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Bergamot, Jasmine, Lavender, Plums, Stewed Fruits, Earth, Leather, Lemon Zest
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From Nina's Paris

Bergamot from Sicily
The smoothness of Keemun together with the freshness of bergamot. An ancient recipe that was handed down by a high dignitary of China to Earl Charles Grey. A classic that definitely shouldn’t be missed.

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33 Tasting Notes

2107 tasting notes

My sample was enough to make about 16 ounces of tea on the first steep. I drank eight ounces of it hot and plain. It was one of the best Earl Grey teas I have tried. I added some simple syrup and put it in the refrigerator to chill.

For my “dessert” tonight, I poured the cold sweet tea into my Zoku slush and shake maker. It. Was. Heavenly. The bergamot in this is so nice that instead of getting a mouthful of cologne (which is how some EG makes me feel) I enjoyed a fruity treat with lots of tea flavor.

My friend who had ordered Earl Grey dropped by and I found out that she has only tried the sample so far, as her order has not yet arrived. She loved her sample though! Of the five samples I just received, two are teas that I already own a tin of and have already reviewed, so I passed them on for her to taste!

Earl Grey lovers, this is a very nice tea with pure, natural tasting bergamot and best of all, a great tea base that isn’t covered up by the flavoring! And it is awesome frozen, so if you make tea pops or tea ice, it is a great summer tea!


Just got a zoku slush maker this week. Looking forward to lots of tea slushies this summer!


I bought two, and I am definitely getting at least one more. There are four of us and we use these every day! I did buy a cheaper slush maker at BJ’s but we really didnt like it. More Zokus!


Last year I got the popsicle maker at a local fair. I use it SO much, and now I want the slow pop maker and the slush maker. So, uhh, thanks? :)


OMG: LOL! You’re welcome? I bought the fast pop maker before our annual beach trip as a surprise. Love the Nutella pops. Mmmmm. Today alone I have made an Earl Grey slush, hubby made a Cheerwine slush, and daughter made a Mountain Dew Whiteout Slush. LOL! We are enjoying them. It is sooooo hot and humid here, and I sit outside and watch the chickens play and then I want something ice cold and refreshing when I come back in!


I’ll get a regular popsicle maker at the dollar store, and I’m pretty sure my mom has a retro version of the Zoku slush maker I can get from her. :) I remember making slushes all the time when I was a kid!

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675 tasting notes

Thank you Nina’s Paris for this sample tea!

The morning sun was very bright, one of those days when the news reports ‘sun glare’ for drivers and a caution to wear dark glasses to prevent accidents. I laughed when I moved to high altitude Colorado from sea level California and heard traffic news reports of ‘sun glare’. I don’t scoff anymore!

I decided to try a tea that I consider perky.

Earl Grey is one of those tea’s that has a citrus edge reminding one of Summer any time of the year. It’s not too fru-fru for a deep black tea lover like me.

This Earl is light and fresh, almost too light for my taste…but I can imagine that many are looking for just such a lighter bergamot tea. There is no astringency, just fresh, light flavor.

I had issues with Steepster yesterday (when I first tried to log this review) and got the dreaded black screen announcing that I had left the kettle on so I retreated to my blog and wrote some thoughts that had long been brewing in my mind about the meaning of tea in my life.

If you would like to read my latest blog entry… www.teaandincense.com

I’m off today to the Rocky Mountain Tea Festival in Boulder and will write about the adventure with some pictures. Sometimes vendors that we post reviews about are at the festival, and that’s always exciting.

Terri HarpLady

I wish I was there! Next year we should all converge on this festival!




By the way, the classes are $15 which is cheap!


Have fun at the festival!


I did! Ended up afterwards at Ku Cha tea house and as I always do, brought some Verdant and Butiki tea in my bag and shared with the tea servers. We did some side-by-side tastings and had a good time. They served me golden eyebrow black tea. I always follow by buying a pot of tea to drink in the back tea room by the fountain.

Terri HarpLady

Sounds like a wonderful day to me!! :D


I read your blog entry…thanks for the inspiration Bonnie :-)

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2182 tasting notes

Sipdown, 243. Thanks to Nina’s Paris for this sample to try!

I decided to request an Earl Grey as a sample to see how it compares to some of my other faves. I am no longer actively looking for the perfect Earl Grey, because I have found it (Lupicia), but I will always welcome new versions to try. I was unsure of how long to steep this one, because the Versailles Rose was good at 3 minutes but the Marie-Antoinette really needed only 2 minutes. I decided that possibly a tad weak was better than bitter, so I went with 2 this time.

This is a tasty Earl. Two minutes worked just fine. That nice, malty-smooth base that I found in the Versailles Rose makes an appearance again, paired with a nicely balanced citrusy bergamot. Not perfumy, nor bitter like citrus pith. I definitely enjoyed drinking my cup, but it didn’t quite stand out to me as particularly distinctive. Which is fine, because it’s still a very tasty tea and a good example of a well-done Earl.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

Hi Dinosara, In your quest to find your favorite EG tea, what was the best organic EG you tasted & how did it compare to Lupicia. Thanks!


I haven’t had too many organic Earl Greys but of the ones I have had my favorite is probably two leaves and a bud… It’s nicely balanced, with a good amount of bergamot that is citrusy and pleasant, and a smooth black tea base. The biggest difference between that one and the Lupicia is the base; the Lupicia is a Keemun and the two leaves and a bud is a Ceylon. I tend to prefer Chinese blacks in general so I prefer the Lupicia but the two leaves and a bud is still a really great tea!


I share your preference for Keemun vs. most Ceylon teas. Have you tried any of the following EG: American tea Room, Arbor Teas, DavidsTea, Nectar Fine Teas, Rishi, The Tao of Tea, Teas Etc., Zen Tea? Thanks


Of those I have only tried the cream version of DavidsTea’s and the Rishi… I found the DavidsTeas version to be kind of astringent and bitter with the bergamot, and I found the Rishi to be decent but it has a Yunnan base so it is a little different.

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2161 tasting notes

A lovely little sample from wheezybee.

Your samples are all in the front, so I’m getting to them first in my sample sipdown month…

This was really nice! I added creamer, and was working while I drank it, so I didn’t pay much attention… but it was good! I mean, it disappeared so fast. :) Definitely something to try when I finally do a Nina’s Paris order.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

They offered me a sample and I turned it down. I definitely regret that choice.


Aww, boo! It’s definitely one to try.


Totally worth it. Nothing I didn’t like about their Earl Grey! :)


I have read reviews and a lot of people have said its a nice one.


I have read reviews and a lot of people have said its a nice one.

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1905 tasting notes

A sample from a while ago! Sorry about the lateness of this tasting note! I love Earl Grey. This one is certainly a decent one. I think it would be an Earl Grey especially for anyone who doesn’t like their bergamot very strong. The bergamot is nice and bright but not as strong as I like my EGs. I steeped for TWO minutes right after boiling because it seemed like the cup was dark pretty quick. The leaves are kind of small.. but maybe they were just crushed with all my other teas. I hope not! The black tea has a nice boldness, briskness to it but not overpowering…it’s a special kind of black base that I really only see with Nina’s Paris teas. Maybe it is taming the bergamot a bit. The second cup at just boiling for three minutes is somehow even better, even though the bergamot is even less present. The black tea is now very sweet somehow! Not my favorite Earl, but very tasty.

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408 tasting notes

It is my second sample kindly sent by Laurent and Mélanie from Nina’s.

I am an Earl Grey lover, I have at least 8 Earl Grey or Earl Grey variations teas in my cupboard. So I was really happy to have another one to discover.

I didn’t respect the brewing advices of Nina’s because for the first sample I found the tea base light for my palate so I decided to steep 5 minutes.
And I think I have been right.

The bergamot is subtle and delicate and it was really light on the dry leaf scent.It smelled subtle but delicious.

The liquor is beautiful, an amber coulour, translucent, very lovely but I was a little worried because generally when I can see clearly the bottom of my mug it often means the tea base is light and often too light.

This Earl Grey has a very nicely balanced citrusy bergamot, this is really well done.Flavour is really a perfection :natural, not over- perfumy,it’s just as if a very fresh bergamot had been squeezed and added to the tea.

I suspect the keemun used as base is the same as the one used in Thé de Vendôme. I can taste it better here vs the previous sample but it is still a little too light for my taste. I would have prefered a medium-bodied tea but this is really a question with my own tastes.

This Earl Grey is really refreshing and perfectly blended. I would consider it as a Summer Earl Grey.
I imagine it can make a very nice iced-tea as well.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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1640 tasting notes

This isn’t an official review. I am going to play with this one a few times before making a final assessment. This is a new blend of Nina’s Earl Grey. Apparently it is not on the market yet. I was given this as a gift from a thoughtful Steepster friend. I have tried the old blend and my note is on Steepster. The old blend has a keemun base and is very refined and civilized. This one has a Sri Lanka base (Celyon) which should give a slightly rougher edge to the cup.

The scent from the tin is citrus and peppery bergamot. Very intense when dry and all concentrated. I did this first cup at 195 F. That is what I have been using lately for Earl Greys. I steeped for 2 1/2 minutes. I try not to go longer with a new black until I see how it affects my stomach. Some cause a great deal of burn. The brew is ruby red and very pretty. It turns more root beer as it cools. The wet leaf has a nice leafy scent under the less intense than when dry bergamot.

The sip is – Earl Grey! What I mean is it is Earl Grey the way I like it. The Ceylon base is drying and tingles the cheeks. It has a slight bite. Had I used hotter water I could boost that bite, I believe. The bergamot while hot is kind of laid back. As the cup cools it grows in intensity. Me like.

OK, apparently this has turned into a review. So let me add as a final thought before I experiment more – My experience with Nina’s beyond this blend (and their Lapsang Souchong – which is awesomely powerful) is their teas are noted for being very refined, wonderfully flavored, and mellow. This tea is not mellow or refined and that is what I like about it. My thought is Nina’s might be better to offer two Earl Greys with expressive names to signify the difference. I am not too sure how this blend will fair with their usual customer base. When it comes to Earl Grey I am definitely more of a barbarian!


Thanks for the review. Sounds like I would like it a lot ;)


The Keemun base has my heart, but what a great idea if they could offer both! Chinese Earl Grey and Ceylon Earl Grey, something for everyone! :)


Oh, and it IS on the market. If you order Earl Grey, this is what you get. The Keemun isn’t available anymore,but the website doesn’t reflect the new base yet! I am glad you like it! :)


I remember a long time ago having an Earl Grey with what I believe was a smoky Keemun base. I think it was from Utopia. It was really good. I can see where it is hard for a company to try and please every one. You have to mix preferences for light bergamot with heavy and smooth base with bite. So yeah, definitely at least 4 Earl Greys should be on the website :)

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985 tasting notes

Tea of the morning…..

This one I ordered based on recommendations. I did not get in on the free sample frenzy offered by Laurent, but just jumped in with this one. I mean, it has a Keemun base. It should be a favorite. I did order through Amazon, and purchased 100g in a bag.

The bags can only be temporary storage in my opinion. They are a very heavy plastic, but one side is clear. My 100g came in two bags, and they were not even sealed other than the zip closure. Most companies heat seal them. All in all, it still works out for me because I have more tins lying around than I care to count. It was easy to pull the stickers off of one bag to put on the tin because they were small. To purchase in a tin, the price was going to jump $6 ($5 for the actual tin and a little more in the shipping.)

So far, I do like this one. It has a wonderful base, but I am still trying to wrap my brain around the bergamot. It is pretty mellow. I think I will need a few more tastes before I can place it.

All in all, a good experience. I have been wanting to try it, but so far am not wowed. Usual teapot method.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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255 tasting notes

I promise, I will try to stop personifying my teas! In the meantime, this was a nice Earl Grey with a surprising natural sweetness and slightly fruity notes neither my husband nor I could place. Well worth a second cup!

You can read my full review here:

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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125 tasting notes

Sample package: 2” x 2” clear plastic zip-lock – 2 level tsp
Label: “Earl Grey.” (No ingredients listed. No brewing instructions.)

Per http://www.ninasparis.com/en/pro_tea0.html:
Bergamot from Sicily
The smoothness of Keemun together with the freshness of bergamot. An ancient recipe that was handed down by a high dignitary of China to Earl Charles Grey. A classic that definitely shouldn’t be missed.”

Thanks to Laurent at Nina’s Paris Tea Store USA
for the recommended brewing instructions:
1 rounded tsp / 195*F / 6oz / 2.5 min.

6-oz water with total dissolved solids (TDS) of 22 ppm
Heated to 212*F and allowed to cool to 195*F – verified with DAVIDsTEA digital thermometer
1 rounded teaspoon
Stepped for 2.5 mins.

Introduction: Most EG teas come from Shi Lanka formerly known as Ceylon. Having a Keemun base (a favorite tea of mine), was a significant reason for wanting to sample this tea. Our current EG has a Ceylon base and I can’t get past the astringency. Other primary reason: My wife loves EG.
This tea has a lemony Earl Grey fragrance that’s slightly stronger than the Keemun base.

Amber hue

2.5-min Infusion: My wife noted an initial peppery/thyme-like aroma. I noted that the aroma of the tea was stronger than the light oil of bergamot lemon sent. Some Keemun teas have a smokey aroma. Perhaps this characteristic was competing with the lemon aroma?

Similarly, the taste followed the aroma. The Keemun stands out above the light oil of bergamot lemon flavor. This Earl Grey was very smooth, not at all bitter or astringent with a clean finish.

Impression: A very smooth muted Earl Grey tea.

Suggestions: Perhaps Nina’s Paris might consider adding more of the wonderful Sicilian Bergomot to this very smooth Keemun. Another possibility might be to select a less aromatic Keemun or a Yunnan Dian Hong style black tea instead.

Thanks to Nina’s Paris for providing this free sample.

195 °F / 90 °C 2 min, 30 sec

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