111 Tasting Notes

Rummaging through my tea cupboard, I found a single teaspoon of this left that I must’ve hoarded away! Ifjuly sent this to me in one of her lovely packages (she’s one of my favourite people on the planet). I can not believe that I have this to drink today!!!!! EEEEEEEK!!!
This has to be my favourite white tea I have ever tried… It’s buttery and nutty and so very wonderful!
I get pistachio notes along with cream…and the mouthfeel.. Oh, the mouthfeel! It’s fabulous.
So, after finding this tea, I don’t care that the snow is now higher than my neck outside my window (my nice neighbor came through with his snow blower and did my walkway… I think he does this more for the postal worker than for actual neighborly kindness, but it’s still very much appreciated—-so that the postal worker can walk a straight path for a row of houses and not have to keep walking up and down driveways and sidewalks… for clarification. lol).
Anyway, this tea is one of my favourites, and I’m over the moon that I’m sipping it right now!

Flavors: Butter, Cream, Hay, Nuts

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I chose this especially because the snow is piled halfway up my dining room window…. I’m going to pretend that it’s April in Paris right now (or, at least in my tea cup).
This came from MissB, and I can’t thank her enough for her generosity… She’s really one of the loveliest people, and I’m thinking of her while I sip away….pretending that it’s not winter anymore.
This one is fruity and floral…reminds me a bit of Harney’s Paris, but not as fruity… I really do like how the floral notes are balanced with the fruit; to me, it all works out really well.
My second steep had the addition of a bit of cream, and it was really fantastic… I sat by a window, under 3 blankets, and enjoyed that cup til the last drop.
I haven’t been drinking too many flavoured teas lately, so this was a fun change of pace. Thanks, MissB, for my perfect tea time! :)

Flavors: Floral, Fruity

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Thank you so much, Tea Ave, for sending this sample (along with all the other goodies…really, you outdid yourselves!) to me. Honestly, it felt like my birthday opening up the samples from this company, and after today’s tea session with this oolong, I think Tea Ave will be a company I return to. :)
This is one gorgeous tea. The leaves are beautiful (I couldn’t stop taking pictures of them), and the taste is pure honey sweetness. With a golden liquor and a floral hint, this tea is delicate, never crossing into a territory of astringency. I lost count of my steeps, actually, but every time I found a delightful cup sitting in front of me. The aroma cup provided gave me the opportunity to pick up hints that I know would otherwise go undetected, not mention make me feel like this was a special moment between this leaf and myself (really, we got to know each other pretty well, and I’m liking where this relationship is going….).
Thank you so much, Tea Ave. :)))


Flavors: Citrusy, Cucumber, Floral, Honey

Red Fennekin

Looks (and sounds!) really delicious :D


nice photos!


Your photos are so lovely!

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The wind chill is -30F, and the snow is blowing like mad out there…. thank goodness I’m sitting inside sipping away.
I had 3.5grams of this left from a sample I had received, so this is my last bit of this (I’m sad to see it go! ).
The bread pudding quality is ever present, making it one inviting cup.
I feel so uneducated when I write a note about ripe puerh, because I have SO much to learn… Knowing that I like it is about all I have right now, but I’m not at the stage of being able to compare the subtleties of one to another.
I just know that this is one great cup of tea… the mineral dance on my tongue is delightful, and the hints of raisin and caramel are lovely.


Good luck with your weather, and enjoy your tea. :) Did you want me to send you a few samples? I have a raw puerh that I adore from a local shop, and I picked up a couple ripe from Camellia Sinensis.


Oh, geesh, you don’t have to do that! What could I send your way? (I know, my cupboard is totes boring right now…. lol)


(Zen tea?…. if I order, I pay in US dollars… I can totally trick them and send little white cups of greatness to your house… :D)

Red Fennekin

I know what you mean about writing about these teas – I just feel like I don’t really know them well enough to write about it all properly hahaha!

Amanda 'SoggyEnderman' Wilson

yeah…when it gets that cold I refuse to leave the comfort of tea. Good luck with the frigidity!


Dude. I have so much tea. And I just bought more that I HAVE TO SHARE IT IS SO GOOD OMG. But sure, you could do something like that. :D


Red, I’m so glad I’m not the only one. lol
Amanda, I’ve been lucky and haven’t had to venture out too much, although shoveling is HORRIBLE…. I hope you guys are all keeping warm!
OMGsrsly, you’re the best. :)


Sharing is caring, or something like that, right? :)

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Grabbed this out of my tea drawer, as I was just looking for something quick while I made dinner…. It’s not really my thing, but it’s ok for right now.
It feels more like the type of tea I’d drink when I felt sick…so maybe I should add this to a ‘buy this tea next time you’re all ill and gross’ list…
There’s nothing wrong with it, it just doesn’t float my boat like a gently flavoured or straight green does…
Off to prep my asparagus and listen to more of this week’s Bombcast podcast. :)

Flavors: Citrus, Mint

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I just shoveled my driveway, and my arms feel like wet noodles. The snow itself is as high as my waist, while the areas I’m having to throw the snow up into are almost above my head… Winter, the Starks can have you!
I had leaves of this in my gaiwan from last night, and since I made it while cooking dinner, I didn’t get all the life out of this tea… So, easy morning tea for me. It’s all ready to go! :)
This infusion (can’t remember if it’s the 4th or 5th…..) is roasty and floral with hints of spun sugar on the nose…It’s exactly what I was looking for, and my wet noodle arms are happy now.


Good job on the snow! That must have been quite the job.

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drank Pu-erh by Blue Quill
111 tasting notes

This is from MissB (thank you!), and I hadn’t tried it until right now. I’m having this shou craving that’s driving me mad… MAD FOR SHOU! :)
Anyway, this is so good.
It falls apart (tuo cha form) very quickly, with a lot of sediment. I improvised and used a small tea basket to pour through into my tea cup, which resulted in a bit on my counter, because I’m pouring out of gaiwan through a tea basket, and it just didn’t want to work….but I persevered!
I do definitely get the ‘crunchy sugar’ thing that MissB talked about in her review for this tea (ha!…crunch…)… it’s malty and sweet, but earthy and round.
I’ve got a few more of these, and I’m so glad that I do! :))

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Ok, so my late night puerh drinking experiment took a sour turn.
I found myself staring at the clock, feeling like electricity was flying through my limbs, at 3:30am (I headed up to bed around 1am)… haha!
BUT… This puerh was SO good! I kind of don’t regret drinking it last night…
I wonder if you can build up a resistance to caffeine, because I would like to do that if it meant I could keep drinking teas like this at night and not just during the day.
The sweet rice scent, the warm smoothness…. aw, it’s just awesome. :D


Some people drink shou as their before bed tea! I couldn’t, either. Way too sensitive to caffeine.


sounds delish!


Aw, too bad….shou gives me rubber legs and relaxes me, haha :-)

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Found a sample of this at the back of my tea drawer, and admittedly, this has got to be old…like, real old, since I haven’t ordered from Den’s tea in quite some time (not because I don’t like their tea…I just don’t have enough money to order all the tea I want to. haha).
Anyway, even being old, I really like this. It’s bright, with that vegetal bitter note I was expecting. I don’t think I’ll rush to buy it (again…in my dream world, my tea budge would be HUGE….), but it’s definitely a nice cup.
I wonder what it would taste like if it hadn’t been hiding in my tea drawer for such a long time….

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Normally my pu notes consist of steeping details and observances…
I have a specific purpose for this note, though, and it’s that I drank this late (I mean LATE) at night after remembering boychik saying she can drink pu and still sleep… well, by golly, she is totally correct! I am so excited that I have more options for night time! And pu-erh, which is so meditative and relaxing, is such a wonderful choice to have. W00T!
Anyway, I love this one. It’s all warm cinnamon raisin bread with this effervescent mineral thing that dances on my tongue…. oh, it’s mighty delicious! I drank this while playing the second episode of Telltale Games’ “Game of Thrones” last night, and if it wasn’t so glitchy (knew I should’ve waited for a patch… I play on the PS3), it would’ve been a downright fantastic experience. Game of Thrones and this Puerh = heaven.

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Oh, tea….
you’ve taken over my life, but I’m ok with that.

I’m pretty new to the tea scene, only drinking tea bags most of my life, but my friend ifjuly really got me into it (that sounds bad…). Butiki, Harney, and Verdant seem to be my ‘go to’ places to order from, but I LOVE trying new teas and companies. The variety is partly why I love tea so much…you can’t possibly get sick of it.
Well, that, and the transporting aroma of each cup…. I love that. It’s why I love wine, and tea does it just was well.

Really want to learn about different tea vendors out there, and about tea in general… it’s all so interesting to me.
I’m really excited to be part of this community and learn from all of you.

I don’t usually sweeten or add milk to my teas, so my notes are based on that….also, the rating system kind of throws me—I’ve always been horrible with giving number ratings to things, so don’t take those as set in stone (Honestly, I usually don’t even use the numbers…).

Everything in my cupboard has at least one serving left in it…I try to keep it updated. :) (I actually just added all my sample sizes to my cupboard, so MOST of the tea in my cupboard is of that ‘sample’ size…)

random info: music and art are pretty important in my life… i also thoroughly enjoy nerdy things like video games, anime, knitting, Doctor Who (the 10th is my favourite…), A Song of Ice and Fire, and random cartoons and such…. and i love, love, love to read. :)

I’m married to my best friend (I’ve known him since I was 15….we were totally going to be in a band together. It was going to be HUGE…), and we’ve got three kiddos. They’re pretty neat, too, even if they try to put sugar in my Verdant tea when they drink it….


Rochester, NY

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