ever had goat milk before. I’m told it is better than cow milk for some dairy sensitive people. I think I may still have some matcha left, so if you like, and I have it, I can pass the rest on to you. Let me know? :)


Yes, I do have some left…a few varieties, including a little more Irish Cream.


Goats milk around here is a pita to find. Last time I saw some, it was expired… sitting on the grocery shelf. What a waste!


It is available here, but really expensive to get.

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drank Cheesecake Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
1006 tasting notes

So, this is me finally jumping on the matcha bandwagon. I’ve read reviews for a while now, and I’ve been very curious about it. Unfortunately, I’ve had a couple of really bad matcha experiences (both in restaurants) that kept me from placing an order, but I decided it’s time to give matcha a try at my home where I have control over the quality of the tea I drink.

I tried this hot, and I tried this as an iced latte. The hot tea was incredibly creamy and smooth. There was a cheesecake note, but it wasn’t as strong as I was expecting. Instead, the flavor of the matcha itself really came through, and it was lovely. I’m having a hard time finding words other than ‘clean’ and ‘green’ to describe it. That said, it was a creamy, smooth, green, clean tasting cup that I found super comforting.

As an iced latte the cheesecake flavor really came out. I used skim milk, and I did add two teaspoons of sugar to the 12 oz latte. The result was a wonderfully yummy drink with creamy cheesecake notes. I also liked that I could still taste the matcha even though the flavor wasn’t as easily detected as it was in the hot tea. I can see why this matcha would be fun to add to smoothies and frappes, and I’ll probably do the same once the weather warms. I really liked the cheesecake flavor, and I can see myself mixing it with other flavors in the future just to have some fun (and tasty!) lattes.

I’m still really new to matcha, but I can see myself totally falling in love with it.

Name: Cheesecake Matcha
Size: 30g
Flavor: Distinctive

You can find the tea here:

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drank Cheesecake Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
169 tasting notes

Sipdown! Thanks for the sample Marzipan, I enjoyed trying this one. I have to say I didn’t get cheesecake from this at all. It was just kind of creamy and rich tasting, but not particularly cheesecake like. Not bad at all, but compared to the super rich French Vanilla flavor this just doesn’t compare.

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I know I reviewed this as an matcha latte but I don’t see it now, nor was this listed as in my cupboard. Drat it, Steepster!

Inspired by the pictures that Red Leaf posts on Facebook, I made some matcha ice cream with a twist. The twist – I used homemade kefir, which generally produces a frozen yogurt like dessert that tastes like cheesecake. My only ingredients were 12 ounces kefir, 1 1/2 TBLSP sugar, and a scant teaspoon of matcha. I froze it in my Zoku cup since it was a small batch. I froze it in two batches successively, adding it to my teacup.

It was very tasty, and healthy, though that is a lot of matcha at one time for me since I ate it all by myself!

Thank you, Red Leaf, for the matcha surprise! My student who shared some with me has emailed three times for help in choosing their flavors as they are requesting your matcha as their birthday gift at home!


Frozen kefir! That’s a new one to me, but I can totally see how it would taste like cheesecake.


We were looking at shops in Toronto’s PATH and one is called deKefir. It is a frozen kefir shop, like our frozen yogurt! Plain kefir with vanilla and sugar added and made into ice cream tastes just like cheesecake flavor frozen yogurt.


Genius! More people need to do this wonderful thing haha.

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My son asked for Black Cherry Matcha from Red Leaf Tea for Christmas, so I ordered 60 grams and upgraded the base because it really seems to make a difference to me. When the order arrived, there was also this pouch of 30 grams of Madagascar Vanilla Matcha! I panicked, wondering if I had ordered wrong, if my son’s pouch of tea was also just 30 grams and they had made a mistake but NO! It was a gift! A bonus! There was a little note on my invoice with a smiley face!

I had skipped lunch running errands so I wanted a latte to fill me up fast. I made a big glass and told my son to try a sip, and I was a little alarmed when the “sip” went on and on and greatly diminished my glass! He handed it back and said, “I’ll have one!” So I made another glass for him.

I used about eleven or twelve ounces of skim milk, one tablespoon of sugar, and 1/2 teaspoon of matcha. I stirred with a spoon then further mixed and frothed with an Aerolatte, a little mixing tool that costs less than $20 and can easily be had for less using a coupon at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

It was like drinking a vanilla shake with a touch of creamy matcha flavor thrown in. Delicious, and thank you so much Red Leaf Tea for the bonus! I think my son may be hooked on a new flavor!

Also, I really like the new packaging. For a matcha that I will drink pretty quickly as lattes like this one, the new zipper pouch is perfectly good storage and I don’t have to be frantic about finding a tin or jar right away.

Sami Kelsh

Wicked! How sweet of them to send you such a lovely gift :)

Cameron B.

Ooh, is the Black Cherry one good? I was wondering which cherry to try when I get around to ordering. :P


I was just thinking about ordering from Red Leaf. Last time I ordered the French Vanilla. I might give this one a try next.


Cameron B. – the black cherry is one of our favorites for shaking in a cold water bottle and using during workouts! It is yummy! I make pitchers of it iced for them U.S. when they do heavy yardwork to keep them refreshed. They seem to love it! They go through tons!

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drank Caramel Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
676 tasting notes

I’ve been seeing so many awesome reviews for Red Leaf flavoured matchas, so I was very excited to get this sample in the mail. It unfortunately did no fare very well in the postal system, and so rather than being contained to the sample packet, the matcha had exploded and coated everything in the envelope. I managed to salvage a good amount of it, but probably only enough for one large cup.

It smells and tastes delicious – very intensely caramel. I did this up as a hot latte – matcha, sugar, milk and some hot water, all into the blender for a few seconds. Everything is a soft, frothy, yellow green that reminds me of spring.

Caramel is the dominant flavour, but there’s definitely matcha notes in there too, toning it down and giving it complexity. I get a hit of the bitter, grassy aspect of matcha in the back of my throat towards the end of the sip. All in all well balanced.

I love how strong this smells – I really feel like I’m sitting in a confectionery, with hot butter and sugar being cooked into candy. The fragrance fills the room.

This is dangerously easy to drink. Love it. Need to try all the flavours! :P

Flavors: Bitter, Caramel, Grass, Sweet


That sucks about the packaging. Did you contact them about it?


Not yet, but I will.

The Cookie Lady

Mine had done the same thing. When I emailed them, they were kind enough to send me a second package that made it here safely!


Cool :) I did send them a message via the contact form.

Red Leaf Tea

I’m very sorry for that. I have tried to ship a big size sample (10g), but it looks like Post Office is really rough with the mail and squeezes the envelopes and makes the bags pop. I have already adjusted the size to 5g and this should fix the problem. If you got one that came in destroyed, let me know and I’ll ship a new one.

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Thanks for the sample Marzipan!
This isn’t bad, but I can’t say I get pumpkin pie out of it. It’s a nice light spicy matcha, more pumpkin spice than pumpkin pie. It’s heavy on the cloves with a bit of cinnamon and maybe a sprinkle of nutmeg. No discernible pumpkin unfortunately. But, still, it’s a lovely tea for a cool winter afternoon.

Flavors: Cinnamon, Cloves

0 OZ / 0 ML

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Accidentally opened package B first. The smell of roses and graham crackers hit my nose as soon as I opened the sample. Bit of an odd combination. The flavor is somewat floral as well. As far as graham cracker goes though…. I’m not really tasting it. This is probably going to the bottom of my list.

1 tsp
Cameron B.

Graham cracker flavor? Sounds interesting, to say the least. :)


I know! I was actually hoping it would taste like it but i don’t think it really does. Hopefully sample a will be better.

Red Leaf Tea

I’m sorry I did not send the follow up email where to post the reviews. I will send it within a day.

Cameron B.

Thanks for the link, I just got my samples as well! :)


Thanks i will do that!

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drank Sechung Oolong by Red Leaf Tea
498 tasting notes

Advent Calendar day 19

I did this one gongfu. Very nice. Roasty and flavorful.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it’s available anymore, or I’d probably have ordered it.

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I thought this was a white tea due to its appearance and had it sitting with my white tea samples. According to the vendor’s site, it’s a green tea. I don’t know the story behind this tea and why the needles appear to have been crimped. Is it part of the processing? Does this occur naturally? Is it dragon magic? I can’t be sure.

The infusion this tea created is very pale, almost colorless, with the slightest yellow. I’m still not convinced this isn’t a white tea. Okay… the smell and taste have convinced me. It has the sort of nutty and grassy smell of a chinese green tea. Taking a sip, it’s a really mellow and nutty kind of green flavor, with hints of green bean or sweet peas. It’s sweet and non-offensive, really easy to drink. I found myself drinking it very quickly because of this. It has a really smooth and juicy mouthfeel and a lingering taste. The flavor’s a little light.

Still almost colorless on a second infusion, there’s a lot less flavor this time. I’m tasting a hint of metallic flavor that I think is just a quality of the water I’m using when heated. There’s hardly anything there to taste at this point, so I’ll end my review here.

I don’t know what to think about this tea overall. The flavor was really nice, but nothing terribly unique. There’s a hint of a peach taste lingering in my mouth and the feeling after drinking this tea is very clean and fresh. It’s a really delicate and easy to enjoy tea, but so delicate that it seemed really lacking in flavor by the second infusion. I guess I’m a little underwhelmed since the appearance was so interesting! I had hoped the flavor would be as unique. Still, it wasn’t a bad tea.

Flavors: Green Beans, Nutty, Peas, Sweet

175 °F / 79 °C 1 min, 0 sec 3 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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Water and almond milk
I’m using a scissors from now on… i ripped it open and it dusted the counter top. Not much spilled but still.
We’re enjoying this one. Think the milk and water milk is a bit off but luckily this matcha is good enough that you barely notice. The french vanilla makes me think of silk fabric. Everything about this matcha is so smooth.

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Amazing. Oh is that tasty. It doesn’t need it but next time I’m going to try it with my amaretto honey. Used almond milk. 8oz milk and 1/2 tsbp matcha. This is my favorite thus far.


I love this one. It’s probably my favorite RLT matcha that I’ve had so far.

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1 tsp+ 1 cup cold whole milk*= OH MY LANTA.

*shaken, not stirred

I can’t believe that I am drinking matcha right now. This is not matcha, no way. As if the funny green color of my milk could trick me. Nope. This is not matcha, this is actually funfetti cake batter for astronauts.

The green powder just needs to be rehydrated in some milk for you to feel like your grandma handed you a bowl of funfetti mix to lick after she was done pouring the cupcakes. But all this is happening in an imaginary world without calories or salmonella. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, this is the reality created by Red Leaf Tea.

And oh my goodness, talk about an energy blast! I feel like the energizer bunny crushing through Ochem, cleaning the house top to bottom, and going for a run…and wait…it’s hardly 11 in the morning. And guess what? No crash. All the glorious caffeinated benefits of matcha without the matcha flavor. The flavor of the vanilla is definitely WHAM, in your face, ready to take your taste buds to a dance party. This is seriously the perfect matcha for dessert lovers who are afraid of the taste of matcha.

Get your hands on a cup here:

Flavors: Cake, Vanilla

1 tsp 0 OZ / 0 ML

sounds amazing! “funfetti cake batter for astronauts” is one great description :)

Cameron B.

Yum, I love cake batter! And funfetti is fantastic. :D


I agree! I really liked it too!

Cathy Zheng

That’s it, I’m placing an order.

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Yay, I got this as a free sample from Red Leaf Tea. Thanks so much, I really appreciate the chance to try some of your product before buying! I must confess, I am a matcha novice… I have really no experience with it, but I’ve heard good things from other people here on Steepster, and when I saw that the French Vanilla was available for sampling, I had to give it a go! I decided to follow the directions for a cold latte, minus the ice cubes. So I put 8 ounces of vanilla soy milk in an empty water bottle and added a half teaspoon of the matcha, then shook it vigorously for a few seconds.

I must say, it came out very tasty! I think next time I might try it with 6 ounces of milk instead of 8 (the instructions recommended 6-8) just because I wouldn’t mind a stronger flavor. I figured I’d stick to the lower matcha:milk ratio this time, just because I was unsure whether I would like it or not. Next time, all bets are off! I will say, the vanilla of the soy milk combined with the vanilla of the matcha is lovely. However, I find that this has a light coconut flavor to it as well, so not sure if that’s from the matcha? Either way, delicious creamy vanilla-coconut goodness.

Flavors: Coconut, Vanilla

8 OZ / 236 ML

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This is an expected combination Earl Grey. The Puerh adds a depth of smoky mushroom element to the body and tail notes. I was surprised to find that this combination really goes well together. There was not a point where the two strong flavors were fighting each other. Too bad this tea has been discontinued, even if I would not have bought this tea again, it was nice to know that offbeat blends like this existed.

Flavors: Bergamot, Mushrooms, Orange Zest

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I am not particularly wowed by this tea. There was a lot more raspberry than I had anticipated. There is a distinct presence of flavorings added to this tea that may have turned me off to it. I know, I know, it is supposed to be and “infused” tea, but it becomes almost artificial in it’s quality. The one time that I over brewed the tea, I got a Grape Fanta flavor. After that I am careful to watch the steeping time, cause I don’t want to taste that again. Alone it is good without sweetener, for it is naturally sweet. When I am in the mood for a fruity light tea, this is what I go for. An interesting concept, but I don’t think I would buy it again. Red Leaf Teas are better for flavored matcha anyway.

Flavors: Apple Candy, Grapes, Raspberry, Sugarcane

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