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I love this tea… So simple and sweet. Soothed my nerves about training tomorrow. I hope it helps me sleep tonight.

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drank Passion Berry Jolt by Tiesta Tea
430 tasting notes

I got a travel mug with a built-in infuser. Because screw not being able to enjoy my teas because of my busy schedule and harrowing commute (a problem that will soon be remedied once I move into my first apartment! Ahhhh so excited!!!!)

I’d forgotten how good loose black tea tastes. This one has strong raspberry and pomegranate notes, and the base is earthy and burnt tasting. It’s very nice, and it kept my eyes open while I was hanging out with my man tonight at his house. (Raiding of his tea stash was deemed totally necessary.)

Gotta get me some of this for my own collection! Or maybe I’ll just keep stealing his…


Your man has a tea stash? Color me impressed!


I got him into tea :D a point of pride

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drank Refresh Mint by Tazo
430 tasting notes

Oh my gosh, what a crazy week! Started training for my first full-time gig. It’s a tech support job, so I have to learn all of the systems and things. I love my coworkers, and I think I’m going to enjoy my time with this company. But man, am I tired!

I snagged a cup of this during lunch. I’m usually prejudiced against Tazo because I know that it’s a Starbucks product pretending to be something special. But I got desperate.

The tarragon was an interesting addition. It kind of took the edge off of the peppermint, as odd as that sounds. And the spearmint wasn’t overpowered by the peppermint either, which was another pleasant surprise.

It was easy to keep track of (read: I stuck the teabag in the water and left it there the whole time without any problems.)

I wouldn’t buy this tea for myself, but it’s certainly good to know that there’s a passable commercial mint tea out there.

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Sipdown… Not sorry to see this one finished. I loved it at first, but today when I was drinking up the last two teabags of it, I realized how sickly sweet it is. It’s like they needed to compensate for the fact that tulsi isn’t very flavorful, and so they doused it in heavily perfumed rose and stevia. The result? I felt like I was drinking tulsi from a Bath and Body Works soap bottle.

Yuck. Sticking to Organic India’s Lemon Ginger tulsi blend if I ever find myself craving some holy basil.

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I must have rocks in my head for drinking hot tea on a miserably hot night like this, but whatever.

Very tasty! I’ve tried a chai with a honeybush- rooibos base from a different company and found it to be flavorless. I do have a good experience with Zhena’s though- I love their coconut chai. So I went for this one.

It’s very aromatic. I smell mostly cardamom and cinnamon, with a dash of cocoa. The sip tastes like chai masala, just a bite of ginger, and the chocolate lingers in the aftertaste.

I love this!

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drank Meng Ding Huang Ya by Dobra Tea
430 tasting notes

Made a cup of this in the gaiwan this morning. I haven’t had it in a while. I’d forgotten how flavorful it is, despite its deceptively pale color. I may have made it a bit strong, but I got bitter cocoa notes, asparagus, and the same sort of umami quality that you can taste while eating turkey.

A very unique and dynamic cup.

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I have been offered full-time employment!!!! The search is finally over! Praise be!!

This tea walks the border between too tart and tolerably tart for me. It’s a hibiscus base, and hibiscus plus blackberry is kind of asking for trouble. But the vanilla does its job and takes the edge off of the bitterness and gives the cup a mildly sweet and melodious note.

Not my favorite, but not awful. The vanilla is the saving grace (and, frankly, the whole reason why I made the purchase…)


Congrats on the job! Woo hoo!


woohooo! grats on the job!




Thanks guys! I can’t wait to start there :D

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drank Vanilla Comoro by Harney & Sons
430 tasting notes

Vanilla Comoro is how I’m choosing to deal with today. There should be a law that if a customer is rude to you for no reason, you should be able to tell them to leave.

Vanilla custard and smooth sweet nuttiness are extremely soothing to me, and help me forget about this godawful day.


I got covered in dirty street water by a passing car while wearing a white shirt. MONDAYS


I love customer service but sometimes I really hate customers.


Most customers at my job are lovely, but there are a few cranky ones thrown in. And the fact that it was also a Monday didn’t help. Ah well. Tomorrow is another day :)

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I got this really cheap today. I think it was on clearance, because they don’t have it on the shelves anymore, and it was the last canister. They used to sell it in the vitamin aisle, because I think it’s considered a dietary supplement. Sweet!

It has green coffee bean in it, which I don’t know much about. I liked this tea because it tastes a bit like cinnamon graham crackers. The stevia isn’t cloying, which is a relief. And if it helps me lose a bit of weight, that’s even better.

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Always delicious, always soothing. I’m getting a lot of vanilla tonight, which is different because normally the honey is more dominant.

In any event, it’s creamy and delightful. I think this is my favorite Twinings blend.

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Hello! I’m a recent college graduate, trying to find my way in the world. I love literature, politics, and tea. I work in the Information Technology field.

Favorites: black, oolong, rooibos, and white teas, pu- erh, mate, and chamomile. Blends that are vanilla, chocolate, nutty, or dessert-like are especially appealing to me.

I like green teas as long as they are blended with fruit and/ or spices, and I LOVE them when they’re floral.

I have a love-hate relationship with kombucha, and I’m very picky about my chai- It has to have a high-quality black tea base and be heavy on the cinnamon and light on the nutmeg.

Dislikes: Plain green teas, honeybush, fruity herbals, hibiscus in high quantities, plain peppermint. (Although I am not opposed to trying blends that cross into these neighborhoods if they come from reputable companies.)

I’m not a swapper, but I hope we can still be friends :)

90-100: Perfection and heaven and magic, all in one cup.

70-89: Good.

50-69: Meh.

49 and below: Blerg.


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