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I went to the mall last night (bathing suit shopping…don’t wanna talk about it, UGH!) and noticed a NEW little locally owned coffee/tea shop with cute tea pots in the window! So of course I had to check it out ;)

Anyway they had a bunch of VERY reasonably priced bulk looseleaf teas so I picked up a couple. I got this one and also a “wellness” herbal blend with chamomile, mint, echinacea and licorice root.

This tea looks like a kinda stemmy white peony tea. The blueberry flavor is not bad! Not miraculous but very drinkable. I’m planning on making this one a regular iced tea staple over the summer since it was so cheap! I’m drinking it hot right now but I think it’d be really good over ice :)

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drank Hashiri Shincha by Den's Tea
987 tasting notes

I made a cup of this last night brewed according to the package directions- 1 rounded tsp leaves with 2 oz water. I tried to boil the water and then wait for it to cool to the proper temperature. I don’t have a very sensitive thermometer so I don’t know if I brewed it properly or not! It was VERY strong though. I probably killed it. So this morning I brought 1.5 tsp to work with me in a paper filter and brewed it with around 8oz of water from the instant hot water machine in the break room. I really like it this time! Bottom line, this tea is very good but also very finicky! Tastes like a sweeter/brighter version of my favorite sencha :)

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drank Golden Fleece by Verdant Tea
987 tasting notes

I’ve been hoarding the small sample I got of this. Decided I was in the mood for it this morning! I’ll be drinking it all day :)

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Enjoying this very much today. I’ll have to save a tiny bit to taste side by side with the spring harvest when it gets here :)

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drank Northern Lights by DAVIDsTEA
987 tasting notes

Making a pot of this to drink during Game of Thrones. Last of a swap sample! I think I’m craving the mint in it.

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Feeling icky…pu’er all day! I can’t handle my junk food anymore :P

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drank Peach Iced Tea by Harney & Sons
987 tasting notes

A friend brought this along to the cabin over the weekend to share. I was not impressed! Drinkable but nothing special at all.

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Back from a weekend of too much beer and too much food at the cabin. Detoxing with salads and pu-erh today! :)

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drank Laoshan Black by Verdant Tea
987 tasting notes

Enjoying the malty flavors of this one this morning. I dig it but I do prefer the Laoshan Green! :)

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Still loving this one very much! Sad it is sold out along with my precious Autumn Harvest Laoshan Green. I’ll savor every drop while I’ve got em ;)


Ah, the sadness of falling in love with one of Verdant’s limited teas… hope this one comes back in stock for you! At least many of the teas do, though they are of course slightly different picking to picking.


I’m actually looking forward to trying the SPRING Laoshan green harvest when it comes in. But man, I so loved the Autumn! hoards the last of it

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Graphic artist, printmaker, lover of tea.

I love pretty much every type of tea camellia sinensis can produce. I like herbal teas sometimes but I can’t stand rooibos.

Butiki, Verdant, Mandala, TeaVivre and Den’s are my favorite online retailers so far.


Southern Indiana

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