So Long, and Thanks for All the Licorice

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  • “I'm not gonna write an actual review on this, because I haven't drank the sample Stacy sent me yet, & also because I think Sasha should write the first review. BUT I AM gonna say that it smells...” Read full tasting note
    Terri HarpLady 3006 tasting notes
  • “*homer simpson drool* This tea is so so so so good. Just. Yum. Today I really shook up the bag and got a LOT of licorice/anise/fennel flavour, with less cinnamon. My tongue is so happy. (With a...” Read full tasting note
    OMGsrsly 1499 tasting notes
  • “mmmmm...another chai i figured i should try this morning since it's a colder spring day today and i much prefer drinking chai when it's cold. Let me first start off by saying that this smells like...” Read full tasting note
    Silaena 5059 tasting notes
  • “I haven't had this one in a while, but decided to try it with a little bit of honey and coconut almond milk. It's good, but I think I really need to try this one with real milk at least once no...” Read full tasting note
    fuzzy_peachkin 464 tasting notes

From Butiki Teas

One of our customers, Sasha, challenged us to create a unique licorice masala chai custom blend. We ended up loving her blend so much, that we decided to offer it on our website. The name of this tea is a reference to one of the owner’s favorite authors, Douglas Adams. This soothing tea features licorice; however, the spice notes are also present and linger long after the sip and meld with the licorice notes. With each sip, the licorice and spice notes seem to become stronger yet they are not overly aggressive. While this tea is fantastic plain, this blend shines with a little rice milk and sugar. For a short interview with the brains behind this tea, please visit:

Ingredients: Organic Guranse (Nepalese Black Tea), Natural Super Concentrated Flavor Powder Licorice (Dextrose, Natural Flavors), Organic Cinnamon Chips, Organic Anise Star, Safflower, Organic Fennel, Organic Clove, Organic Nutmeg, Cardamom, Organic Natural Flavors (Blend is completely vegan)

Recommended Brew Time: 3 minutes 30 seconds
Recommended Amount: 1 1/2 teaspoons of tea for 8oz of water
Recommended Temperature: 212 F (boiling)

For more information, please visit:

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39 Tasting Notes

372 tasting notes

I made a pot of this before bed last night. This was really an excellent tea. The only disappointment was that the licorice flavor wasn’t quite as intense as the licorice smell. I will be reordering this one once I sipdown more teas in my cupboard.

Terri HarpLady

It’s been awhile since I had this one, & I miss it, along with BoxerMama, for whom it was originally made. She needs to come back to steepster!!


I didn’t know this was made for BoxerMama. When I returned to Steepster I was sad to see that she hadn’t been active in so long…

Terri HarpLady

We need to all gang up on her over on FB & tell her to come home! LOL


Haha. I don’t know her that well…It would be stalk-y. But not if you did it, Terri! :-D

Terri HarpLady

And I will!

Butiki Teas

Here’s a short interview with her, if anyone wants to read about the process of how this tea was made:


Very cool. I really loved this tea, too!

Butiki Teas

Glad you love it CharlotteZero. We had fun making it! :)

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2469 tasting notes

Thanks to Stacy for sending me a free sample of this tea. I’ve had it for a while but forgot about it until now.

It seems like licorice is one of those things people either love or hate but I definitely belong in the love camp, at least with natural licorice flavor and not those nasty “Red Vines”.

I wouldn’t drink a chai plain but I sipped on this and it seems mild enough that you could drink it that way if you wanted to. I added about 1 tsp. of sugar to mine as well as one of those little creamer doo-dads from the office.

I’m wondering what this would have been like with an asssam tea base, because MAN the spices are strong! I actually love fennel but this is knocking my socks off. The star anise & cinnamon is also pretty strong here but I’m not picking up on the cardamom. It definitely lives up to its name, I’m just not sure I need anymore. I’m finding this to be a bit overpowering for me, it is pretty tasty though. I also love the fact that Stacy’s blends are all vegan.

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

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251 tasting notes

My swap with OMGsrsly arrived today, much to my delight!

This was one of the wonderful teas she included, and one that I’ve been curious about for a while. I’m a fan both of Douglas Adams and licorice, so this had to be the first to try!

Opening it is like opening a bag of moist and chewy molasses-rich black licorice… but knowing the calories truly don’t count!

Once it’s steeped, the promise of the aroma does back off a little… maybe a slightly longer time or a little more of the dry blend will give my next cup a little bump. The licorice is still there, and even a slightly thick mouthfeel, but I can pick up a couple of the fainter supporting notes now.

As it is after midnight, I do wish it wasn’t caffeinated, but since I’m still on winter break I’ll just channel the caffeine into more costuming. I’m such a nerd. But off to reconstruct Viking clothing in period fabrics with period stitch types. Yay!

As for the tea, this little lovely is going on the shopping list.

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

Yay! This tea is seriously my favourite.

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505 tasting notes

Despite being uncomfortable around licorice flavoured things, I opted to get a sample of this in my last order. It made up one fine mug of spiced chai with sweet licorice notes. My only complaint is that I drank it too quickly and now there’s no more.

I love the lingering aftertaste of sweet cloves, and I didn’t have a problem with the licorice, fennel, and anise (I think I may actually like anise). Not bad at all. Maybe I’ll pick up more as the weather continues to worsen.

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

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4449 tasting notes


Absolutely LOVE this. LOVE it. This is one of the very best black licorice-y tasting teas that I’ve tried yet, and I’m a huge fan of black licorice so when I find teas that are “black licorice-y” I usually MUST try them. This one is the best that I’ve tried. Have I mentioned that I love this tea yet?

A really good chai too, it was pleasantly spicy. The Guranse made a great base for the tea, rich and flavorful. Just … a really wonderful tea. REALLY good.

Here’s my full-length review:

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123 tasting notes

Mhmmm. Sweet licorice deliciousness!

This tea is a yummy treat. It reminds me of Good N Plenty’s, only a bit more natural tasting. It’s sweet, but not cloyingly so. There is also a nice spice to the licorice that comes through beautifully in the back of the sip. I’m also getting a grain-like taste – NOT texture! The texture is smooth. The grain-like taste accompanies an almost milky aspect. I’m getting some nice cinnamon notes in the middle of the sip, and there is a nice mild floral aspect that lingers on the back of the tongue.

Overall, I really enjoy this one. It makes a great dessert tea for those licorice lovers out there. I know I’m enjoying it this morning with my cinnamon streusel muffins. Perfect!

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

I’ve been thinking about trying tea and after reading your review I’m definitely ordering it! :)

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474 tasting notes

All the licorice. I like all the licorice, sure! The first time I tried a cup of this I went in a little cocky and realized I had possibly reached my licorice limit. It is SUPER licoricey and I didn’t quite know what to make of it. For my second cup, I’m approaching it will a little more caution. When I smell the tea dry, I’m getting mostly rootbeer! When I sip, I get the same. I’m always intrigued but wary of warm rootbeer flavored drinks. It is like a push/pull sort of reaction, yet I gladly give them a go when I come across another. After a few sips I added a little sugar which gave it a fuller taste and after a few more I added a touch of milk. At first the milk seemed to nuke a lot of the flavor, but as I continue to sip I realize it just took the intensity down a bit. I’m now able to pick out clove and possibly cardamon in the aftertaste. It is a strange sort of tea! I have had a few really creative Butiki blends puzzle me like this before. It is like I don’t know what to make of them, so I poke them and jump back to wait and see if they leap at me. When they continue to sit and stare at me unamused I creep a little closer and poke again. I guess it is a cat with toy approach I’m taking with this tea? Anyways, enough of my weird narrative. I’ll be back to poke at this tea again to figure out if we play well together!

Update: Second steeping was better than the 1st IMO and was great with just a bit of sweetener. I may try a shorter initial steep next time.
Third steep was good. Fourth still has a lot going for it. Alright, I’m impressed!

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

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1314 tasting notes

Yup. This is licorice. But GOOD licorice. Not the kind that makes me wince with that odd sweet aftertaste that I really cannot stand. So let’s talk about the good things in this one.
So far, I’ve had two cups. One plain, and another with milk and sugar.
Both are great, but guess what?? I know this is an amazing tea because I actually kinda prefer it bare! This is very rare for me when it comes to black tea, much less chai!!!
To be fair, I think an extra bunch of spices snuck into my spoon under some tea leaves when I made the second (milky) cuppa. It is possible that the next one will be a bit more mellow (after all, it doesn’t make sense that the dairy version would be more intense than the sans dairy!)
Anyhow. What I love about the blend when bare is how smooth it is! I swear it’s like drinking a super fine liquor that was distilled a hundred times. Some serious happy moments there.
Of course, this will be my once in awhile treat, because as much as I don’t mind the good licorice, I really want to continue loving this and not get overwhelmed with the flavour :)


This is totally a favourite, exactly for the reasons you describe. :D


Ah! I wish I could like comments. I’m glad to have a fellow lover of this tea :D


I’m scared to drink mine in case I run out, but I think I’ll have it as my second mug of the day. :D


Haha I was just thinking about not having this one for awhile because I want it to last!


I love the name of this tea! Douglas Adams lives on!


Me too SimpliciTEA! Who’d have thought he’d be immortalized in tea?! :D

Butiki Teas

Aw, glad you guys like the name. I love Douglas Adams. :)


Stacy, this is the best tribute tea I have EVER tasted. Hands down!!!

Butiki Teas

Awww, thank you! :)

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237 tasting notes

The. Perfect. Licorice. Tea. I’m sure even the haters could like it.
Thank you MissB!

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2067 tasting notes

Sipdown (150/155)!

I actually drank this last night while watching the movie Hysteria, because Hugh Dancy is such a bamf. I was gonna be done with tea for the night, but after that Thunderstorm our laundry room flooded (a few inches of water over half the floor…) I just kinda went “Fuck it, I deserve one more cup”. It also means I realized one of my “mini goals” for yesterday, which was to finish all three sample teas that came in my Butiki order.

Dry, the leaf of this one looked kinda waxy and smelled strongly of fennel. Hooray for fennel; I love fennel! Steeped up, the fennel and star anise were definitely the strongest flavours in the cup and for sure where the black licorice flavour was coming from. It was kinda weird having that flavour be provided by something other than licorice root in a tea, but I liked it a lot. However, there was also lots of spice because this is a chai (ergo why I was skeptical and only asked for a sample size) – and the cinnamon was really present and left an unpleasant dry feeling on my mouth.

If you’ve ever done the cinnamon challenge before it sort of, in a way, felt a lot like that. That definitely detracted from the cup overall and will probably keep me from ordering this one again in the future. I’m glad I tried it though because the fennel was divine. I didn’t realize how much I was in a fennel mood until I had this one and had that secret craving satisfied.

Only one thing left to say about this one; so long!


… Hugh Dancy … :p

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