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From Tealish

A sinfully aromatic black tea blend which captivates the senses. Exquisite, sweet nut flavours from almond and pistachio pieces are balanced with spice notes from peppercorns, cumin and coriander. Like walking in to a bakery in Paris.

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22 Tasting Notes

658 tasting notes

Ooh, yes. No additions is definitely the way to go with this one. The milk watered it down terribly. Today it is much fuller-tasting. The base is nice and light, and it tastes exotic and homey at the same time. The pistachio and almond come through loud and clear, and the spice notes mingle around the nutty ones perfectly. Nice!


I’m a little scared for this one.. I thought it smelled like taco seasoning. Did you find the cumin easy to pick out in the taste?


Taco seasoning! I was weirded out when I read cumin and coriander but no, I can’t really pick either out. I would have guessed more cardamom-type spices. They are odd choices but they seem to work.


Awesome thanks Jessie :D
I enjoy drinking the same teas while being on opposite ends of the country. good times.


No problem! I hope you don’t get taco seasoning when you try it.

And yes, tea is quite the uniting force!

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4833 tasting notes

Thank you to DaisyChubb who sent some of this to me!

It would seem that this one is a hit or miss here, I happen to like it. It tastes very much like Butter Truffle from ESP Emporium. Nutty, sweet, and nicely spiced. I don’t really get a pastry taste from this, but, I do get a buttery note which kind of plays toward a pastry taste … not quite the bread-y part of a pastry but definitely the buttery, rich part. As I continue to sip, though, I notice the bread-like flavor develop.

I like this.

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903 tasting notes

I’m being indecisive tonight. I can’t decide if I like this. It’s strange, bizarre/weird to me. Must be the cumin, or the thought of the cumin.
I’m also getting that acidic burn sensation on the tongue (like when you drink too much orange juice?). Yet there is something interesting here. Might be too far outside my comfort zone, and it’s just too strange – or so different from what I was expecting that I can’t wrap my head around it.
I’m getting way more spice than I am “bakery”, not getting much nuts at all.
Will have to ponder this one for awhile.

Thanks scribbles really appreciate the sample, you found an interesting one for sure!!!!


I love cumin, but had never even thought of it making an appearance in tea! Sounds very interesting.


It has cumin, coriander, and peppercorns – just needs a little turmeric and we would have curry…’s strange to say the least. Cumin is my least favorite of the “curry” spices. I usually back off on the cumin when cooking. Not sure if I don’t like it in this application or if I’m just scared of it. Will have another cup sometime ans see if I feel different about it.


Omg, I looooove cumin! I even put it my burgers. I don’t know about it in tea though…


LOL of course you do……….


I like it fine as a ‘curry spice’, but am particularly fond of it as a ‘chile spice’. Still a looooong way from my cuppa. :)


Hmmmm chile, maybe I should make chile today with my new knives… there’s a thought. As for the cumin, I’m not telling you what to do, your tea cup if for your enjoyment, but cumin does not belong in mine, and especially not COLD…. this was awful cold IMHO.


I was trying to imagine it, just to keep an open mind and all, but it never really did more for me than ‘unusual’. :)

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514 tasting notes

I’m not going to rate this one, because I couldn’t finish the cup :(

The spices in this are spices I use in my homemade taco seasoning… so all I small are tacos. And when I brew it, all I smell are tacos. It doesn’t taste at all like tacos! But the smell is enough to turn me away. So! Keep an eye out when I’m ready for my next swap, because this one will be in it :)


This reminds me of the time I had exotica from David’s tea. All I could taste was Thai curry. Buy by my 5th cup or so, I was enjoying it as it was meant to be enjoyed.


Totally the cumin. Who puts cumin in a tea?? I can’t even handle peppercorns in tea usually. And I’m pretty sure I’ve never encountered a cumin-spiced anything in a Parisian patisserie.


It is a really odd choice! I use cumin a lot but am careful with it because I can find it really overwhelming. So I’m surprised I like this tea. I’m sorry you didn’t!


It’s okay gal pals! One bad egg out of my entire order is okay by me :D Although.. I haven’t tried the caramel oolong yet and that one got horrible reviews.. so we’ll see how that goes too heh

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382 tasting notes

tea is a strange thing. an organic (predominantly) blend that we add water to and tea-appropriate condiments like sugar, honey, milk or cream. why does this steeped beverage give us comfort? is it the smell? the taste? the heat? i can’t answer, and i imagine the reply would vary from person to person.

my tea buddy, scribbles, gave me great comfort today: a package arrived in the mail with a selection from tealish. the teas smell lovely, but it is also that a friend thought of me when i am the human embodiment of a spagetti monster. i have surgery tomorrow, i’ve been bumped up so less waiting time where i’m starving and stressed….do i feel any great lessening of my fear? nope!

patisserie is one of the MANY teas i am taking with me. do i think i will drink 20 cups of tea between tonight and my surgery tomorrow? no…. am i going to stash any of my selection and not bring it with? no again. it brings me comfort. i cannot explain why.

i have digressed from the tasting note, as we are wont to do when we are stressed or excited, so i will get back on track!

this is a charming little tea! it isn’t a great, robust sample, or the very best i’ve ever had…. but they can’t all be that way or we’d never have any variety because we’d never be able to make up our minds. what struck me most with this one was the strong taste of pistachios! the nutty flavour is supported by a vanilla cake like base flavour. the spices weren’t as strong as the company wanted, i think, but regardless i absolutely remembered the bakeries that i wandered by when i lived in paris. i kept thinking of the marzipan croissants and custard danishes displayed in the front window.

thank you tealish for the trip down memory lane, and thanks again to scribbles…. your package could not have arrived on a better day.

i must go and pack my tea now….

195 °F / 90 °C 6 min, 0 sec

Glad you got it before you went… :)


Best wishes, I hope everything goes well for you tomorrow.


Omg. You and me both. Except mine is just oral surgery, I’ll be back in the afternoon! Best of luck. :)


Good luck James, come back soon :-)
p.s. now I understand where your learned your Français!

Terri HarpLady

Best wishes for you James!


thank you so much for your well wishes, friends. i’ll be off a bit while i recover, but i’ll be back reading your review and reporting on tea!


Wishing you a speedy recovery

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286 tasting notes


I’ve been looking over other people’s notes on this one, and I’m one of the odd ones that actually likes this tea. It’s a little nutty and lightly spiced. Even though I enjoyed my cuppa, I didn’t like it enough that I would re-purchase.

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2087 tasting notes

Thanks go to scribbles for sending me this, I’m really enjoying all of the samples she sent me. When I saw it I wasn’t sure how I was going to like it, the combination of flavors seemed odd to me. I didn’t like it hot, the flavors just didn’t pop like I thought they should, but cold is another matter entirely.

I took the last of my sample and made iced tea. I used double the amount of leaf it called for, steeped hot for 4 minutes, then added cold water and put in the fridge to chill. It gave me a slightly buttery flavor with a hint of spice and almond. This ended up making a really good iced tea.


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6770 tasting notes

Thanks DaisyChubb!!!!

This is ok. Just ok, really. The spices are happening but not over the top by any means. I agree with DaisyChubb that it smells like taco seasoning. I also swore those were roasted edamame and not necessarily pistachios – LOL – I would also agree with others saying it’s certainly more nutty than spicy.

It’s alright…not overly memorable tho

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439 tasting notes

Tea no.5 of the Tealish experiment:

After this one, I will have 4 more Tealish teas to review from my collection.

I did enjoy this one, it is a decent black tea, the flavor is more nutty than spicy. As to being called “Patissery” I’m not quite sure. Maybe it has to do with my imagination. When I read a description, I know it can’t be spot on all the time, these tea companies do have to sell, and what better way to advertise than a line like this:  «Like walking to a bakery in Paris». I understand that a tea can’t really taste  «Like walking to a bakery in Paris» but if you’re gonna use a line as powerful as this one, you better have the chops to back it up!  The description does create some kind of expectation and I was expecting something Paris somewhere!

It does nothing Paris for me. I miss the buttery fresh baked cookie I was expexcting from it. DaisyChubb’s comment about her taco seasoning made me laugh and I must say It did scare me before I had my first sip. After all, how often do you have cumin and coriander in your beverage? But in all fairness, they did not spoil it, I can barely detect them. It,s not listed, but I find some cardamom notes along with the peppercorn. Mostly, I would recommend it for nutty flavored tea lovers.

Overall, not a bad tea.

My next Tealish tasting testing: Sweetie Pie (more of the same? Gee, I must have been craving sugar a lot when I placed this order!!!)


I’m glad you enjoyed it!!! haha my only hope is that my review doesn’t convince someone that it tastes like something it doesn’t :)


Ohh! I would not worry about that, your review was just fine :) And if they don’t try it because of that, it won’t be a big loss, this tea is good but not spectacular.. I too put some of those ingredients in my tacos! I find it amusing how different the same tea might be perceived from one person to another:) Your blend must have been spicier than mine… cheers!

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67 tasting notes

I love this!! It tastes so creamy… nutty, creamy, almond, drools..

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