1196 Tasting Notes

I’ve been kind of scared to try these Caraway teas I’ve been holding onto for ages. Might as well finish them right?

This actually isn’t too bad. I think if I had steeped it any longer, like the four minutes recommended on the bag, it would be horrible.

It’s basically just a black currant black tea. It seems like it’s on the brink of tasting really artificial. As it cools though it becomes a lot more tolerable, so this might be better cold brewed.

Which I might just do since it’s going to be 74 tomorrow…why!

Jaguar of course gave us a bag of swag and one of the things is a baller travel mug, which excites me so much because I hate the one I have. I can’t wait to use it but that isn’t going to happen soon :( My favorite thing though is this: it looks like the remote entry fob but it’s a flash drive! https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc7/381697_4131887984519_1099186710_n.jpg I of course attached it to the key for my car worth about 20x less than my favorite car today LOL


LOL – I’m totally too scared to try my teas, too. A few of my samples are still unopened.

Erin Williams

Im not crazy about caraway seeds in cooking so I wouldnt be anxious to try a caraway tea

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so because I was in a total food coma last night, it was quite apparent my stomach was going to need some settling before I went to this Jaguar driving experience thing. Spearmint it is! I had it iced because suddenly it is just way too warm. It’s nice and comforting cold though! It loses a lot of that edge mint can have, so that makes it better, not like drinking toothpaste.

And so I was fine, and my stomach felt good all day! I think I actually prefer spearmint as an iced tea.

The rest of this is unrelated about this driving thing but I HAVE TO TELL EVERYONE.

It definitely was for brand recognition and not HEY BUY A CAR because I guess a lot of people still associate Jaguar with the problems they had pre-Ford buying them. So first we took them out on the road in a group, which was fun. Really comfy. I have to say I was just expecting heavy cars that would remind me of my mom’s car but it handled similar to what I’m used to so it wasn’t too weird of a change.

Then, we watched a little presentation and were released into the wild…I mean to the tents with the fun stuff. First I went 0 to 60 mph to 0 in a $130,000 XKR-S. SO AWESOME. I probably got above 60 but I was too busy freaking out inside to look at the speedometer.

Then there was autocross in a $97,000 XKR. I was telling the instructor how I always wanted to do autocross but I don’t want to break my car. So obviously the best thing to do is jump from my 140 HP when it was new car to a 510 HP car. HAHAHA. I didn’t do as great of a job as I was hoping…I was in the 42s or 43s instead of around 40 where I was hoping but yeah, just a little freaked out about the sheer awesomeness of the car.

Then there was just like testing out AWD and the computer system with it, where I totally failed to get it working in sand. And then they had just see how comfy it is where you just drove slow over bumps and stuff and didn’t feel it. I reaaaaally like the XKR convertible…sigh.

And then they load you up with swag so now I have a new travel mug. Yay! I was just about to ask someone to get me a new one for Christmas so that’s perfect. And now maybe the adrenaline will die down.


sounds like an awesome day! glad you had fun :)


You are the new MOMO BOND!


Ahhh Bonnie I really am, last night for our anniversary, my boyfriend gave me a replica of the necklace Vesper Lynd wears in Casino Royale. I’ve only taken it off to sleep! And my nail polish is Tomorrow Never Dies! Bond Weekend!


OH GREAT! You know my first date ever was GOLDFINGER in the 1960’s when it was a NEW movie.(I think I was a Sophomore and the guy was a Senior and terrified!) Sounds like you had a ball!


Wow, what an awesome day it must have been for you, Steepster’s official race car
chick that you are :-)


That sounds fun. Was it a free event? I want to go 0-60 in a car that’s 6-figures.

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drank Chocolate Rocket by DAVIDsTEA
1196 tasting notes

I was in love with this when I first tried it. This time around, not so much. I wish it was more chocolate raspberry than it is, it’s more like just chocolate mate instead.

I just really needed some mate because I was falling asleep. We made a split second decision to check out a nature center near the river, which was fun. Lots of owls! And I’m disappointed that I never realized beavers live this far south and down into Florida too. They had one beaver, and two bald eagles! All the animals are rehab animals who can’t be released back in the wild.

I think maybe if I used a bit more leaf I might like it better. It’s good for being chocolatey, but I really miss that raspberry I tasted before. I just can’t decide if I want this to have around as a go-to mate since the one I currently like a lot, I will never purchase again sadly for my tastebuds (and not sadly for my ethos).

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drank Eight Candles by Della Terra Teas
1196 tasting notes

Ok, Steepster is being really weird so hopefully this works this time.

So I had high expectations for this tea. Caramel flavor, marshmallows, stars, edible ball bearings, those are all things I really like.

At first I was feeling kind of meh about it, it wasn’t really remarkable. And it is a bit of a gross surface tea, but there’s plenty of sugary goodness in here for that to happen.

Once it cooled down a bit, I really enjoyed it. It is mostly marshmallowy, I was hoping for a more creme brûlée taste but the caramel isn’t as strong as the marshmallow. But it is soooo good. Very sweet!

I had hoped to get 2 oz of it, but it was sold out already so I ended up with the last 1 oz. Glad I didn’t have to get 4, I don’t think I like it THAT much.


this tea sounds yummy! I tryed to like it but steepster wont let me :( …


Have you tried Smores? If so, how does it compare to that one?

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drank Buttered Rum (organic) by DAVIDsTEA
1196 tasting notes

My friend asked me to make hot buttered rum lip balm, so last night I finally got around to it, and now all I can think about is buttered rum. I still have some of this, it’s probably incredibly old by this point but it’s been in a bag in a tin in the pantry. So, actually still tasty!

Speaking of lip balm, I sent out 2 packages to Canada today, and the entire process is suddenly a PITA. Anyone else in the US ship anything to Canada somewhat frequently and notice this sudden change? Now they enter I guess all the information into a computer from your customs form and it takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R. It’s going to Canada, not North Korea, IT’S RIGHT THERE AND OUR BFF TRADE PARTNER WHY ARE YOU WASTING MY TIME I AM SO HUNGRY.

Okay I may be done complaining about it but it was just baffling all around.

I am not getting that much rum from this, the coconut is pretty strong. I let it cool off and it tastes far creamier and is tasting a lot more like rum too. Hot, it felt like the flower petals were even coming through strongly.

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I was not too excited to try this one because I’m not a big ginseng fan. But I do like oolong, and Teavivre was nice enough to send me the samples, so time to finally do it!

As an oolong it was really good, kind of roasted, but still vegetal. The ginseng kind of reminds me of a hybrid of some kind of sweetener and eucalyptus. It had that cooling feel but the aftertaste was this lingering, back of the throat sweetness. I didn’t really like that part.

I started drinking it far too late to get any more steeps out of it, but I plan to try it again soon. I imagine past that first steep that sweetness is more subtle as the ginseng fades, and I am pretty curious now about the oolong in here by itself too.

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Tried again with this one, attempting to make it taste like cookies involved me making it taste even worse than the first time I had it.

I used 3 bags in a giant mug and added milk, and a bit of agave and it just tasted horrible. Next time I’ll do 2 in an 8 oz mug again, and I’ll also measure the insides of the penguin on skates mug I have to see if that was too much or what.

Or this tea is just weird and terrible but I’ll keep trying till I run out of bags.


I’ve also gotten sort of a weird taste if I put too many bags in. 2 bags in a 16oz worked well tastewise, although it was weak, and 1 in an 8oz worked okay too. I add a little bit of agave and milk. But overall I’m kind of disappointed.


Someone recommended a super long steep time with this one. I tried it, and loved it. (Before that tip, it was too weak for my tastes.) I usually do 2 bags to 16 oz, along with milk and raw sugar.

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Alright. I was thinking about this one last night so I figured it was time to give it another try.

Great big heaping 1/2 tablespoon. boiling water, steeped for 10 minutes. Still having issues :(

I can kind of get cheesecake, and a little chocolate, but no peanut butter.

At least honeybush is more drinkable than rooibos. So it’s not all that bad to drink but I wish I could taste the peanut butter cup!


Glad this one wasn’t the best tea ever, because it haunted me after I didn’t buy it and it sold out. It sounds like it should pretty much be the mother of all dessert teas.

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Ughhh as if this past week of food and stuff (namely cookie cake) wasn’t enough, we are going to Capital Grille on Saturday for our fifth anniversary of dating! And apparently they go all out on you.

If I could just drink tea the rest of the week, that’d be great.

I just got A TON of new tea in today so I’m hoping to finish some things off soon, this being one of them. There’s maybe 2-3 cups left after this one so yay, even though I have really, really enjoyed this one.

This is my favorite blueberry tea, and I love love love the cream cheese tang. The pastry part is also somewhat present, though I think that it gets boosted by the assam. And for some reason today I’m getting a little smokiness, though now that it’s cooled it’s faded. Kind of made for an interesting taste!

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drank Assam by two leaves and a bud
1196 tasting notes

This one is nowhere near as good as the Assam Breakfast sachet. Bleh! Though judging by the other notes, maybe the milk at this coffee shop was bad? In that case, I’ll stick to the one on campus that has Assam breakfast…

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