Honey & apricot aroma from the steeped leaf in my smaller gaiwan, have been recently enjoying using this slightly smaller size compared to my 100ml ones. Not sure how smaller it is, I need to check it.

Anyway, after a 10 minute rest the first two steeps were quick, <5 secs & the taste was sour sweet apricot, but somehow encased in a rounded soft yiwu milk-body. Tongue tingles, there seemed to be two kinds of sour taste, a very pleasant soft main body sour & a slightly sharp finish. Its one of those lively tastes that overload my tastebuds a bit.

Energy is pretty instant, by the third steep i felt it hit me, a pretty strong vibe. Perhaps even a little too strong for me.

Subsequent steeps centred around this sour flavour, its slightly aged leafy without being dominant. I taste & feel it slightly milky but others have called this rounded, i guess milk is a bit rounded, I actually see this as milk though. Whatevs.

I had to stop this for a bit because too much tea in a short space of time but by the later steeps this soft round sourness was still prevailing, along with the liveliness on my tongue. Once it got to a few minute steeps I had to stop due to a bit too much caffeine.

A nice tea for fans of the yiwu thing, definitely pleasantly sour. Was never too fruity or leafy or sour or woodsy or aged, but with a lively tongue & rounded body. Less of the stonefruit sweetness, i didnt get so much of a cooling huigan that others did.

Flavors: Honey, Milk, Pleasantly Sour, Round, Stonefruit, Wood


This one sounds like one to try. Nice notes! :)

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This one sounds like one to try. Nice notes! :)

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Basically loads of Fenghuang, jade oolong & sheng puerh.

90+ is godly

80-90 is something i would buy again.

60-80 ok, but probably more bland or basic in their flavour.

0-60 something tastes wrong with this one.

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